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Nice'n'Sleazy. Glasgow. Tue 1 Jul

‘l’m a professional,’ cries Bob Log

III. ‘I live in a car'.

It's good to hear someone suffering for their art for a change and Bob Log III has every reason to: the get-up he performs in is nothing short of an endurance test. Dressed up to the nines in a blue nylon

jumpsuit encrusted with

rhinestones and his trademark pilot helmet (visor down), Log sings into an old telephone receiver giving his voice a tinny, antiquated edge. It may seem at times that Log doesn’t take his art too seriously, but proves himself to be a sincerely

good slide blues player.

Log's true identity remains a mystery to the general populous, but he is clearly a one man blues hurricane who everyone should get

to know and love. Armed with only

his guitar and slide for a tune and bass drum and cymbal attached to either foot to knock out a steady beat, he does what the White Stripes do with

similar force but half the man power.

‘Wag Your Tail like a Dog in Back of a Truck' is, by his definition, a self- explanatory call to the bedroom that, in actuality, is more like being thrown down a bumpy hill in a barrel. His signature theme, in which he suggests ladies stir his drink with their bosom ‘Boob Scotch‘ highlights a cocktail they sure don’t serve in Oloroso or St Judes, but really, really should.

He concludes the show, his jumpsuit soaked through with sweat and beer, with a lady from the audience perched on each knee, and still keeps the beat a trooper indeed. And we didn’t even get to tell you about him losing his hand in an accident and replacing it with a monkey paw. Well,

maybe next time. (Mark Robertson)



I Black Rebel Motorcycle Club I iqunl Rumn. l-iluihurgh. 3 .\ug

I Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci liquid Rnum. lzilmlmi'gh. 4 .-\ug. I Bright Eyes (il.i\gu\\ l‘iuwixu} Dclmung (‘humlmu 5 ,\ug.

I Super Furry Animals ()ut'cu\ Hull. l'tlulhurgh. 5 .'\ug. I Durutti Column ()uct'u'x H.2ll. l-iluihui'gh. (i .\ug.

I Concert Against Landmines lculi Emmylou Harris, Billy Bragg, Joan Baez, Chrissie Hynde, Steve Earle l’nnm Si (ldlllt'll‘. l-iluihiu'gh. ‘l .\ug

I Best of T Break ! uluul Rimm. l-tluihurgh. lll \ug.

I Kelly Osbourne (‘nrn

l'\t‘h.uigc. l:duihurgh. l.‘ .\ug

I Tim Burgess l lklllltl Rimm.

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I Horse Quccu'x ll.ill. l'tlulhul'gh. lhk H ;\ug.

I Policechiefl lquul Ruum. liluihurgh. l-l .\ug.

I The Trash Can Sinatras

Glas owto Edin urgh

Tlokdb on available from:

WW: Ripping Records:

liquid Rumu. litlinlmrgh. If» ,v\ug.

I Elbow liquid Room. Iiiluihui'gh. 17 Aug.

I Buck 65 King ‘l'ut'x. (iluxgim. l.\' .-\ug.

I Ash ('uru lzu'huugc. litliuhui'gh. IN .-\ug.

I Ice-T l.lt|llltl Ronni. l'tliuhiu'gh. l.\’ & l‘).’\ug.

I Manu Chao, (“m-n l'xchuugc. l'iluiluu‘gh. I‘) Aug. I The Ataris liquid Ruuiu. l‘dmhiu'gh. 30 .\ug.

I Reel Big Fish (‘nm l-iwhungc. l'tlinhurgh. Ill .-\ug. I Alex Harvey Band King 'l‘ul'x. (iluxgmx. 3| .\ug.

I Brian Kennedy and Mick Hart Rcul Hull. l'diuhiu'gh. Ill- 33 .-\ug.

I Sum 41 ('um lzu‘hguigc. l-tlmhurgh. 3| .\ug.

