(Dreamworks 00


(Camilla Pia)

I suppose they can't help it if Noel Gallagher loves them but The Stands, with 'When this

River Rolls Over You' (Echo 0 new Proud Mary. God help 'em. Thus. the Liverpuddlian four-piece are doomed to release this kind of plodding retro guitar music for the rest of their days. Who knows what the grim reaper of rock would say about Aussie rockers Motor Ace's “Carry On' (Doublethink u ) which attempts to soar but is bogged down by being blatantly pieced together by bits of ‘Wonderwall' and 'Cast No Shadow'. Joining them in the rip-off corner come The All- American Rejects with 'Swing Swing'

) which starts promisingly before turning out to be pure Jimmy Eat World- esque emo. complete with a backpack and girl

Indie geeks with goofy teeth will be sobbing at their Stuart Murdoch shrines and asking how their heroes Hefner could have split. but two of the three members have formed The French and released 'Dagenham' (Too Pure “00 ) which simply follows on from last LP ‘Dead Media' with its kooky storytelling and electronic backing. The Koreans obviously fell asleep during the average indie rock of their 'Machine Code' (Drowned in Sound 0 woken with a start by Glasgow-based foursome Hoboken's 'Hotel Lisboa' (Royal Jelly 00.. ) which is dark and melodramatic due to tense strings and a Sinatra-like croon.

Guitar scruffs The Fades' “Life Support' (Genepool 0000 ) with its dirty bass groove that Beyonce could shake her booty to comes close to top trumps this issue. as does Stylus Automatics. ‘American Town“ (Sadly Dead Now «00 ). an inspiring anti-globalisation rant over deceptively sweet acoustica.

But I'm feeling hopelessly romantic for once. so it's a tie for Single of the Fortnight between ex-Vaselines man Eugene Kelly for ‘Older Faster' (Geographic 00”.) a beautiful. low-key guitar track with heart melting vocals. and Tindersticks with ‘Sometimes it Hurts' (Beggars Banquet 00000). a duet with chanteuse Llasa De Sela. It's imbued with smoky romanticism. melancholy and warm strings. Back to the death metal next issue . . .


) are his

). but was

an action hero dreamt up by Steven Spielberg? A time before Pofasis. Foulplay. Stereotypicals and Travesty and any other bad puns you care to offer for the offensively anody ne dribblings of the Brit guitar fraternity 2‘ Me neither. so it‘s nice to be reminded that once upon a time in our little Hitsyille UK. the

108 THE LIST '

immediate post-punk years to be precise. there were actually bands willing to take a chance. daring to be different. Check out the old school kool hey it's my ‘k' of the Raincoats. the Slits. the Pop Group and the Fall (of coursei plus the contemporany itchy and scratchy sounds of Life Without Buildings and

\‘1\)u‘ik\\ \‘

CHRIST. Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle .ixi ....

The the suggests a '(' liorhflhvst enie'girig. which s a "true; idea i,()t‘§»|(l(}llll(; This s

actually a debut a'luur"

but ?;().'l‘.(? ’i‘ the tdlrilnilgl‘.

neu‘.‘ lnateriai

pic tutti-7's iiifirint; this image and ‘t :iiakes more sense if ,ou count the utterly sublime ("flcnesgue debut H) as a mini-album. Christ's nex‘. sound is more akin to Autechre's reconstituted beats and (I()tl()f;|‘.'() audio and. curiously enough. the progressive electronics of iaiigerine Dream circa 1080 than the old affiliations; to Balerno schoolmates Boards of Canada But the lo fi. Casio tones are still here and fans of I’)l.’/()Il(.‘f§(](l(,’ ‘.'/|ll enioy much of this long player to. the rnournful melodies and troubled naivete. However. MRM doesn‘t guite match the sheer beauty of that EP and there is a nagging sensation that this release has been rushed out slightly to meet the rapidly escalating demand for Christ's sound, Still. it is impressive as a second album and that alone is worth plenty.

