.J/-// l ’1'. 'r/ DAN HICKS Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow. Wed 30 Jul

There won't have been many nights when the Renfrew Ferry has hosted a line-up of two girl singers, violin, lead guitar, string bass and a bandleader on rhythm guitar and vocals. but we shouldn’t waste time crying about it. It’s been a long wait, but Scotland may finally be ready for the distinctive musical treat that is Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks.

Growing up In California, Hicks started off making a very different musical impression in the mid-60$. ‘getting hold of some early Iong-hairs’ and playing dance halls like the Fillmore amidst the West Coast psychedelic scene. But what he really wanted to do was what he calls ‘my folk- swing group’, a sort of acoustic jazz which combined elements of American jug bands and call-and-response backing singers like Ray Charles' Raelettes.

Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks first emerged in 1967, and have built a steady following with a wholly winning, witty musical blend which never troubled the mainstream. ‘I never tried to be on any particular bandwagon, and I’m always grateful for the people that are digging my sound, because I’m not like a pop star or something,’ he says.

Well, not yet. It was the painstakingly assembled Beatin’ the Heat album (just released here) which proved to be Hicks' breakthrough in 2001, showcasing some of his finest songs alongside guest performers like Tom Waits and Elvis Costello. ‘It was pretty neat, because I made a little list of people I liked, and they went

for it - and that album really got it kicking.‘

Suddenly Hicks was everywhere, his music turning up on The Osbournes and The Sopranos, a welter of new releases and old material becoming available, and his new popularity setting him up for his first European tour.

Belting out some more Hot Licks

‘lt's not like I'm exhausted, but there‘s a lot to do.‘ he says on the eve of a new recording with Tim Hauser of Manhattan Transfer. ‘But it‘s a good time for it to be happening, and I think: “I‘ve got my own niche; why shouldn‘t I have a full calendar?“ Amen to that. (Ninian Dunnett)


SLUTS OF TRUST Nice'n'Sleazy. Glasgow. Sat 19 Jul

John McFarlane and Anthony O'Donnell are ‘sluts'. It's somethrng they're damn proud Of. and no wonder, havrng secured a record deal after only a handful of grgs. Most hands; wart years.

The Glaswegran duo are Sluts; of Trust. Chemrkal Underground's frrst srgnrng for three years. They've only played around 15 grgs and are more than Just an excellent name. The label had heard of them by therr thrrd grg. came along to therr fourth. and confess on therr yvehslte: 'We've rarer moved so fast to get anyone's Signature'

‘Chemrkal Underground has not srgned 0r seen anythrng Irke us befOre.' McFarlane says. pomtrng Out how they hrrng a brt of ‘sprcy rock' to the label.

58 THE LIST 17.31 N we,

Spicy rockers

He delrnes therr sound as '<:unto folk rock'. and they've been compared to Iggy and the Stooges. Nrck Cave. the Drrty Three and Captarn Beefheart. Therr 'lrvely' stage performance. however. rs more akrn to Brarnrac.

‘When you're happy wrth the Substance of your work you award yOurself a carte hlanche for gomg absolutely crazy on stage.‘ says McFarlane,

The two-prece ‘rnet properly through a hrghly devrous nrght out. We got fucked. we drdn't tuck each other.‘ McFarlane explarns. You can rntroduce yourself to the Sluts at lhOrr‘ ergnrng party. ‘People vxho'xe never seen us before are definrtely gomg to see somethrng they've never SOON before. that's for sure.‘ O'Donnell. 'The people who have wrll get somethrng hrgger. better. longer and faster-X rCaronn Rae.

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