I Hot Hot Heat 1 lqlllil Ronni. l'dinhurgh. 3| .-\ug.

I .\l't‘llt‘\. (ll.l\:_'t\\\. :l .-\ug.

I Grandaddy liquid Rimm.

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One man blues hurricane

I Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters .uld PJ Harvey ( ilnxgmx (ii‘t‘cn.

I The Polyphonic Spree .mtl Ladytron (‘m'u l‘wlmugi'. l'iluihurgh. 34 Aug

I Interpol liqlud Ruum. lzilulhurgh 3~1.»\ug.

I Placebo ("urn l'.\t'h.uigt‘. l‘tluihurgh. 35 :\ug.

I The Rapture l ltlllltl RUUIH. l'tlmhul'gh. 35 .\ug I Jackson King

I All American \t'nut'. l'tliuhui'gh. 35 .-\ug I Junior Senior liun Room. l-ilmhurgh. :0 .v\ug I Spooks (hungc. (iluxgmx. 30 I Alkaline Trio ll.u'imxl;uitl.

I Herve King ‘l'ul'x (il;i\gm\. I Bruce Cockburn ()uccnk Hull. l'ilmhui'gll. 5 Scp

I Matchbox 20 Sl-.(‘(‘.

I Lifehouse (Iu'lmg .\t‘;itlcm}

3. (iluxgim. 56p.


ODEON BEATCLUB oooo .- : " z .' 'f t“ JU JU TEN. .. A. . .x it. HIGH ROIIFRoo ,. , .. . . Nice'n'Slewy. Glasgow. Thu ’3 lul . .. .. , .. .4 .1. m , ,- ..' ,. v 1 i Zvnrv 1" 2).” I\' i \ v I o o , t H r r\ K r :‘ l i. vi; 'i I A '. n 1' ww Hv' :Ha'“ H ' : 1 l V' t t 1 t r, p ,0 t 'm 1 T Ht 't ' I y 1 t t ‘1‘ a 1' .‘,., :,. ,i ti‘l) ‘1)! in, ’t\ .\\' r '1‘..\>-yi't~,;\t\ki‘y.; ,0 tt\.il_tlv\f\HK“\ *' l ' ' l "H" "W i"? ' t‘v;s-wl'l<lw>'1limit Nut» ,'..’l illi‘.ll"l 641:. 2"!"‘- :.'e' i'l‘l' ‘vr'w-wrwilii'r("lawn ' ' l‘ h, V' { 'I '.' "r l‘N'l o"'l cl ) ‘I‘,.r ' t ' l ' 'l t. wit, r ° ‘h r’ J. t’::' w 1;}v11" v ‘ug "in :~,iv ).'l"‘ " ’5‘ '.' "" \T"li "“ul3 lit.” l\}{)l Kr Trr)‘r.vv itl.' ifl‘f, “in “I “H. llu 1‘ I" !’\t “\ll 3" 3r~i\ if ,. i' i 2.3%,” Ix“. !r\41\\{\!rki.r‘.} ‘va'ry 1v 3......1' ll lg Lnrv 3,... {,t'.\"“V:l‘ .1?! I'vii: ir‘j'litii~ ""‘-""_‘ :"‘lWWI‘l‘i'fgv'mil‘ l41.2!i:32!‘J'wlww'i'Hw'ie-wl ixxr)..vuvv‘.>r*'vr~i} filth )hpv harm} in. F \ff a'i 'r v n l\_gll‘ll‘l P4 w .é‘ LUCKY ME Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 27 Jun oooo erirzi‘ ,,lii \: f,vu', “1',,u{i 2': )(:,° H, ; 'wa t \ 0|: r;} : .t’r.'r:. (‘t'urv ' 1. iv‘tlli. an.‘ .t (l: ,. I uxiutw'v I!“ ‘H 'V .I'i Ir}, r I i 1, ‘z i ‘0 O" H t ,, ., / f {A “y {\tl‘2l\l‘ lit-1‘. ' ,I f I z / t‘, f r I' “:0 °' , 1 l.‘ It V”; ‘.'\T(.ft1.7“.","'v\12‘. l/K ‘I'.t»,,tti..r “w is. 1M; 1‘s.» t. x: f'v] t‘r' "vi-v.1. w; ' ' MW") firm ~. .i' 'v l w i 'w» ‘t"”"-'l l4 ;l7. in"? ~ « i'.’ ~ « ' l' H. - 4 in v E;‘.‘l:rrxi:./~‘,«:I\J.l{)‘n‘ruut-yP-l ‘u‘fv‘l..r: [\Htlhp'tJ'H: lug «_ i‘ 1: ,JNiwzlvi] NW; ‘9 " 1"“! Yiv': llwlwlrl.).1":I",:"W:r;«ff'w. '.. ii l t" 1'”: ~:" 2" t'W. .v :H‘w fwt, .'./’.'i luv " mom) -"'l"-<l v\-' -t 23w 1'”. “‘ '."~' l i- .'."‘-’?f“-’-' .w. .'..i"'. r1! lri.il‘;"w l. 8 '11" :‘(1’ it .1". :r' 3? iii" l) 2‘“. WW: "Ahead: W

