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Earth to earthly delights

I Dynamic Earth

With ‘i/()I(l(lll()(233 erupting beneath your ‘eet. a tropical rainstorm pouring down. earthquakes and tidal waves at every turn. the history of the earth has never been more interesting. This visitor attraction uses stunning new developments lll interactive technology to piece together the history of the planet. creating a thoroughly modern way to step back in time. l‘lolyrood Road. 5:50 /8()(). [)ar/y Mia/n ()‘pm. 58.45) fl 14.95).

I Royal Botanic Garden Spring has sprung so get yourself out into the great outdoors and enjoy II. Home to a wealth of flora from around the globe. the gardens boast a rock garden and 10 glasshouses With plants from all over the world. The site also has a year—round programme of events and exhibitions as well as guided tours in the summer. Inver/e/tli Row, 55),? / l /I. Dar/y

/()arn-~ /‘p/n. free.

I Butterfly and Insect World Bask in the wonderful world of all things butterfly as they fly. sip nectar. court. lay eggs and show off their beautiful colours. Marvel at the industrious leaf cutting ants. handle weird and wonderful minibeasts and Witness deadly scorwons as you wander through this realm of exotic rainforests. tropical plants and streaming waterfalls. Dobb/es Garden World. Lasswade. 663 4932. 10am—5pm. £74.35 (£3.35). I Palace Of Holyroodhouse Starting life as a 13th century abbey. the palace has evolved into a Sumptuous regal residence crammed full of paintings and artefacts dating back primarily to the 1 7th century. The tower apartments housed a sad and lonely Mary. Queen of Scots for a time. but with a spectaCLilar view of Arthur's Seat. and magnificent gardens to look at. it's hard to feel too sorry for her. Look out for their new exhibition kicking off on t t Apr. See Art listings for full details. Fioval Mile. 556 1096. Daily 9.30am—6pm. £6.50 (£3.30—t‘5i; family ticket E 76.50).

104 THE LIST" ~'

Monday 21 continued

Discovery Trails \Illw'lllll ( )t Scotland. ('hamhctx Sttccl. :»1fi~13I‘l I I‘pm I-rcc Scc Hill I"

Tuesday 22

Book events

Tony Robinson \\.llt‘l\lilllt"\. l_‘\ I’lllch'S Sticct. 33h .‘hfih " :0pm I tcc liom thc hianch Ion_\ Rohmxon. of Him Lin/(Iii and lilm If um laillc dl\ctl\\c\ Ills Ialcxl \xolks Ii: \t an it ()t liIlIH/i llr'lr't‘\ and \It jIllt"/1‘§'\ /\ Kali/HM

Other events

Zoo’s 90th Brirthday I dmhurgh /.oo. (‘orslotphmc Road. V1 ‘l I "I ‘lam (mm L". lL-I Ur. lamiI_\ litkct [:0 LII 50. I’tcpatc for \lllpll\t'\ a plcnt} as thc /oo cclchialcx II\ ‘lllth huthda}.

Myths & Monsters I)_\ttamtc l'..llIIl. IIoI_\lood Road. ‘50 “500 Main (rpm t“) .14 tt'fl US l. Scc Hm I" Discovery Trails .\1ll\t‘lll|l ()l Scotland. (.IlalllI‘L‘l's Slt't't‘l. “a -I: I” 2.|5pm I'icc. Scc 'I hit IH

Wednesday 23

Book events

Peter F Hamilton & Ken McLeod \\atct\tonc\. IIS I’rmccx Sltccl. 22h loot» (rpm I'tcc ltom lItc hlalcht 'I'hc \cicncc licuon’lantax} authon rcad from thctt Iatcxt uorks Urn/int! hurl/t and //ti' Hit/mm Inuit/l H I‘lfr'l '\ /.Ilt'.


