Picasso and Dance: Pablo’s designs influenced the choreography

Dance fans should hot foot it to the moves of the Iberian peninsula. Words: Kelly Apter

ast year. lidinbui'gh was ringing with the sound

of ankle bells and snails as the wonders of Indian

dance came to the capital in various shapes and forms. This year there's a rather more Mediterranean flavour walling through the air. with Spanish influences permeating both the fringe and International Festival. The 2002 l‘i'inge dance programme was. as ever. a mix of the good. the bad and the unwatchable. But there was oiin one show I deemed worthy of the coveted five stars .\'ats .\'iis’ l'irl.

'l‘he Bai‘celonan outfit have been working together for In years. ‘ti’ansforming our emotions into movement’ as company head. 'l'oiii .\lira puts it. I'ii/ was a poignant. intelligent and humorous mix of dance. film. architecture and dialogue which grabbed you by the heart and reminded you just what life is all about. Well. the good news is they're back or rather he is. Mira‘s 3003 liringe offering is a solo work inspired by the words of Spanish playwright. Beth lisctide l (ialles. Making its l‘K premiere in lidinburgh. The Loft finds .\lira confronting his own video image in the eponymous room. which lisciide describes as ‘an ideal space for an individual alone. the place where small things seem even smaller. where loneliness is even bigger.‘

Loneliness is not an option at the Roxy An House this August. when lx’i'i'o/urion crashes onto the stage. With the tagline. 'Ses. Dance. Rock'ii‘Roll'. the show is a passionate mix of Irish dance. tap and flamenco.

22 THE LIST " 4‘ .:.i

backed by the percussive sounds of a live rock band turning up the volume on their Spanish guitars. lissentially wannabe rock stars. former Rfl'l’IY/(lllt‘l' stai‘. Joel Hanna and tap man. Mike Schulster are joined by acclaimed flamenco artist. Kalen Shalahan and a 15— strong ensemble to ensure Revolution is tip there with 121,) Dogs in the fringe hall of lame.

Rather more sedate. but no less exciting. is Bordeaux ()pera Ballet. performing at this year’s

International liestival. l’eaturing the designs of one of

the most famous Spaniards of all time. Picasso and Hume brings together four works created at Diaghilev’s Ballet Riisses during the I‘)2()s and 30s. His bold. (’ubist designs for The Three ('nmr'rr'rl Hut and I’urm/r' not only decorated the scenery. but influenced Leonide .Vlassine’s choreography.

And finally to another Spanish legend. Frederico (iarcia l.orca. a writer whose prose was almost as exciting as his life. Attempting to capture some of the great man's passion are B(’l)l’. who‘ll be performing iii/Icy Don't Slum! I’nr‘ts (Lorcu's own ill-fated Words shortly before his murder). a theatre show peppered with contemporary flamenco dance.

Nats Nus Dansa, St Stephens, 7-25 Aug; Revolution, Roxy Art House, 4-25 Aug; Bordeaux Opera Ballet, Edinburgh Playhouse, 21-23 Aug; They Don’t Shoot Poets, St Cut’s, 30 Jul—23 Aug.

Best feet forward

Dance Base Scotland's National Centre for Dance has really found its feet this year With a quality programme of performances and classes, Watch hip hoppers Freshiiiess. Austria's Willi Dorner and our own Scottish Dance Theatre; then try your hand at flamenco. Nepalese folk or ‘Bollywood Deliglits'. And if you fancy a little heeltapping, hand clapping action yourself. l5( )l )P is holding ‘Flainenco l ever" worksl‘iOps at dance Base on F) & 18Aug. {)ance Base. (“2.”) 5525, various dates. tunes and prices.

Nata Nu: Dansa Barcelona choreographer Toni Mira, pays a return visit to the Fringe after last year's Ille‘r'llllflltlllg /u/. See main article. St Stephens, .658 3853, 7 25 Aug, various times. [7 10 (£7.50).

Cullberg Ballet l'oriner NDT dzmcer/clioreograi)lier Johan Inger follows in the footsteps of dance legend Mats Ek, taking over the reins at Cullberg Ballet. The Swedish company's festival double hill sets both men side by side. with lnger's dreamlike Home and Home and Ek's fluke. Playhouse, 473 2000, l l 14 Aug, /.30prn, EEG-4725.

Revolution: Sex, Dance and Rock’n’Roll lake a dash of Hiverdance. a dollop of lap Dogs. a pinch of flamenco, stir in a live rock band and 15- Strong ensemble, and you're talkin' about Revolution. Rocket @ Deniarco Roxy Art l—louse, 556 3702, 4-25 Aug, 8pm, ff 7 O-J.‘ 72 (fIQ-E 70).

San Francisco Ballet lle cut his teeth at the Royal Ballet. became the first Choreographer-m-resrdence at New York City Ballet and now. at the tender age of 30. Christopher Wheeldon is presenting a triple bill in the ElFl. If you see only one dance show this year . . . Playhouse, 473 2000, 28-30 Aug, times vary, {374337.