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_\ou'rc a lexhian ). 'l‘he l5ringe corned} programme and cxpeciall) the Book l-‘exthal haxe the higgexl lcxhian \ixihilit). Ali Smith tlo Aug) and Jackie Kayt lh’ & l‘)) are there \\ ith collectionx ol‘ xhort .xttlt'ic‘x. ax ix poet Carol Ann Duffy (33 (k 35 Aug) \\ ill) her ncu hook. 'l'hen there‘x the crime \\t‘ilcl'x Val McDermid l 15 & Io Aug) and Manda Scottt 12 Aug).

The Book licxliVal ilxcll‘ .xlttl‘lx olvl~ \\ill) SCUllilllthS ga} poet laureate Edwin Morgan t‘) Aug) reading l‘ron)

ltix work. Biggiex include no\elixtx Edmund White ol~

A Boy's ()u'n Story lame (3—1 .Aug) ax \\cll ax Patrick Gale (31 Aug). critne handxotne ho} Jake Arnott t IS Aug) and the c\er-eruditc Paul Bailey t l5 Aug). l.e,xhian .xolo perl‘ortnerx and .xtand-upx include .xinger Horse ((‘)ueen.x'x llall. l3 Aug) ax \\ ell ax Aluxxelhurgh‘x oun Rhona Cameron (lidinhurgh l‘cxtiVal 'l‘heatrc. IS Aug). Rlel-L prexenterx Mel and Sue ll’leaxance. ll l7 Aug) and Claire Summerskill l'l'hcalre \Vm‘lx'xltop. l l 34 Aug). No Scott (‘apurro lhix l‘ringc. hut lltlltL‘L‘l' Julian Clary (St (icol'ch \Vc‘xl ('hurch. 18 3-1 Aug). ix hack. ax ix the orerexpoxed Craig Hill (Axxcmhl) Roomx. l 35 Aug) and iinperxonator Jason Wood \xho (it'ls Hit Hilx ()ulglor I/Ie [AU/A ll’lcaxancc. 5 35 Aug). .-\l.xt) in attendance are Paul Foot (l’leaxancc. 3 35 Aug. tnaori drag queen Mika terrge Square 'l'heatrc. l 3-1 Aug) and the leather-clad .xong pal‘od_\‘i.xtx Topping and Butch (l’leaxance. 3—35 Aug: l'nderhell}. l8 34 Aug).

There'x plenty of theatre for the l)o_\x. but “hell ploughing through the l’ringe brochure it ix ahxa} x hard to tell \xhat'x guy from the 40 “old dexcription. But anyone who rememherx the WW) l‘t‘lllgC-l‘ll'xl \xinning Behind the .‘lquurium u! l/It' [1m l’i::u Show could not fail to he mmed h} Jonathan llall'x depiction ol a ga}



32THE LIST ' ._



. Words: John Binnie

northern |o\c all'air xct in a public toilet. l:\ teacher llall hax xince gone on to mile a corned} ahout a Blackpool ga} bed and hrcalxlaxl Flamingos (Ktllllk'tllil Roman lzaglc l.odge. 3 l7 Aug). and thix l'ringc in Hardcore tl’lcaxancc Home. 3 35 Aug) he chartx the li\cx ol' tour lncn caught up in the \xorld ol' ga} port).

.-\n)crican dancer l.ouix K;t\ot)i'ax ix an c\qtllxitc perl'orntcr and hix xolo Joe . . . This Infinite Universe ((laragc. 3 35 Aug) xhould he a hig hit it hix pre\ioux xcnxual dancing ix an}lhing to go h}.

l)a\id llcnxon ix hack alter hix Kenneth \\ll|iau)x xtlc‘ccxx \\llll it me“ piccc altotll tlcatl cclclu'tlicx Star Struck lexctuhl} Roornx. l 35 Aug). Retuelnhcr the pretentioux hut hcaulil'ull} xung nluxical .l/mmn ahout lour ga} ntcn trapped in a theatre pcrloruung (‘hclxhox ‘x 'Illr‘t't' Sixlr'rx'.’ \Vcll Pl;l}\\l‘l“_‘lll \ick Salatnonc lx hack \xilh Red Hat and Tales t.\xxctnhl_\ Roonlx. l 35 Aug). hix coined) ahoul a marriage hctxxccn l\\o hixc\ualx. Sketch troupe (‘ hax attracted ga_\ audicncex at prc\ioux l-ringcx and This is Soap l('hatnhcrx SII'L‘L‘I. l 34 Aug) xllollltl lk‘ ltmlxc‘tl tllt ltl (’halnherx Street. A conlpan} ol xc\} \\cxt coaxt actorx protnixcx ux a ltlllc‘l‘xu L‘L‘l llltltlc‘l‘ll ltllc‘ Ul lt)\ c ll'lL‘ltllxlllp and xc\ in Twelfth Premise t(‘ central. l 34 Aug).