Painters of Portraits: Francis Grant National I’ortrait (iaIIcl‘). I ()uccn Strccl. (r34 (i300, I3.~l$pm. I'rcc Nicola Kalmxk} discusxcx thc hlc and uot'k ol IC;ltIllI_L' \ocict} portrait painth of tlic Victorian art \Htl‘ItI. I'ltlllt'h (iiant.

Other events

Myths & Monsters I)}li.lllllt' I'.at'lIt. IIohrood Road. 550 7300, Want (rpm. {ll-15 (HUM. Scc 'I‘hu I”. Discovery Trails \ttm-um ()1 Scotland. ('Ilattihcrx Stt‘ccl. 117 1131‘), llfipm. I‘rcc. Scc 'I‘hti I".

The Relationship Academy ()\t'l'\t';l\ IIcht'. IIIII I’rmccx Stl‘cct. 7.30 0.45pm. (Ill. I'un lllIt‘l'dL'IHt‘ talks lot c\cr_\onc on thc magic skills lot crcating dccp rapport \\ ith pcoplc. Iasctltaltlt; ctlll\L'l’\;lllt\It. and last \t‘tIlchlUll.

Thursday 24


After Hours National I’ortralt (iaIIct'). I ()tlct‘lt SII‘L‘L‘I. (334 (i200. ()pm. I'Vt'ctfl SL‘C ’I‘Illl I7.

Other events

Myths & Monsters I)}li£llltlL‘ Iiartlt. IIoI_\rood Road. 550 7snn. |0am (rpm. £9.45 (£5.05). Scc 'I‘hu l7. Discovery Trails Mun-um Of Scotland. (‘hamhcrs Strcct. 347 42“). 3.15pm. I-rcc. Scc ’I‘hu I7.

Other events

Myths 8: Monsters l)_\nalmc Iiarth. lIoI_\rood Road. 550 7800. l0am (rpm. [‘l.451£5.‘)5l. Scc 'l‘hu I7. Discovery Trails \Itixcum ()l Scotland. ('hamhcrx Strcct. 3-1',‘ 43 I‘). 3. I 5pm. I‘t'cc. SL‘L‘ 'I'Iltl I7.

Guid Crack Club 'Ihc Wm crlc). St .\lar_\ '\ Strcct. 55" 5724. 7.30pm. £2.50 \tlggcxtcd donation. Scc I‘rt IS

Saturday 26

Other events

Myths & Monsters l)}tiattttc Izarth. IIohrood Road. 550 7800. Want (rpm. £0.45 (£5.95l. Scc ’I‘hu l7.


Put the va-va-voom into your Vroom

God love David Hasselhoff. He was never going to steal the show from Pammy Anderson and her pneumonic breasts. He did. after all. set the precedent of second class citizen in Knight Rider. Does anyone even remember what Hasselhoff‘s character‘s name was? (Michael Long, television afticionados). We were all far too interested in his luscious lady- cum-car/master machine. KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), with her x-ray viewers, surveillance scanners and snazzy. shiny bodywork. And when it comes to impressive booties. on the ickle (and big) screen. the list

just goes on and on. . .

Start humming the Pink Panther tune and Peter Sellar‘s Mini comes careering into view. think suave sophistication and Roger Moore‘s Simon Templar aka The Saint revs up in his trusty Volvo. And speaking of Bonds. who can forget the Bondmobiles: the Aston Martins. the two wheel alley stunt courtesy of a Ford Mustang in Diamonds are Forever. the Skidoo from Die Another Day? These well-oiled machines or at least the scenes that define them are often as famous as the personalities that drive them. Think Batman's Batmobile. Tom Selleck aka Magnum Pl‘s 308 GTls. Hell. even Noddy and his gleaming yellow and red car. It stands to reason that someone should capitalise on it and someone just did. setting up a museum especially designed to celebrate the babies that put the va-va-voom into the proverbial vroom. Following the success of the Cars of the Stars museum in the Lake District. our Iuverly capital is the new showing ground for all the vehicular goodies on offer. So why not jump in the driver's seat

and have a whirl? It could be the ride

I fur? hp", I". .l

I’fi" '1’. ‘~

Mardi Gras (iiaxxtltatkcl. 33S I I“ I «lpm I't'cc 'I'Itc (il.l\\lll.tlI\L‘I Il';lli\IUllll\ into .i \umgmg. Inn/m}: \cu ()rlcam high \ttcct \\ tth paratch and hands all .illcrnoon.

