Meadows West. Edinburgh, Sat 19 & Sun 20 Jul; lnverleith Park, Edinburgh,

Sun 20 Jul

Green days

Cool sports that you don't even have to raise a heartbeat for. To be honest - and this, my friends, is a true story - my younger brother and I were given croquet and petanque sets by our eccentric parents when we were nine and 11 respectively. Every year after (until we were at an age to really know better), whenever the sun shone, we would take our tranquil sports sets out of the attic, don our grandfather's hand-me-down Pringles and Farahs and ponce around on the lawn. Needless to say, we were both bullied at school and left with very few qualifications. The reality of the cruel and vicious virility of this thuggish world soon hit us.

Sometimes however, just sometimes, I dream of taking up the mallet and ball again. These Pimms-soaked dreams sour quickly when I look at my appalling collection of badly-washed, badly-ironed whites. The next best thing to playing these wonderful games is to go and watch them, so please go, but don't be afraid, there will be many there like you.

The Scottish Croquet Open is the premier advanced tournament in Scotland and is played to a knockout format (with best of three matches in later rounds). You might need to pretend to understand phrases like: ‘Rod Williams just played a fourth turn quadruple peel on hoop 2,’ but you are better off just relaxing, getting mashed on a summer cocktail and letting the sun trickle down your neck. (Paul Dale)

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication. Sports listings are subject to change, so please check in advance. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Golf: Leith Rules Public Play l.cith l.mk\. l.ctth. 2 3pm. [2.50 (U l. .-\ chancc to It} otit ‘oi‘igtnal‘ goll' ttxing ltickoi‘} clubs and f_‘tlll_\ halls \tipplicd h} (icot'gtan .‘\llllt|llt‘\. L‘ lll dcpoxil t‘cquit‘cd lot' ctltnpmcnt. i’ttl' morc information \cc \\ \\\\.lcit|t-rtilc\- golllcouk

Outside the cities

Horse racing: Special Concessions Day Hatnillon l’ark Racccout'xc. llotlmcll Road. Hamilton. Ulo‘lh' ZNiXllo. 2,3llp1n. [Ill [15 tltlltlt‘l‘ It“ t't'cct. Scmoix and xtudcntx gct li‘cc cntr) at thc racing mccting.

Football: Hamilton Academicals V Hearts .\'c\\ Douglax l’at‘k. ('ad/o“ :\\Cllllc. Hamilton. nlmx 2.\‘olll3. “Hillpm. l’t‘c-waxon li'icndl}.

Friday 18 Edinburgh Golf: Leith Rules Public Play

l.c1th l.ink\_ Math. 3 Spin. {3.5” til i. SL‘C Tim I".

Outside the cities

Rowing: National Rowing Championships of Great Britain 2003 \Valci‘xpot'tx (critic. Sti'atltc|_\dc (‘otinli'_\ l’at‘k. .ioo Hamilton Road. .\itHllL'l'\\ t‘ll. (HOUR 300155, “to lo \pcclatc. 'l‘ltc pt‘cmici‘ c\cnt ol thc Ht’llhll toning calcndat‘. “Inch ix c\pcclcd to tll';l\\ lllttll\;tlltl\ ol’ \pcctatorx from around tltc l‘K. 'l'hrcc day ol contpcltlionx ln\ol\ in; otltl t‘l't‘\\\ \\ ill hc complcmcntcd h} oil-\ltot'c attraction\ and a tcntcd \ illagc for thc atltlctc» Horse racing: Velvet Fair Friday Hatttiltott l’ai‘k Racccout'xc. Hotlmcll Road. Hamilton. ntmx 333mm. (t-lflpm. {Ill {l5 itmdcr lox li'cci. llot'xc racing; torturing; tltc ’l‘cnncntx Scotttxh Stcuai'dx ('up and lhc \‘chct Handicap lor tltc 'l‘cnncnts 'l‘t'oph}.

