Clubs listings

Glasgow Fridays continued

I Funk Room at the Arches.

llpm iam. £8. ix Jul. Monthly. Simon Bigheat and Andreys l)l\ me are routed hy Mark Rae (Rae and (‘hristian i. Boss of Manchester's noxx legendary (irand (’entral. Mark Rae. DJ and iiitisic maker extraordinaire. is a natural for the funk xx ith llls continuous drixe toxsards hridgmg the gap hetxs een soulful hip- hop. deep funk. hreaks and tall.

I Gavin Pearson and Adrian

Coll at Media. llpm 3am. £thc. Weekly.

The ixso l)Js xxho adorn the top of this listing. in association xsith (‘Iyde Lat this iieyxly rexamped xenue. l’uinpin' tunes and all drinks for £2. Not had.

I Global Groove at the Tunnel. llpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Big name and local liotisey action. guests thc.

I GOOdfOOt til the Rixei'side Social. ll.5t)pin .lam. £5. 4 Jul. Monthly. .-\n Independence Day special. featuring the DJ talents of Scot. Barry and l‘raser. :\ll .-\merican Sotil. ftiiik and (ills tunes are the order of the day. so hop on your goodfoot and do the had thing.

I Graduation Party at (ilasgoxx School of Art. Next date thc.

I Kinky Afro at the Stih (‘Iuh. Next date thc.

I Heads Up at Stih (’Itih. Next date the.

I Hustle and Bustle at Baha/a. (ipm .iain (l)Js from I lpm). l‘ree hefore l lpm; £5 after. Weekly. l’aul 'l‘raynor. Billy Jones. Ross McMillan and ('amniy (‘raig rip it tip xx ith some highly charged R&B and hip hop mixed yx ith funky and ftinkier tracks.

I LiveVEvil at (ilasgoxx School of Art. llpm 3am. £ltl (£8). 4 Jul. l-‘ortnightly'. Join the resident audios isual teaiii to celehi'ate the launch of the Art School monthly residency. .-\fter three years of entertaining (ilasgoxx 's drum & hass fraternity. l.\'li xxill noxx he occupying the first l‘riday of the month at the name (apart from 8 Aug). Starting things off

xx ith a residents' night lo shots the full potential of the attdiox isual aspect of the exent. yoti can expect some of the finest names in the worldxx ide drum ts hass scene to he dropping in at future exents this year. Special guest M(’ is l’rofisee. I’m this (lure only 'xl-Iixl't‘urr/ llU/(ft’l's et'l [I (if/illflll'lll'lt‘l' tt/I life/II.

I Latin Fever at llax'ana. 9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. l)J Keith I) spins up some (‘olumhian. ('uhan. New York and African salsa. adding a tu ist of Latin chart. R&B and global heats to the rhythmical stesx. Tasty.

I Life at the ('orinthian. ltlpin 3am. £(i. Weekly. KL'VlI‘ Mel‘arlane (Beat l()(i) plays the finest in sotil. ftiiik. R&B. house and old-school classics.

I Medicine Wheel at the Suh (‘luh Next date the.

I Midi Hi-Fi at the (ilasgoxx School of Art. Next date the.

I Moda at Moda. 9pm 3am. l'iree. Weekly. Darren Dunn eases his xxay

through the night xx ith the finest in house.

garage and R& B.

I Monox at the Sotindhatis. Next date the.

I Music for Pleasure at the Arches. llpin- 3am. £thc. 4 Jul. Monthly. Kushi and Day e Moore. Papa Deep and Nicky Wright make this one of the most attractixe house propositions in [ms n. llotne boys do it best.

I National Pop League at the Woodside Social. Next date 25 Jul.

I The N00 Groove at The t'nisersal. Sauchiehall Lane. Next date the.

I Numbers at Ad Lih. Next date the. I Nurture at (lab ()9. l lpm 3am. £ It). 5 Jill. Monthly. Special guest this month is 'l‘ransplant Sound. xx ho play otit a crazy kind of lixe eleetro. They ‘re signed to lilectrix. ()rson and Binary Tapes. so check this brilliant techno atid electro night.

I Offset at (‘uhe. 10.30pm 3am. £8 (£5 i. Weekly. ()ffset \selcotnes a fascinating new resident. none other than

76 THE LIST 3—1 7 Jul 2003

'.~l’3:-'EE -'F: (7' V37 ‘CA.

