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Summer's here and our favourite stars are popping up all over the place - not least at Live + Loud. You think

JULIE ELLEN, . . . . you know them. but do you really? Test your knowledge against ours ln thls speCIal pop puzzle page.

Suspect Culture general manager, takes time out of planning the tour of One-Mo to name five places to find sanctuary.

I Can you match the shag: in the cot-hopping world of o I POP? Md yes. we know there are more lads than lasses ‘r - aomeone'a been a busy boy.

1 Which 'I 1 Tentsmuir Beach, Fife Amos I’me babe 'lOOlC Appleton Jack Ryder \ ml twaifill .! ‘Jli'lll‘, ;l.'.<l mlrirluf, souls Hull ,Inll Juli" ml ,‘ly‘, In Used to walk about Edinburgh University I'll! Harsh Chris Martln 2 CCA Gallery A calm ()aSIS Library wearing denim illll()ll(]f$l the bustle of Sauchlehall d" areas and not” . . . . Strum. It's; free and lust downstalrs 6'82?) "9 Owl.“ 'IllfOU RObble Williams from Suspect Cultures office. w . . . ..\ 3 Melfort Pier .Juut «mm at 2) Whlch genume klnd of guy . clmm Nu Gareth Gates (it will. llii-TL‘.‘ livi- ‘;I;lr (lilitllllltllllf; with a Iot of love in his heart llgl‘m lulu/7r, ;lll(l f‘u‘lllllztf; lll lliu once a student itor . lmtlllv )(flll 41‘. well lit, lll(ll‘.’l(lll€ll in thelchest and toegtart 8...“. P -'v,'tr.:<li: lé'lliu‘tzfi You (iélll (lb tilt: mull rultz l<><,l;., {lilllllitf' yourself ()l a because he thought ' . m. r in m,“ .n llll: lmmlllul 240373,. the editor had sabotaged his Kylie ling” Justin Tlmberlake article by replacing it with 4 Escape Leisure Club, cop on ponies? . Edinburgh The grey slate surround y ‘lflulh' “"1 c'a'Q l"9“" to Hit: SlilllllOSS stool pool is cool and . ltzlroslllng. I (:all kid myself that I 3) Wh'c" man 0' the have done some oxormse oven Glasgow people shouted at Jefdll lee Ryan when I've only floated. the Iead singer of a [038' band for not knowing where v 8 . ' . rlan llam llam Galla her it," 9”" game"! Ed'""""’" the tallets were at Why Not, 1' y g “(I ‘.'(r l)(?(fll ‘.'i§$ll(,’(l lly flogf; llllt; . , ‘illll :llli fl £lli(l lllw (lli‘ {ill endless Edmburgh s ya'central o ,. diminution ll()lll Work and hassle. ClUb? He’d mistaken him for 6.“ ".lll'." Jacko one of the bar staff. :3 SITE OF THE FORTN'GHT . . . ll: "clarion Daniella Westbrook 4) Which great lyrl0lst once " " * ~ ' went round to someone’s

house, while a student. and Dannlt Ilnoguo Jay Z demanded he give him an essay to copy because he

couldn’t be arsed?


Pmy Remit

it. .. " . . . ; a 5) Whlch generally dlsllked Boyouu s c ri b b I e a d

7 j " man gave a year of P students the greatest joy of “a” “at.” "WM-3 their whole university ‘” -' - careers by a) appearing on

_ Pop Idol and b) singing ‘Hit ij'gge‘sws°°°m. \ 1, Me Baby One More Time’ " " ' “I "'“"f_’,'f‘ so beautifully? seek_n_findl V M D S H E R O I N "‘uliltfi l" a .' .l'l .l l'll’li‘ cm. a '.:l‘\l|."l\i"xl".lillinhll:H'H-.lti.ll1.l'l«1l‘.',r h h k h S C H A R L l E H .. ; . . ic C ancer It’s what ma est e

mum} it'll. a? (‘l .15 .l ullt'l All! fl’l'Ullttl _ Arm-T llwviullvii-xnl am )1‘ subsequently really plssed work! 90 POD. but can p T 0 E S L Y w I :.-.,i;.ll-:.lw~... m; mun; ti». w~;.l«~.«,i;~..n: them off by actually ¥°u ""d "‘9 WW“ '0' E K o C I R Z A M

.~ width-l.qu mm. :2 fufvll‘ g. Ivty becoming quite popular and “Lawful” abm‘t E S V F 0 M Q F L \t‘l . ‘Tt; .li. I" f"i~ l'liluf ."il-' .l‘» Ci ltlhlt.‘ lots of records? w en". a goes a D P E I F L G M S ,\,. ‘1‘,“ r. m: H (a, W, 1‘ bang. Where then. T, t’ 7(Hlll 'fil.![\\V;.‘Ll‘~l‘l. "“l~lt'lf* G C R A C K D S p WW1.“ .Ur 1., _,, .M cure-goon,snlff em

ll‘ill’ !\"i\):l‘g"‘ ' if v‘ I( out... S P w E H A S H I Ami {l‘wl‘ ll . a an A. a ' "AH . l'! i" ' ' WHAT DID YOU THINK? a . - ' l 3 Steven 8. Alan Mairi 8. Chobber

r - Christine - ~ Barry . J ' , c; h ‘\ "l " o '1‘ " :'

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v 1. ,‘ . , A Best Band:


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