I Motorhead ll.lll'H\\l.llltl. (}|.i\gn\\. Ill ( )t'l

I The Proclaimers (killing \t‘udt'iu}. (ilmgmx, Ill ( )u

I The Donnas (l.ll.l_‘._'L'.

I Heather Nova l uqmtl Rlllllll. l'ilulhuigll. ‘) Sup

I Fun Lovin’ Criminals Hum“ l.llltl. (}|.i\gu\\. Ill St'p

I Spiritualized l lqlllil Rimul. Itilmhuigh. l| Scp (il.i\guu, I: (M

I Dixie Chicks Sl (‘(‘. I Athlete ( magi: (iluxgim. H (iluxgim, I: Sup, ()t'l

I Kelly Rowland (‘lnlt- I The Darkness llumm l.lll\l. .‘\lltllltll'llllll. (iluxgim. 1.: Sup (i|.i\gu\\, |7 (M

I Capdown King 'l‘ut‘x. I Zero 7 (Killing \txulcm}. (iluxguu. l7 Sup. 1 iquul Room. (iluxgmx. IX ()t'l

l“lllll1lllf_'ll. 18 Sup I Mogwai ll.uum|.uitl.

'l'ul‘x. I Starsailor ( '.u‘liug ,\t‘.:tlt'ili}. (i|.i\gmx. 1‘) (M

(iluxgiM. 1*) Sup I Hundred Reasons (i;u.igc. I I Am Kloot(i.u;igc. (il.i\gn\\. 35 (la

(iluxgim. 3i Scp I Melt Banana King 'lul\.

I Mis-Teeq (\u‘luig J\k'.ltlL'lll_\. (iluxgim. l \'m

(i|.i\gn\\. 3'1 \‘cp I Mighty Mighty Bosstones (i.u.igc.(il;hgmh.-1\m

(iluxgmx, 34 Sup I Muse Sl.(‘(‘. (iluxguu. :5

I Rancid Burrmxl‘dml. \m

I Echo and The Bunnymen, Harm“ l.lll\l.


(il;i\gn\\_ :5 Sup

I Frank Black 8. the Catholics l iquul Rmuu. (i|.i\gim_ 3.x \‘m

liliuhurgh. If» \‘t-p; (inrugc. I Radiohead SH ‘(fl (il.ixgu\-.. (ll.l\:_'t|\\. 25 SL-p 3” \m

I Elbow ().\ll '. (ll.l\:_'tl\\. 3 I Sugababes ( 'M-Im;

(M J\(.ttlk'lll.\. (iluxgum. ill \m

'- THE LIST 59