.ionmiv FIASCO' attempt-arguin- g - .- Subculture and OptimOISat j 2 & ' -- ' . As the lights go' down on one of securities

’iiirthctay paii' __ ethe

tenth T in the Park p. the sm'hnafqgfiw‘fifim win he «camping». .; thesuh Club for further may;qu tom its loyal ' .- - , the cluti is putting optwo classjg'nlg'lfls-toyelcomejack‘tltieigééiyfl' - .:

ftravellers; " '

" Subculture resident DJ ..

W audit?

Fiasco to the club: ‘Every' time'h‘e‘splaiied; he's Ukefqigt¢5 ~. I t Chicago 04s. he’s ecleCtic, playihgyocalgaiegiib'tu‘fflputalfialbfo}; cutting edge techy’stulf. l you y .

' pleaser.’ Fiasco’has' evenlptfiducéfl®§8i¢k entitle'tl‘fi'ubc'ulhne’,

' no doubt be dropped atszmeyolnt

,fl'witchis also brimming‘with

', really Subby +‘it‘s a kind of H ' " . is always one of the weirde‘s‘t‘nights yeaflgrgré; . '


M Ma prospects-9w

- Uquid Liquid appearing. Weérfliéiiéné’écémam the mmiotbiwim

this bana'piay at. Optima: 'fié saysjtmai‘tiyéagnprgy,


- they-somded'unique, Alflth'eir'fisong's' are in love} : ate-era in'hfey'quk.'§. ..f.,;.al 1’

,- _l".'." o 5 ' yri‘gitjt’iim" '

g \.

4 x; I

Subbie reside . Domenic and Harri

the delightful Rehekkah 'l'easdale. .llutim columnist. Sim Millennium (iirl and former l’layhoy eentrefold. Supporting the lowly lady are Simon l‘oy. (iary ('urley. Jim l)a Best and Richard

Lex inson.

I Off the Record at .-\d Lih. Next date thc.

I The Outcome at the Arches. Next date the.

I Pinup Nights at Blackfriars Basement.

I Pressure at the Arches. Next date the.

I Public Spirit at Btidda. l lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Jon l)a Silxa is one of those l)Js xx ho xx ill. for the rest of his days. find the Words 'ihe legemlary" tacked onto his name. He and the .-\dorphiliacs are has ing their xx eekly party at this mighty yenue. so he there. . Radar til the (ilasgoxs School of .-\t'i. Next date the.

I Red and Gold Room at .-\rta. ltlpm 3am. l‘ree hefore l lpm: £7 after. Weekly. l)J Michael ()‘Shea pops up to spin only the finest salsa and Latin tunes to a \cry \xcll-heeled .'\rta cl'oxx d.

I Relentless at the Riserside (‘luh Next date the.

I Rockit at Bamhoo. 5pm 3am. £7 (£5 i. Weekly. Nexs cluh and har \enture that hrings some of the most yxorthy residents in (ilasgoxx together for funky house and Rtkll sessions. (ieoff Montford takes care of the former. xx hile l’aul l-‘ox deals \s ith the latter. goddainniit.

I Salsa Seduction at (‘eniral llotel. Next date the.

I Second Nature at the t'nisersal.

l lpm 3am. £3. 4 Jul. sz ice monthly. The launch party of this night \x ith no musical hotindaries. Tom (‘hurchill and Andre“ l’irie explore a xx ide spectrum at this great. almost secret yenue.

I Spacehopper at Mercury.

10.30pm 3am. £4 (£3i. ll Jul. Monthly. A night of retro house a ith (ireg Adainson and a healthy plethora of guests hehind those halloxs ed decks.

I The Social at the Social. 9pm 3am. £5. Weekly. (iet set for the irrational hehaxiour of Kris Keegan ex'ery l‘ri. He's a respected and popular DJ xx ho can capitalise on a rowdy croxxd to maximum effect.

I Southern Soul at [p and l)o\xn. 9pm 2am. £3. 4 Jul. l-‘ortnighily. The kitsch extrax'agan/a continues at this raucous southside cluh night. deep iii (ioxanhill. Set- [)I't'l’ll’ll'.

I Soyuz at Mono. Times the. £thc. 4 Jul only. Soy U/ promote their nexs release SUN '/ Il' W ith an exciting of space related sound and light. lilectronic. soundtrack. space ftiiik. doxs n tempo, acid rock. hoth nexx atid classic. clean and processed. The mixing will include online sampling as xx ell as real time dtihhiiig and performance.

I Sub Tropical at ('uha Norte. 9.30pm 2am. £5. 4 Jul. Monthly. Latin hreaks. good for your feet. deployed hy the inimitable Mr Peaches. lain for exeryone. and a good xxay to slim that ass do“ n.

