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Why Retail Junky is the hottest new web- based retailer.

Words. Carolyn Rae

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Shopprng rs one of the fastest groWIng areas of the Internet (har porn, naturally) whrch grves you access to 9/1 / shopprng fun. Retarl ,Junky rs a new addrtron onlrne to thrs ever expandrng market for those who peruse for l)uys Willi then browser. I aunched at the end of last month, rt arms to ‘teed your fashron and Irfestyle addrctrons'. hrrngrng to the consumer a range of labels and brands that can he drffrr:ult to frnd on the hrgh street, never mrnd the net. They offer a range of gear from recognrsed young, hrp lahels, rncludrng Hooch, Hench, Boxfresh. Soochr. Mavr, Prnk Prranha, Gravy and Hands. lhey also cater to both male and female tastes.

However, rt's not rust clothrng that's avarlahle. lhrs wehslte stocks a broader varrety of goods. rncludrng toys. novelty grfts. household stuff, ((BWOHOW and electrrcal goods such as harr straighteners and MP3 players. Thrs comhrnatron of clothrng and Irfestyle products rs somethrng of a phenomenon, accordrng to Retarl Junky, whrch says: ‘lhese areas have not been comhrned hefore wrthrn the onlrne retarl rndustry to date.‘ The srte targets trendy 18* (M yearolds and although rt features a lot of Items that target the same market as rt rncludes the sort of gadgets and grfts you would expect to frnd at Frreboxcom, too. It's the comhrnatron of these two aspects that makes rt well worth checkrng out.

Here are trve of rts top products: CATGee DNA Kit, £17.95

Save yourself from havrng to appear on student-frrendly TV show Trrcra wrth thrs home-DNA krt. It allows you to take a sample of your own or

someoneelse's DNA llo.-.e.'er. Its only once you pay a further Vii) that you get the DNA code rjrrtalerl and torn the ()Al(.er: r,lul) lhen you can have the code prrnted on a l shrrt ($95)) or sweatshrrt (Sit-3) lruly hro tastrc fun.

Breakdance Cosmetic Bag, £12

Stash your war parnt rn thrs large, funky hag, Avarlahle rn erther red or blue, rt's adorned wrlh wee guys hustrn' a groove. y'all.

Kodo Creative Ceramic Straighteners, £76.45

A hlessrng for those who curse therr curls. lhese slrmlrne professronal strarghteners heat up to a crazy 910 degrees and apparently use rnfra red treat to protect harr by lockrng rn the morsture.

Union Jack Illuminating Coffee Table, £1,500

Ourte srmply the eprtorrre of lmfl taste. thrs rllumrnatrng cotter,- tahle rs deSIgned hy SUCK UK. hr rt would make the perfect grft for any Orange Order menfolk thrs marchrng season.

Chunkadory Cubic Heart Necklace, £28

A cheap replrca of the T rtfan/ heart necklace r as seen on Serena erlrams as she grunted ahor ll on COurt. lf yOu don't have the wages of a Wrmbledon champron, opt for thrs Srlver and Cubrc erconra bargarn.

I www.retar//unky com

(1) Union Jack illuminating cofloo tabla. £1,500.

(2) Hooch two-atripo retro zip front top. 1225. (3) Mlnlpod Speakers, £389.95.

(0 Hands ‘daloir' T-chirt.

(6) Pink Piranha baby doll hipster pants. £25. (6) Cheeky Chimp lip balm, £3.95.

(7) Hair Toola Thormo ceramic straightener.

(8) Moat and Choose t-chirt. £16. (9) Hooch halter top. 1218.

(10) Irivor Slim 1 UPS/CD Player. £189.96. (1 1) Ouch! Piaatan, £3.55.

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