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Chris Langham as Orwell in 8802's recent documentary

One hundred years of George Orwell. Wolds: Allan Radcliffe

nyone who eyer picked up a hook could tell

you a tact or two about (ieorge ()rw'eII. I

mean. he’s ()rw'eII. right'.’ Author ol the two key political satires of leth century linglish literature. :liiiiiiu/ Mum and [984. anti-totalitai‘ian Visionary. uncanny originator of eyeryday terms such as ‘douhlespuik'. ‘thought police‘ and most chillingly. for all the wrong reasons ‘Big Brother is Watching‘.

And then there are the eerily pow'erl'ul and eminently quotahle lines. ‘:\II animals are equal hut some are more equal than others' and ‘\\'ar is Peace. I‘reedom is Slayery. Ignorance is Strength.‘ a sentiment (ieorge W Biish seemed to haye emhraced when he spoke of' his desire ‘to defend the cause of peace' during the war on Iraq.

This August. Iidinhurgh's International Book I-‘estiyal will mark the centenary of Iiric Arthur BI;iii"s hirth in Motilai'i. India. with eyents proyiding I‘resh perspectiyes on the author eyery'one thinks they know. yet whose life. work and politics hetray some glaring contradictions. ()rwell was. alter all. the egalitarian who wished to escape from ‘eyery I‘orin of man‘s dominion oyer man". yet enlisted in the Imperial ('iyil Seryice as a Burmese policeman. He‘s the old Iitonian under-achieyer from a ‘low er-upper middle class' Iainily. who recorded his e\pei‘iences Iiy ing among the poor in “113‘s Down and Uni in Paris and London. He's the pacil‘ist. anti-Stalinist who fought for a .\Iar\ist group in the Spanish (‘i\i| War. the awkward squad memher who poured scorn on middle class ‘socialists’ in 'lilic Road to Il'igun l’ii'i'.

Still think you know your ()rwell'.’ .\'o\eIist and biographer I)J ILLVIOI' kicks oil the (‘harlotte Square series hy exploring these \ery contradictions in what promises to he an illuminating ey ent. ()ne ol‘ the most

erudite aiid Iiyely dehatcs ol' the I'estiyal should he hctween Bernard (lick and Scott Lucas. who will cast light on certain controyersial aspects of ()rw'eII's legacy. Lucas. author of Orange ()rwv/l uml Illt’ Ifr'li‘uy'u/ of l)i'\wiit argues that '()rwelI‘s helielis ultimately led him to defend the political system that he was supposedly criticising'. a contention seemingly borne out hy the author's alleged spying on his "socialist. Iil'IL‘lltls Iol‘ .\II().

Yet. ('rick helieyes the (‘old \Var tendency to claim ownership of his noyels as mere anti-communist prophesy ignores the hreadth and suhtlety of his writing. ‘IIe had the common touch.‘ says ('rick. ‘Ile had a wry wide c\perience. He could he serious hut also deliherately. ol'l'cnsiyely proyocatiy'e. You'ye got to

respect him tor the \ai'iety of his writing. the range oI

his work. the way he could wrap tip serious points.‘ (’rick sees the centenary as an opportunity to revisit ()rwell's lesser known works. ‘IIis lasting legacy will not he /(/.\'4. which will hecome \ery dated.’ he says. ‘IIe‘II he remeiiihered for hisjournalisin. especially his influential wartime articles in the 'I'i'i'liiuii'.' .-\ppropriaie|y. another ()i'weIIian Booklest highlight

includes an insight into political journalism courtesy of

lain .\Iacwhirter and ('hannel 5's head of news and current atlairs. ('hris Shaw. I)oes ()rw'eII's assertion that ‘ahoye all I wanted to make political writing into an art‘ hold true in these days ot‘ spin and tahloid tittIe- tattIe'.’ Meanwhile. ;\I. Kennedy. James Wood and Iirica Wagner will dehate the art of literary criticism a practice ()rweII Iaiiioiisly wondered was 'iiot a huge network of humhug'.

Edinburgh International Book Festival, 0131 624 5050, 9-25 Aug.

War, sex and 705 telly

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Susan Sontag A trio of exhilarating events from one of the USA's most foremost s‘OCIaI thinkers as she tackles topics including the imagery and meaning of war as GISCUSSGO in Regarding the Pain of Others. her forthcoming book. Studio Theatre, 624 5050. t 7 Aug. 5pm, £7 (£5): Sp/ege/teht, 72 Aug, 7.30pm, £8 (6); Main Theatre, .73 Aug, 77.30am, £7 (£5).

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