luck To THE FUTURE: THE HISTORY OF HOUSE The Arches. Glasgow, Sat 26 Jul

Irrespective of the size of club. venue or promoter, attempting to put on a night that gives a history of house takes guts. belief and a lot of effort. There'll never be a satisfactory consensus on the evolution of house because it's been described variously since its contentious germination. It's a lifestyle, a feeling and a love. and a musical genre is somewhere in there too.

Nevertheless, Colours are putting on Back to the Future: A History of House because they want to party, not open up a vague and futile debate. They‘ve drafted in some of the most raucous exponents of the scene from the last two-and-a-bit decades. ‘I think what we‘ve got here are some very important dots in the picture, and if you join them all you'd get a full circle,‘ says Nigel Champion from scene stalwarts N- Joi on the line-up.

Technotronic, N-Joi and Kevin Saunderson might be associated with past parties, but each left their mark on the music that has become the mainstream in this country, and which still dominates the charts in one form or another. Local hero Colin Tevendale

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BUDDA ON ST VINCENT Street in Glasgow has had a full refurl) and is now hack in business. serving as a bar during the day and going all clubby come night time Exact details of club nights were still to be confirmed at the time of gomg to press, but expect it all to be sorted by the re-opening night on Thursday 24 July.



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Kevin Saunderson takes us on a journey through time

describes the bill and his excitement at playing: ‘lt‘s a taster really, isn‘t it? You could never represent a genre that spans 20 years. so what you have on offer is three legends, among others. I wouldn’t single any out on the bill as having had the biggest impact on the music‘s history. Personally, hearing ‘Pump Up the Jam‘ for the first time represents my early clubbing days and how the vibe was then. Musically it was mind-blowing, and of course there‘s that bassline . . .‘

‘The warehouse parties on the M25 were the first

what was going on over here. Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, massive figures at the inception of dance music, came over and were totally surprised by the size of what was going on here.‘

Colours head honcho Ricky MacGowan comments on the ethos behind the night, and explains why it looks to the future as well as the past: ‘We wanted to champion the younger DJs. but to do that you have to get people in the door with the better known guys on the circuit. major British contribution to house music at the time,‘ With the younger guys on the bill, it‘s a true history of says N-Joi‘s Champion. ‘But the music being played house right up to the present day.‘ (Johnny Regan) was certainly not British. It was coming from places like I '. r ' I ' v r .' .-- .~ : ~ '- Detroit, and those producing the records had no idea of : :. " ' ,- . x i4 H 3' .~ : ,' :' .- '

A MARQUEE IS BEING planned for during the festival on the former site of the Gilded Balloon. It runs from 2-30 August and there should be food and entertainment there from midday through to 3am. l we acts, comedy and more are planned but it will mainly focus on music and DJs and should host a few club nights across the month

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