Fendi black leather day bed and Oriental vases


V is for veneration

[)i: V llllftlltlft; perches atop the atr‘, lllfjllfffll (:an .)l tilt.- t'urnit;.rr- rr‘arket. I! VIII/(1K3 h it"; :/ “.ttfiililf? l)f{IlI(lf; of Int: Kelli, Iloppen, lentil anrl Kaqari ilk. ali of '.'.'II(TI'I if; enough to menu .Yltffi'fifl' Ylt?‘L-/;llt'lf, in?“ desire Illi’lllf'tftl sweat located in the (:onuerterl '.'./.‘iri,-‘i;>ut;<:- of Spent; \.'.’In.irt. illt' attire na‘; twiltx! lo Ili‘ With high quality iterné; sourced frorr‘ all over Britain, tne (,()IIl|lI(flIl anti l)i?,illlfl_

(‘ierry lhornpson. the managing (lirerttor of (in V. i; an interior designer n, tram,» Ilium: to firml suitable Iif?ll‘5; to use in his projects; without looking otilsirtr: of Scotland, ’ir: :I-frrntrucr I“) Set up mini) 5"I

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coinpani, is expanding to the leafy hurl»; of Bothwell.

lhe interior of (le V II} supremely swanky think black leather, clean lines tirirl rignarriirt :I<::;ig'i “If? company has a very clear philosophy: (tulle simply iii/(I II‘tlIIUIf; “.‘Jhen {,(lu put something .n a roo'r‘ and it maker; a major statement then you rlon't need to bother '.‘.Illl too rnani, other s;rr‘all<;r htt‘; aria pieces; arouan it.'

[)eliherateh targeting; the affluent. well travellerl professuonal, rte V's; niirjet; 'anrje fron‘ a were 3‘5) to a hankhusting S‘f>.()()() But (lllillll‘, anrl ()llf)lll£l|ll\ (1()fl‘(? a [)II(Z(?. ‘We want to keep it at; a mom rr‘arket A lot of the things; we get are constantly changing and Ille‘, 'r'e yen. rarely repeateri.' 'h/laarrmri I Ills;

I [)e V I}; r'orfatetl at (Ia/mi House, Sire/rt; I‘M/rad, (S/asgoii. () MI .93." 78 76?. Hie Bovine/I more .‘.'l// ope/rat thee/Ii}ofJu/i’a!-18f\«f.’1rnStreet.

NI w or srcns GODIVA

Hark at the teeny waists of the dresses, the strangulating cut of the shirt, the icky brown expanse of the sweatshirts - standing amid the racks of a vintage clothing emporium often invokes a Lilliputian paranoia. Fleur Maclntosh, the new owner of West Port second-hand store Godiva, is aware that sizing has changed and is now working in conjunction with students from Edinburgh College of Art to customise stock.

‘I really like all the old vintage fabrics but they don't look right any more,‘ says Maclntosh. The eager fashion and design students of ECA, along with some recent graduates, have stripped some original designs back to the bare bones, adding embellishments to others. Sold under the banner of ‘Godiva Reworked', the range will also boast a label by the individual designer something that could be worth holding onto.

Initially the new range will take up only one rail, but Maclntosh is keen to expand the idea as it becomes more popular. “It's frustrating going to the high street: you can find lovely things, but when you go to a wedding or party. you look exactly the same as someone else. So we're just trying to create a new individualism, really.’ (Maureen Ellis)

I God/ta. 5-: III/est Port. Edinburgh, 0ij 2” 9372. Prices 'ange from {IO—FIQO

112THE LIST ' ' .R'


Spend, gspend, spend. . .

I WHILE EDINBURGH shoppers can turn to Godiva to invest In the Customised deSIgns of fashion students and graduates. Glasgow folks need look no further than the Kelly Cooper Bar. Thursdays at the Bath Street venue are given over to showcase the work of emerging artists. and on Thursday 17 July there Will be a sale of work by young Glasgow deSIgners. For more information call 0141 331 4060.

I HARVEY NICHOLS has devised a new beauty box, especially for the festival. The ‘Fake your Way Through the Festival’ kit is designed to keep the festival fevers at bay. Inside

you will find such delights as a ‘Snog Me Senseless' breath freshener, ‘Snoozers are Losers' adrenaline patches, ‘The Bender Mender’ to cure a raging Sam-to-bed headache. and, for a festival of a different kind, a ‘Long Time Coming’ enviable erection maintainer.

And all for a mere £27.

Call 0131 524 8388.

I IT'S MORE KITSCH than a room full of lit eight-balls. but cult style icon Blythe is to feature in a new fashion collection. The doll has become a bit of a star in recent years. with Liv Tyler. Kelly Osbowne and Marilyn Manson clambering onto the fan bandwagon. The Blythe doll was produced for one year only in 1972. but was captured on film in the 908 by New York photographer Gina Garan, whose en5uing books have become coffee table classics. The new range of clothes is designed to fuse 70$ flavours With contemporary styling and features T-shirts. vest

tops. f0ur cutesy bags and a collection of Cheeky underwear. Blythe Alive is stocked by Cult Clothing in Glasgow and Edinburgh. For more information call ()141 226 6822 Or 0131 556 5003,

I GOOD NEWS FOR football fans - the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has found several high street retailers and manufacturer Umbro guilty of fixing football shirt prices. The news follows a two-year OFT probe, and the companies involved could face fines of up to £100 million.

I BRITNEY SPEARS” reputation as the whiter than white star doesn't just lie in tatters in the bedroom. The pop tartlet is apparently a huge fan of “Fake Bake' self-tan. Jenners in Edinburgh is now stocking the cosmetics range. which originated in Oklahoma in 1995. Prices for the selftan start at $19.95. and the store is offering shoppers the chance to experience the full body treatment for 5240. Offer ends Sunday 20 July. To book call 0131 260 2561.

I HOP ALONG TO the Lighthouse to catch the last few days of New Formations 4. Designed especially for the summer, the collection features work by Lynsey Walters, who has produced vibrant bags in felt; Hannah Lamb’s polished silver jewellery, which is distinguished by a seascape theme; and innovative glassware by Ingrid Phillips, whose work won a Scottish Gift of the Year award 2002. The display ends on Thursday 24 July. Call 0141 225 8422.