(Andrew Richardsoni

lNDIl LONGVIEW Mercury l 111th Floori

First we had the electro revwal. Now. the Darkness appear to be spearheading the old metal revwal though whether anyone will follow them is a different matter entirely ‘.‘.’ill


Philly Soul ' 0.00

:4." i i‘ o~ 1“ K k :n

: z l ' Vit'l 'z . \'. l . .z

' r f’.’ w' r -'. f1. N ' .l'hi‘ m'.’ l I - 1- n. i°. "Lulu. t.‘ i 2 '

l‘. .‘..T:lhf'7". : i-mi": t. s ' . is. z' i . Space Ibiza 2003»\.'.;l. .0. i- ~ mt"? let f_lll"i§ ‘r Ill W's-"w : I l. .2 '- i\r'i‘.i_iatrar‘s:«it da. iiertor'nlr‘daitsset ’\" »'.- ' 'i «:iirrii'ieriiial stdir. l‘_>‘.'.w‘.e' ' ll:."‘:' :'.'. '. :--'.

lection of Club Zan 5 »~ .... A .ass..:[).i. a." '..t a"! 2'1: ° . ' l «countlessri‘usii‘aigeriresarx::.i lil‘uf"v‘..'.». lr' .rn :' z .-

llie broker: beat He‘s. «an on“; ‘. "" l ‘t . Shapes One i'lru 7l‘ouglits .... r-kttz‘l‘. .‘i in." if. ' z' i' t: " L sound like that cool rnusic tlta‘. .. .. "i-lir " :.r ; ," : ltlllll(1i(liill',|llt).(;(>i7i .'.'itl‘iii.'.lw-:'x; : f’wnt-ai‘. »- l _' :' never lost lrar‘ksfr:iri‘lrai1_ [)tll‘lrltf::.ll‘.1l\."i’ :3 ' ~

()n a slightlj. different ill) :s Hot Shit Ililastl O... " " " i- '.‘< Experiment Art rock ‘.‘.’lli‘. funk !" its ii.l."r\ a'id its f: r ' ' ' 1 covered in those ostensibly [)l' 'i \t.l‘.(l 7"l‘lfii' "i at: --' t- . ' 1 : it'suptoine‘. iiltflllllfilfi'fiél'i()f.11A, finsisa" i: I' r' ' .i funk.andthetrackstfro'nacrossthi-t crrlas ~ i .- selected for their intriguing finial content :is l'iI. '~ .l‘i f. i . : With guitars. Pow to the People ira.’ k and l l .0... : 'vl: " poetic inusical underground is :h rude dealt“. iii-artt truak' : ti : for people who know that great s-.,rig.'.'itihg u still 3".- r. «Johnny Regani indie's rnopcuts. long 2'." " ‘.' ' sleeved i’fillll'lfi and '.<, a, introspection be next ‘.l' o ;.i up? Longview aren't flier i r“: la - 1' f guite Janeg enough. but il‘ Man» the gloomy soul a: 'l’i i- i ' searching and half- w i - i" vi articulated yearning are fir» .iw- .r :t- 0 present and correct. sir: .w i; ' : Single ‘i-urther' is 'f '-l xtwr ' ' probably the pick of the echoes of his Ar-ieri: arr w :a'e» '5 '* w bunch. although 'Vi/hen influences iBlil l '.a.'is, if! xii af‘a ‘r . You Sleep' is confused Keith Jarrett. and a more \i'ii'lgie W’» :‘W and touching, like a spacious. thoughtful. tia' l m..’

puppy With rock tendencies. and 'l ailing for You' sounds like an atiove-average Gene. if you like that sort of thing, itJames Smarti



2 iF-inlandia Jazz: 0...

Pianist AleXi luomarilas album arrives '.'.'lii‘. a glowuig testimonial il’Ol‘.‘ Warner Brothers stablemate Brad Mehldau. whose classical training he shares. Mehldau may well spring to mind at times when listening to the pianist in an album which strikes a nice balance between

.'.A;'i tottsitferalit- t'lteglfi. .l‘ A Col

i(:(l()(]lilf3£ti,l', N’fl’ll’, flavour Hrs :,lar:t. v‘

Touch an'l (Lt,l-’,f,‘l/fil," colnpieuiented b. band. in '.‘.’lllt,l‘i saxophonist Nicoias Kuinrnert p'mirle‘, a T;f;.'lll)(:fl‘l":;

r,oilnte".'xeight T5; the

leader. suppor‘erl c. the

syrvipaflirm, bass and drums of Christophe Devisscner and leul‘ Vertiruggeh

'Kenn, Malliie',r,'i

Hock MANIC STREET PREACHERS Lipstick Traces (A Secret History of Manic Street Preachers)

Sony Musio 0... Fans who ",ur‘d trir

)U‘.‘![,"llll (It ,/

zibar Classic

{UK}. I" .1”’


rattles. i ..'/ ." r ("r/1,",

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