Discovery Trails \Ill\t‘lllll ()l Scotland. ('hamhcrx Strcct. IV 43 l‘) 2.!5pm, I't'cc. Scc 'I'Iiu I7.

Other events

Myths & Monsters 1)}namic I-arth. IIoI}rood Road. 550 7300. Illam (rpm. £‘).451£5.‘)5i. Scc 'I‘hu 17'.

Writing the Elements: Earth and Air Iinctgclics. Broughlon Slrccl I.anc. IlHllam ~1pm. H0 if; ith Writing: hascd crcatt\it_\ \\()II\\IIHP \klIIi I._\nn \Ittchcll and IIcIcn Iiodctt I'tll turthcr tIt‘I.llI\ contact |._\ nn on 0| ‘~| —1(\(\3(I‘)I or" IIcIt'n on (II 3| ()4: (Ilfifr Discovery Trails \1llSL'lllll()I Scotland. (‘hamhcrs Strcct. 2.17 42 l‘l. 3.l5pm. I't'cc. Scc 'I'hti I7.

Monday 28


Winifred Nicholson in Scotland: A Place I Love I)can (iaIIct'). 73 Iicllot‘d Road. (ll-1 (i300 IIJSpm. I'rcc. \Vimlrcd Nicholson's \on. Jakc. gncs a talk on lhc IIIc and uork of Ill\ mothcr.

Other events

Myths & Monsters I))tl;ttlllt‘ l’..‘tl'lIl. IIoI}rood Road. 550 7800. Illam hpm. £0.45 (HUM. Scc 'l‘hu l". Discovery Trails MIN-um or

of your life. (Anna Millar)

\tfllIJlltI. ( hII.llllI\t'l\ \Ilt't‘l. .‘I I.‘I‘I

.‘ I‘pm Ircc Scc Hill I"

Tuesday 29

Other events

Myths & Monsters |)_\n.itmt I .llIIl. IItlI}liHItI Road. QT” “\‘I‘I IIIalll (It‘lll t") 1* it* ‘lil Scc III” I"

Discovery Trails \Itlxcum i ll Scotland. ('hamhcix Sltccl. .‘ 1' l.‘ W

I lipm. Ilcc Scc Hill I"

Wednesda 30

Other events

Myths & Monsters I)}tl.tlltlt I.lllIl IIHI}ttMtI Road. ‘Rll "\llll III.tlll 0pm L()-1§i{§()<l Scc Hill I" Discovery Trails \Ill\t'lllll ( ll Scotland. ('hamhcrs Slit-ct. .‘ l" i.‘l‘l

3 I‘pm I‘tcc Scc Hill I”

Thursday 31

Book events

The Quest for the Celtic Key (ioldcn. Ill‘l IIthIl Sttcct. n.‘I V“ Spin I‘tcc \chlmal Ill\lilll.tll Katctl RaIIs \Iaclcod alld \I.l\UIII\ IL'\('.II\ Ilcl I.tll RHI‘t'iIStlll \Ilcd llcu. IIL'III till Scotland's dark histot} l‘.l\t'tI on III\ItllI\.lI dclct tlxc uot'k


After Hours \alltlllaI (i.tIIt'l_\ HI ScHIIttlliI. IIlc \Il‘lIIItI.(I:'1'\3IIiI (\(Hlj I‘I‘L't' ht'c Hill I"

After Hours l)c.in (iaIIcr). "‘ Ilcllord Road. (ill (Cllll (rpm I rcc Scc 'I Illl I~