Saturday 1 9


Charity Abseil 'l'_\ncca\t|c Stadium. (iuj‘gjc Rind, (ll "30 X I 3034. Ill rcgixti'ation and £75 lllllllllllllll \Pt‘llxtthlllp. .\ chancc tor dic‘hai'd .lamhm to abxcil trom 'l‘} nccaxtlc Stadium. .\|I procccd~ go to Rina] National Institutc ot' lltc Blind, Croquet: Scottish Open ’l‘hc \lcadoxu. Mg} II l’lacc. 'l'hc pt'cmicr ad\anccd totii'namcnt in Scotland. pla)cd to a knockout l‘oi'mat. :\ L‘Ullxttltllltlll cx cm is opcn to H10\C \\ ho arc knockcd ottt lll thc carl} roundx. Scc prcx icu.

Golf: Leith Rules Public Play I am link. I cttl: ‘lam noon 1: ill :I» \‘c l hu ‘1‘

OtltSiili} the sites

Rowing: National Rowing Championships of Great Britain 2003 \\.llt'l\[‘\‘ll\ (critic. \tiathtltdc (Dunn) l).tli\. ‘Ni Hamilton Road. \lothctucll. “11“” Shot“ licc to \[k‘tlalt‘ \t't' i ll l\

Motor racing: Modified and Import Hot Hatch Spectacular Weekend knocklnll Rating (intuit. kttotkltill. lltmlcimlmc. “I W: "I i 1 i“ \lcml‘ctx ol tltc [‘lll‘llt him; tltcit nun \.tl\ to ti} out tltc lamoux tlltllH

Football: Hamilton Academicals v Motherwell \c\\ llottylax l’aik. (ad/o“ \xcntic. Hamilton. “INN :M‘lllz ipm l’ic \caxt'n titcndl}

Wrestling: Scottish Championship Wrestling - Summer Spirit (iiccnock lonn Hall. \ltmicipal llmldmgx. ('atltcatl Sttcct. (iiccnock hpm L I“ UH Scottixlt (‘ltampiondnp \\ It'\Hlllj.,' contmuc thcit :ltlli \caxon \‘.llll (‘onu‘tcnttz thc \t‘Uthl Ilt‘.i\t\\t:igltt (‘hampion dclcndmp ll|\ tttlc ()tltci namcx on tltc catd mcltidc \lajik. l tit (Linton. \nd} Hop); and tltc ta; tcam pairing; ot Karl Haikct and Paul l’atmo


Charity Abseil '|_\ncca\t|c Stadium. (ling..- Roatl ol “kit .\|.\ii.\.t t to icgtxtiation and 1‘5 lllllllllllllll \ponxoidttp SCL' Sal l‘)

Petanque: Scottish Singles lmctlcitlt l’at‘k. \t’hot'clum I’lacc. «It? H55“ (‘ompctttionx to t'\l.ll\ll\ll tltc top [\l.l}t‘l\ Ill tltc connli‘} Scc pm icu Croquet: Scottish Open 'l’ht- \it‘.ltlti\\\. .-\t§_')|| l’lacc Scc pit-x tcu Golf: Leith Rules Public Play lt'lHl linkx. |,cttlt 3 5pm {3 ill l [I i. Scc 'l llll I-

Out8ide the Cities

Motor racing: Modified and Import Hot Hatch Spectacular Weekend Knocklnll Racing ('iictnt. Knockhill. Dunlci'mlmc. lll ihi "I i i ‘" St‘t' Sal l‘).

Rowing: National Rowing Championships of Great Britain 2003 \\;tlt‘l\|tttl'l\ (‘cntrtn Stialltcltdc ('ounti} l’ai‘k. Wt Hamilton Road. .\lolltct'\\c|l.lllh‘h300155. l'tcclo \pt‘t‘ldlt' St't' l‘l’l l3.

Thursday 24

Outside the cities

Horse racing: Discover Scottish Racing Evening Hamilton l’at'k Racccourw. llotlmcll Road. Hamilton. tll(il).\' :Mxnr». h,~lltpitt. £10 £15 iundcr lhx li'cci. l)i\co\ct‘ morc about Scottixlt horxc racing.

