Top tips for little people

I Dr Bunhead’s Bananas of Doom Everyone's favourite mad scientist coasting on a wave of snot and poo success returns with a show full of errant fruit'n'veg. You'll never see a banana in the same way again. George Square Theatre, 662 8740, 3—70 Aug, 10.30am. E 7 (£5).

I Mum and the Monster Best known for The Gruffa/o, Tall Tales brings a new stOry featuring a small boy. a mysterious monster and a mum. One to watchC too, 0870 707 5705. 3-24 Aug 4.20pm, £6.50 (£4.50—E550). I Kids are Best! John Ryan With his adult show inspired by a fracas at his son's nativity play. John Ryan has turned to the world of miniatures and shows how adults can be a bit rubbish and kids are really top dogs. P/easance, 556 6550, 9— 70, 76— 7 7 8 23—24 Aug. 72.45pm, E5 (83.50).

I Topsy and TImThe two little twins born from an era of 503 un-PC greatness are back in a new guise. Sharpened. clipped and trimmed. this lovely and not at all terrible twosome will try their red-cheeked charm on a new generation of readers. Catch them as they launch themselves into the second millennium with storytelling. songs and games.Ed/nburgh International Book Festival, 624 050, 74 Aug 12.30pm. £3.50. I Alan Ayckbourn In Conversation As the second most performed playwright in the UK, Ayckbourn is a modern master of the art. His first book for young. aspiring writers The Crafty Art of P/aymaking, is published this year and he is joined by artistic director of the Royal Lyceum Theatre. David Mark Thomson, to discuss tricks of the trade. Edinburgh International Book Festival, 624 5050, 10 Aug 5pm, 5pm. £3.50.

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The List knov-is that the Edinburgh Festival can be a little daunting fo" those who are new to this massive event. Here are the basics. Several independent bodies make up the artistic whole that is the annual Edinburgh festival. Each of these mini-festivals takes place at different times and at different venues throughout the city and. to make matters that little bit more confusing. there is no central box office. Fear not. In date Order. here are the key component parts and all the centact and ticket information you ‘.'/l|l need to SLllN’l‘v’C this OXCiting artistic onslaught.


25 July—3 August. This litUSlC festival kicks things off first. Visit i.-.'\.-.n.v.iaz/ for information on events. times. venues and tickets Or call 0131 i167 5200. Menday—Fridav 0an‘~6pm. Tickets also available in person from the Queen's Hall box office. Clerk Street. Edinburgh. 013‘» 668 2019.


1—23 August 2003. An atmospheric spectacle from the armed services. Check out ‘t\’\‘.".‘.’.edlmall00.(30.le for detailed informatzon or call 08707 555 1 188 fer tickets. 10am—3pm. Tickets are also available by mail. fax i0131 225 8627i, in person or postal Order from the Tattoo Ticket Sales Office. 33—34 Market Street. Edinburgh EH1 10B 0131 225 1 188 on performance days the office is open until the start of the performance.


3—25 August. Anyone can perfOrm at the Fringe. so regard this as an entertainment free for ail, ranging from school drama societies to national celebrities. Visit vuxvxa.edfringecom for tickets and intermatcp 800' t the Fringe. or call the Fringe box off.ce on 0131 226 0000. Monday-Saturday 10am—6pm. Tickets also available in

person and by post at the Fringe Otf.<:e. 1.80 High Street. Edinburgh. 10am—9pm daily


9—25 August. Thzs event takes place it the Cl‘arlotte Square Gardens and onto, is free Book tickets online at int/vain.eribooktest.couk or cal: the box office Ol‘ 0‘31 (LL/Xi 50:30 *3.” hooking feel. Fax 0‘13? 228 .1333 us'riti the festival's i rochure bookhg for'ns or bu, tickets l.'l persoi‘ from the Entrance Tent. Charlotte Sriuare Gardens

EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 1()—30 August. The original and otticial festival ticsts protess:oiial pedorrnances from arou":rt the globe. Btu, tickets ( -"i|'71(~3 at .'.'.'.'.e' or cal. t,“ T’,‘ 1173 200’). You can also make a fax post counter hocking form to lliit, Tickets. the Hat). Castiehti, Edinburgh EH‘ 2NE. Fair 013‘. .173 2033.


13—24 August. Visit viva-ixedftmfest.orguk for -.enue and ticket information. The Elm Festial screens films at sexera! cinemas thrOughOuI the c:t,. Book tickets by phone O" 0131 623 8030 Or post vow reservation torrn to Edinburgh Internat:0nal Film Festival. PO Box 23230. Edinburgh EH3 QWL.


30-31 August. The InterCultural festival Mela 'i‘JlH take place at Pilrig Park in Edinburgh. Check Out ism-maedinburgh- melacouk for exent anc t'cket :nformaticc or cnoine fax

‘v' 3l33/1400.

USEFUL SOURCE For further 'nfcrmaton news. :lstzngs and links try van-9:;eomburgh-festivals.corn

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