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DJ Gregory: for people who understand music

Late night festival clubbing quality is here. \‘eris: Henry Northmore

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hours w c gct a sclcction ol‘ thc bcst l).ls around with hill on supct'stars gracing thc whccls ol' stch across thc capital.

Ice-T is thc mothcr ol‘ thcm all. bringing his S.\l(i 'l‘out' to lidinburgh tor a rcal Scottish cxclusix c club night w ith a sclcction ol‘ gucsts including our own homc—grown Scratch and 1)] Kid t lh’ & l‘) Aug. liquid Room). Manga is pulling out all thc stops with thrcc big partics with DJ l‘riction joining thc drum ck bass massn c t8 Aug. thc lloncycomb) and its junglc \' hip hop showdown in coniunction with Scratch (2-1 Aug. thc \cnttc ). But thcrc's a rcal swcctcncr with the ol'lcr ol' limitcd lrcc tickcts to its lXtra birthda} bash on 15 Aug ithc lionc)comb). l‘caturing a host ol~ lXtra t'csidcnts. with ad\ancc purchases ot‘ tickcts for an} ot‘ thcir l'cstnal datcs.

l‘or housc hcads. (‘olours bring out thc big guns with a Back to the Future spccial with Km in Saundcrson and .\'-.loi (Inc) (0 Attg. Liquid Rooms). and Audio l)clu\c imile DJ Deep from Paris (0 Aug. Honc) comb) to do his smooth French 1)] thang.

Talking ot‘ Parisian mastcrs. DJ Gregory joins l'ltragoovc (30 Aug. (‘abarct \oltairc). mi\ing up soull’ul housc. .-\t'ro-bcat. New York classics and Latin licks. Al'tcr his last visit to l'ltragrtmxc hc couldn't hclp but commcnt that 'it is a plcasurc to play a club whcrc thc pcoplc understand the music'. And bcing brought tip on l'ltragroox'c‘s dict ot‘ rcal dcal liousc it‘s no surprisc that thc puntcrs were so into thc gi'och. Hc's big matcs with Bob Sinclar and his ‘Block Pan)‘ was tbc launch track

tor Bob‘s Ali'icanism imprint tas wcll as a global housc hit ). 'l‘hc danccl‘loor's guarantccd to bc bca\ ing as (it'cgot') drops thosc inlcctious tropical rhythms.

l'ltragroosc arc also inrobcd in anothcr big tcatn up with .\lothct'lunk iitl‘ anothcr ot' thcir Mothcrgroow part} nights gixing _\'ou thc bcst oi botl) llamurs: housc and tunk. chrcscnting thc l'ltra gu_\ s. is old la\ourilc .ioc‘} \cgt‘o whcrcas thc Mothcrlunkcrs ha\ c dral'tcd in thc pi'cstigious talcnts of DJ l‘ormat.

In tcrms ol‘ birthda_\s local lamuritcs Joy and Disco Inferno rcach thc big l-() 12 Aug. thc \cnuc & 23 Aug. ligo t'cspccti\c|_\') so cxpcct t‘it'cworks ol onc kind or anothcr. The Bongo Club is lacing its last c\'cr l'cstn'al at its .\'c\\ Strcct addrcss and a numbcr ol‘ rcgulars arc holding spc‘c‘iilis including Musscngcr Sound S}'stc‘lt‘l and its rightcoUs dub t 16 Aug): Pogo Voguc with a massixc c‘c‘ic‘c‘lic‘ L‘iL‘c‘lt'tiltic‘ li\c showcasc l l Aug) and funk mastcrs Hcadspin wclcoming Dynamo Productions l‘) Aug). In othcr big \cnuc ncws thc Honeycomb is changing managcmcnt and Bobby Andcrson ol~ thc much misscd l.a Bcllc .-\ngclc is taking mcr. lixpcct a strcngthcning ol' club nights and a l'i‘c‘sh approach with i.o\c Box lrom (it'och Armada t In Aug) bcing jitst thc tip of thc iccbct'g.

'l'hc linal wcckcnd is turning out to bc a slice of tcchno hca\cn. with Sativae Recordings. Pure lboth 2‘) Aug. ligo and ('alton Studios rcspcctncly and Pressure meets Bugged Out! (Bl) Aug. thc Venue) all holding somc big ol‘ panics. A lcw guest namcs hax'c leaked out including l5(‘ Kahuna at Pl‘c‘sstll‘c but cxpcct a t‘cw stnprisc appcaranccs of thc highest calibrc.

Swingers step this way

Vegas It fits the i(?f3il‘."£li '.li)t2 to a l ‘.'./ith its E§.'./lll(_] selection and slea/y listening cuts l~.'.'o lY‘IElSSI‘Jf parties ‘.‘.’|iil the tlixe Aces (1 Aug) and doon Ocean terminal may (Iii) Aug) to open éttift close proceedings. [he Famous Sir/ege/tent, 20-1 :5 7:) l, 7 Aug, lt‘).3()r>rn (flan), l‘lO; Ocean ler‘rn/nal, 220 3934. 30 Aug, It'lfj‘O/wniiarn, 5‘12.

Progression the club is wheeling out the big guns for the festive period With three nights of progressive house action. l-irst out of the gates are their double team With Tribal Sessions bringing the Inland Knights. Greg Vickers and King Unique ‘.‘/|ii‘. them (2 Aug). Next out is Radio 1 dance man Pete long and Medium-28 04 Aug). Finally. to cap off a month of mayhem. we have Scuinfrog and Jon Carter (30 Aug). / tau/d Room. 295 2:564, Q. 8 30 Aug. IO..’30/)m—5am; Ege. 478 7434. 24 Aug. I lpnrflarn.

Ice-T What more needs to said about the gangsta rapper? Expect hard ass hip hop from the original baaad z ssss and his support team from the SMG tour. The /. ion/(1’ Room, 08 70 7690/00, 78 8 79 Aug. 8pm -:3am, f ‘20.

Manga v Scratch The best in drum 8 bass pins forces wrth the best in hip hop. With speCial guests Ed Rush and Ryme Tyme representing the dark lel‘igiG and the Scratch Pen/ens Side With the appropriately named Scratch. The Venue. 557 3073. 24 Aug. Horn-5am. £70 (£8 members).

Pure The daddy of them all and a legend in its lifetime. One-oft 13th birthday date With Mr Egg (aka Ege Barn Yasi - live). Miss Yetti and the reSIdent roster, dealing only in the best techno known to man or beast. Studio 24, 558 3758, 29 Aug.

7 0.30pm—late, £7 3.

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