\orthcrn 'l'hcatt‘e continucx to do ga} \xork \xith Love From Dusty tt'roxxnc l’la/a. 3 l5 Aug) about a hunter in lo\c' \xith a Springlicld iinpcrxonator. ’l'herc arc xho\\x about ga} poet l.orca. (il'allalt) ('ltaptnan and l.i/a Minnelli. l.ondon cluh Duckie llago & Out. In 33 Aug). hoxted h} .-\n)_\ lame. hring their queer actx to ('luh ligo.

'l'herc'x croxx drcxxing in Skirts chnuc 45. 4 l5 Aug) and ga} teenage protagonixlx in holh Guts t'l‘heatre \Vorkxhopx. " It) Aug) and A Skeleton in the Closet l.>\uguxtinc‘x. l‘) 33 Aug) and at) unhapp} \cenc-quccn in 9 ((iaragc. 3 35 Aug).

Old faves. new raves and the odd blue storyline

I Jason Wood Gets his Hits Out for the Lads Allol

last \V.l;a."s; sell out wl‘.:)'.‘.’, \‘Jootl

ls; track Jail) l‘ltllt: ".lnlpwr; and (:t- SSll‘f». lrnpo'txonatrhu the qroat and thl’: qoorl tron) Ahaon Mount to l’axarottr Wood ‘."~.ll| have you at ll‘,§3lt)ltllt$. l’loaua'tuex no"? mun. .)‘()./u/ J’ Aug}, {-a‘ 6; f}. l5) 6; it). 2.7 3.1 flag}. I. Ill/m), 5‘5) E l ) 'é’.’~.‘,:’>l)/; (5 a J. l) A: lo 6; fl. liz‘ (“l M. I)". .79 (‘2 X0, .75) full}. I'll,-1.">;),'r:_ )0 (Viol);

I Hardcore .Jonathan l lall. ‘.’.‘ll)tl(}l' of tvro l nnqo l tlSlE». IS hack v‘xath a new black comedy éll)()lli tho (:onipetrttze worltl of gay porn. f’loasarluk. not) 0:550. (SOJt/r' 2-1 flog, flxiorvr). l‘l' 5‘5) "l‘('>‘.:')0 FD").

I All Smith lho host Stilllllg author shoe/(gases; her latest colloctrot) of short Estortor; [he l'l/llU/O Stor and Other filo/«2:; at the Book l (:s;tr\.'a|. ()har/ottr) Sui/arm, 02-1 350350. Ill/lug, ll).(;‘0am, SV‘ (36/.

I Julian Clary Beware anybody )n the front rov-r at; \Jllllélll Clary. the Natural Born Muncor. hrtngs; hrs; camp SHOW ()1 comedy and song. srngrno, telltng tales; and runlrnaglnq through your hand‘taaq. St (,3t~:()rgo':; l"."t:.';.’ Church. 295; Milli, 78-9-1 Aug. 9.30pm. 912.50» 5‘ 13.30 15‘ 701‘] 7,).

l Joe . . . This Infinitive Universe Taking on the persona of Joe. rnternatlonal dancer and perforrnrng artrst LOuts Kavouras Will create ten sensuous; and drarnatrr; dances. The Garage. 227 9009. 3- 70, 72- l 7, 79~~25 Aug. 6. 750/7), £6 (5.16,).

l C’est Vauxhall Ursula Martrnez and the famous London gang are comrng up to Show us how It's done DUCle Style. Order your Show of cholce from the menu. pay with your Duckre dollars and prepare for a seleclron of table dancing. theatre and cabaret. Ego and Out. 226 7000, 76—23 Aug.

8. 7:3pm, £72 (£370):