Outside the cities

Football: Hamilton Academicals v Newcastle United XI \t-u Douglax Park. (‘ad/ou .r\\cnuc. Hamilton. lllo‘).\ 35mm. ".Sllpm. ‘l‘ltc lll'xl ol tltc pic- xcaxon biggicx ax a \clcct \ctxcaxtlc \tjtiad hcad north.

Saturday 26


Football: Rangers v Everton lhro\ Stadium. iitllllhltlll l)ri\c. (it‘ll (will! I‘M}. 3pm l'.\-(‘clt l)a\id Show “I” cmo} a \\ arm \tclcomc ax hc lti'tngx Roonc} it co to lhrox,

Outside the Cities

Football: Livingston v Newcastle United \cht lothian (‘ouncr Stadium. .-\ldcr\tonc Road. l.i\ ingxton. MSW»

J I “Will. 'l‘hc \lagpicx continuc tltcir prc-

listings Sport


A football match in the Fringe programme? Has anyone ever seen the like? Indeed, non-league team Edinburgh City will mark its 75th anniversary with a game against the might of Manchester United - and the Fringe office is selling the tickets. Don’t expect Keane, Giggs and van Nistelrooy to be mixing with the festival revellers, though. Instead, ex- Celtic and Man U player Brian McClair will bring his FA Youth Cup winning U19 side to face Edinburgh. The team has already produced three first team starters so you could well spot a Beckham-in-the-making.

I Edinburgh Citv v Manchester United XI. Meadow/hank Stadium, Edinburgh. Sun (9 Aug}. 3pm. 5‘70 (57:3) from 0731 228 0000.

\t‘.l\ttll “all” up \HHI .l panic agamxt l.i\m_‘_'\ton

Monday 28

Outside the cities

Golf: Scottish Amateur Championship l)lll\\‘\ (1mm: (‘iaigtoun Road. St .\lltllt'\\\. ill H-l 4‘41“! 'l'hc compctition. which \\.'I\ lll\l platcd in St ,\ttdtc\\\ m l‘lll. It'lllllh to thc ltt\\ll loi thc lll'\l trim in .‘2 Main l:\pccl to \cc lli'tlatn'x nc\t gcnctatton ol goltcix compctmg.‘ lot tlnx [\lt'\llj_'lllll\ titlc

Tuesday 29

OLilSide the Cities

Golf: Scottish Amateur Championship l)lll\L‘\ (‘oumu ('t‘aigtotm Road. St Andrcux. ill iii -l--l.i~l. SL'C \itllt :5

Wednesday 30

OtiISide the Cities

Golf: Scottish Amateur Championship l)ttl\c\ ('otit'xc. (‘ratgtoun Road. St .r\ndt'c\|.\. ill ‘34 ~1~-l,“~l. SCL‘ Mon :3.

Motor racing: Stock Cars Knot-Hull Racing: ('ii'ctnt. Knockhtll. l)tmlctmlmc. “1383 "cm". opm. £7 it‘i .-\l| local t'l;t\\L'\ Hl (.ttutlt‘lllwttlll l{;lt't‘\\.lll \lock can including; \aloonx and lllllll \tocltx Football: Kilmarnock v Portsmouth Rttgh} l’at‘lt. Rugh} Road. Ktlmai'noclt. “15M 535134, T illpm l’i'c wawn ll‘lt'lltll}.


Horse racing: Musselburgh Races \ltixxclhtirgh Racccourxc. Linkiicld Road. .\il1\\cll‘llrj_'ll. («i5 335‘). (tZUpm. Llll £15 it“: tindcr It“ lrcci. Hat racing.

OUISIde the Cities

Golf: Scottish Amateur Championship l)ukc\ (hum. (’raigtoun Road. St Andrcux. ill “4 47-13-71. Scc Mott IX.

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