I Tidy at the Shack. 10.30pm 3.30am. £5 (£3 i. Weekly. Let that infectious l-‘ri feeling take hold of you while DJ lain llaiiloii takes control of the dance floor. I Tiger Tiger at Tiger Tiger.

1 lpm—3am. £6. Weekly. This hugely popular har. club and restaurant goes

\s ild after hours W ith a selection of commercial dance and R&B for all those stunning ladies and sys'anky boys.

0 Transmission Presents Logarythm Tour 2003 at Henry Wood llall. ()pinA-Zam. £7. 4 Jul only. Brighton-based experimental hip hop Visionary Req ()ne and renaissance man

lx'id .-\cne are in for this. another great night from the Transmission people

I Tronicsole and Tracktion Sessions at MAS llpm 3am £7 (£5i Weekly. (ireat house and trippy funky night \s ith the Jengaheads and the Sole inassiye rockin' mighty sets till your head falls off

I Unity Reggae at Soundhaus Next date thc

I Urban at the funnel. llptii ‘ain. £5 l£5 l. Weekly. :\lt Rtk ll session courtesy of Paul N‘Jie at this nexs ly relaunched. classic (ilasgoxx senue.

I Urban Groove at ('luh Budda llpm 3am £4 (£3). Weekly, l't‘dllll'lllg' the talents of Domenic Martin. \slio seamlessly merges l'S house and garage. deep house. disco. soul. ftiiik and (an. \xhile adding the odd dash of Latin and :\fro groox es,

I Vacuum at the Rixei’side (‘luh Next date lhc.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Aerodynamico at the]tlltl Lounge. Next date the.

I Bailamos at llaxana, ‘inn 2am, l‘ree. Weekly. DJ Keith I) hrings yoti a xxorld selection: salsa. Rth. Latin chart action and \shatexer else nioxes you.

I Bar Bloc at Bar Bloc. Next date the. I Base at the Tunnel. llHllpm iam. £7 (£5 i. Weekly. ('hris and Martin llesketh. along ys ith ('hris Harris and .-\| Kent. \s case a fine fahric of funky house and R&B at Mitchell Lane‘s finest dance emporium.

I Behado at Riserside Social. Midnight 3am. £ll) (£7). This month this great riyerside cltih night hrings iii the Weird Attractors. a tiiiiqtie fix'e piece as» kicking drumming hand ysith added electronics and dreadlocks. It's hillcd as the ultimate in dance music if you only go to one Behado this year. make it this

I Bedlam at Queen Margaret l'nion. Next date thc.

I Bennet’s at Bciinet's.

1 1.30pm 3am. £5. Weekly. l‘eel the goddamn ftiiik as Shaun and Annie gix‘e the Bennet's party posse exactly xx hat they want: commercial dance mixed xx itfi a selection of 70s. fills and ‘Jlls hits.

I B'Ding at the Liqtiid Lounge. Next date thc.

I Boogie Wonderland at fins-y. llpm 3am. £7 (£5i. Weekly. Big night of disco for those who like their hoo/c cheap and their ttmes funky. Straight ftiii and you knoys xshat that's like. y'all.

I Brake Yourself at Liquid Lounge. lllpm 3am. £7 (£5). l3 Jtil only. A new Liquid Lounge Saturday night party with resident l)Js (iianni (llaptici. Barry (Deep l‘ree/ei and ('olin Dax'ie playing the best front hip hop to disco on the second Saturday of every month.

I Burly Light at Mercury. llipm 3am. £3. 12 Jul. Monthly. In the hottoiii har. there‘s a liglii Version of the popular crtiisey night.

I Chakra at the Soundhaus. Next date


I Club Cuba! at ('uha Norte.

9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. (let in touch with your Latin spirit at this classy night of dance. The finest Latino heats are supplied by Duncan. liarah and Shannon. Make sure you arrive early to guarantee entry.

I Club 69 at ('luh ()9. Next date the. I Colours at the Arches. Next date the (also see Suhliminal Sessions below).

I Concept Theory at Yang. Next date the.

I Cube Class at (‘uhe. l lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. ()ld-school house classics and tip-to-date anthems are the order of the day at this packed Sat nighter. thanks to main room man Matt le Funk. In the hack DM(i serx'es tip R&B.

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art (downstairs). ltipm- 3am. £6 (£5—£~li: £3.50 (iSA students. Weekly. lt‘s heeri going strong since 1990 and is officially