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. :z,'.:2( ,‘.t,,'.r»r,-.r. ORLANDO

(PG) 90min (Artificial Eye. VHS/DVD rental/retail) .0.

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l’Al E SllNIAN (LOMl DY l)l {AMA

DIVINE INTERVENTION (15) 100min (Artificial Eye VHS/DVD Retail) ....

In this inventive ahsurdist look at the Israeli Palestinian situation. director Elia Suleunan takes the lead role as a melancholic Palestinian Ming to make sense of a wodd in which his father has collapsed and lies dying in hospital. and his gorgeous lover must use all her sexual charms to pass through

a check-point,

110 THE LIST :l‘

fr; l:‘:."‘€t'l uses a .";'ir:t'.e style aest'iefir, lYli'i’lft 'lli 0‘ "i'lil. ';:i'e‘ lll/ "awe/l takes tna‘. siigges’. Iiil i'ireai .‘rririrl as t"r,ugl‘ realism coiiirin't 'io

lust me to a situation that is so ‘ar r'e'r‘over: from an; r‘ot'ri". of ’;()l‘llll()l‘ sense. Mayne the Nll‘}(l scene at the end 's a hit over the top. l:i.‘. most of the may this is fresl‘. .rwer‘tw: .‘ir'i'nak’x‘rl.



(PG) 123min (Artificial Eye DVDNHS Retail) ....

3:.uou—quh— A #3::

Vincent lJacgues Bidoul is an everyman frustrated With the routines of his life. One morning he turns away from the factory gates and heads off to Venice.

Beautifully framed and populated wrth a profusion of gently comic characters I .s it meanders from the placid French country/Side to the truly a\»inspiring rooftop Views of Venice. this is a singular experience.

A considered lilting tale that leaves floods the cortex With sunny strained feelings while developing ideas of contentment and hope (both for the possibilities left in yetir life and of the goodness to be found in strangerSl~ Tenderness lingers leng after the credits roll. rEddie Felsonl

ADAM ANT: file

CHARMING Channel 4, Thu 17 Jul. 9pm 0000

PM at. o‘ tW' ear'

tllt; tit-aritrfi lea" a”: rH/Ilrrtwrp,‘ Lil'jtmj

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rritr; l’)‘;T sir'elv‘it‘. souls \.".’£ll""'"ifll’1°"‘~lllf"l‘(' on thr- hark cf llrirl liiil! and (la/.ra. Mr Ants story as starti"{) to sound depressineg farr‘ilrar' Born rntr, relate/(.- ll()rll‘r’llll‘,’, his prerornous talents took lllll‘ ay'ri'n.’ frorr‘ home and into celelirity circles. propelling him eventually onto the for) of the Po; 5; stage .'r:th '[)og Fat Dog'. But it auras all too rr‘uch, and heing stalked didn't help.

Intenriews WIN) the ll‘Illl liiirlf;t3|f. friends including Marco Pirroni. Malcoln‘ Mcl aren and his |()‘.’(>l‘,' old school teacher Joanna Salorriari. reveal hor.r far Ant could sink 7 he's been hospitalised on several occasions and how di/z'yingly fren/ied he could get on his way up. The programme is a compelling story of a fallen icon, but more


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Rohoshark. ext/girl‘s a rather doulittui soiir‘dirrg Dan/Ir) Atter‘lmroug". var: lief

closer to the ocean's

tot; predator than eve before. a ‘SIHU‘TH‘J‘T sorne'.'.'l‘at urtderrnirw-d hy the fact that 'rir 5‘. the filming here is 'f(,"-' 'Hlll‘. cowsr'ntirrniif carrieras. Stnl. their: some thrilling footage hundreds of lli’ill"tl(?"l‘f?€l’l‘; rilrlr: flll'()1l(ll‘i'llll'lill‘l‘1‘:£l.£l great wh'te (fr;isl‘es from the unratr-r r" pursuit of seals. and scientist f3‘.‘/lf‘lfl r:a'rnl, Witl‘ llllll sharks. The science s pretty impressive. too

lJarries Siriartr

When animatronic sharks attack

DON’T DROP , ' " j ‘_ 1 ' THE COFFIN ' ' ' ' Scottish. Tue 22 Jul. ’- 8.30pm .0 ' ' l ‘i 0 .~ H ' “u r . v . r i : n ;' ' Q 0 3 " .v " ' l" i . "l ' '~ 2'! ‘° l ' '1 r , r :1, ' I ,-t if t‘ 1 "TI

OUTSIDE Channel 4, Wed 30 Jul, 11pm ....

In the zone

Channel 4 really goes mad for its quirky seasons. Or ‘zones', as they prefer to call them these days. Whether it‘s the five-minute slots after the evening news or the ALT-TV strand, the economic and creative innovation on display is an attempt at reminding us that the channel isn't all Big Brother and Vernon Kay. And maybe, just maybe, the initial goals of setting new standards and catering for largely untapped interests among the viewing nation are still somewhere on the channel’s agenda.

50, now we get Outside, a showcase of new talent mainly comprising ‘directors with something to say and an unusual way of saying it'. Maybe the new talent thing is stretched by the fact that Chris Morris (writer) and Paddy Considine (actor) drive the award-winning My Wrongs, the short tale about dogs, ducks, children and abuse, which opens the series, sorry ‘zone’. But it’s an aptly ghoulish and surreal start with the following programmes veering from the weirdly odd to the bizarrely dark.

So, we have Outsiders, a film from Canada about old people making some rather inappropriate musical recordings and My Night with Julia, in which a filmmaker records his encounter with a Russian prostitute, who looks uncannin like Tony Soprano's East European goomah. Some shows don’t need any further promotion than their titles: Pulling Kylie, School’s Out: The Life of a Gay High School in Texas and Goths Make Better Lovers need little introduction. Or complete explanation.

(Brian Donaldson)