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Edinburgh is being taken over from 1 August. But fear not - it's Bobby Anderson of the dearly departed La Belle Angele, so we're gonna be in safe hands. Expect an upgrade for the venue and a new seven-night club schedule. All the best current clubs will be kept as a going concern and several new and exciting nights will be introduced (including Love Box from the Groove Armada guys). So that’s definitely something to mark in your calendars over the festival.

The King’s Court in Glasgow city centre becomes an annexe to the Notting Hill Carnival on 6 July. Rarely will you see such a diverse musical arrangement out of doors in the city, and the event promises the same multicultural exploration and sonic boundary deconstruction that attends on the aforementioned London festival.

The Massiff Adventure brings the original vibe of the sound system back to the Glasgow clubbing calendar. In a global club scene of increasingly stultifying corporate blandness, this adventure is greatly welcome in a city where people are notorious for their hard work and hard play. The line-up is worthy of the anticipation. The Soul II Soul Sound System,

NOW THIS IS SOMETHING A bit different. Motorola and MTV are bringing some of the world's top DJs to Topman (Argyle Street) in Glasgow on 5 July. DJ Yoda, the Freelance Hellraiser and DJ Lucas will be heading DJ workshops as well as showing off their considerable skills between

Samba Ya Bamba, Jazzie 8 gets down to bizzness 11am _ 5pm.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi and

Messenger Sound System, Mr Peaches and Live gardens, giving it to the rest of the world, rather than

Sciences will all contribute to a day of top ranking sending it over to the States to be produced.‘ These are

madness in Glasgow’s midsummer. Massiff deserve not gnomic statements, and this pride is not misplaced.

respect for the vision they have shown in organising Soul II Soul were a genuine catalyst in modern dance

such an event, and for enticing genuine soul legend music, uniting black and white soul boys and people of

Jazzy 8 (Soul II Soul) to the party. every background in their love of the groove. Massiff An example of someone who has grown through, Adventure, however, is all about the vibe rather than

rather than been stifled by, fame and success, he is one individual stars. Jazzy articulates the feeling behind

of the most personable characters ever to grace a every good sound system: ‘We get more pleasure

sound system, with his acute sense of national musical playing with a sound system —- it‘s more flexible, more

pride, and infectious propensity towards what he calls organic - and we love to bring the crowd into the

‘inclusiveness’. experience. When we bring people from the crowd into ‘For a long time people in this country lived in the our act, including rappers in the crowd, we turn the

shadow of producers from America. Without blowing whole gig inside out. The crowd absolutely love it.‘

our own trumpet, Soul II Soul were the first collective (Johnny Regan)

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