FESTlVAL TIME Stills, Edinburgh. Sat 26 Jul—Sat 20 Sep

When the gallery programme at Stills came to an abrupt end in January 2002, there was much speculation about its future. Having accrued debts trying to maintain an exhibition programme while functioning as a commercial organisation, it decided to take stock and close for a period of redevelopment.

A year and a half later, Stills is reopening with Festival Time, the first of its new seasons which incorporates the Archibald Campbell and Harley

WS Photography Prize. This new method of programming, the Stills Season, reflects its integrated approach to how the gallery operates. Accompanying the main exhibition is a series of special and participatory events. So as part of Festival Time, the work of the six shortlisted artists, selected by Rob Tufnell and Emily Tsingou, will go on display. Martin Boyce, Claudine Hartzel, Lucy Levene, Alexander and Susan Maris and James Thornhill feature in the line-up with £2000 going to the winner. On Saturday afternoons, critics, journalists, curators and academians give informal introductions to the work of those featured. You can vote for your favourite work on the soon to be relaunched website, www.stills.org and in August, the public can get a sneak preview of work in

progress by the resident artists.

Very much a team effort, the Stills seasons have been put together by new curator, Iliyana Nedkova, Stills director Deirdre MacKenna and the new arts education officer, Kirsty Lorenz. Up-and-coming programmes include Welcome, featuring the work of artists who



Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Fri 25 Jul—Sat 1 Nov

Robert Stewart is not a name immediater recognisable in the ‘.'.rorld of design. Yet during the 60s and 70s. he was an influential designer and leading educationalist. A contemporary of Lucienne Day. Glasgow-born Stewart Juggled the roles of head of printed textiles at Glasgow School of Art With house desgner‘ for Liberty of London and designer at the oyecot Studio of the Edinburgh Tapestry Company. But there is little Written abOuI him and only small samples remain of his textile deSigns.

The forthcoming retrospective at Glasgow School of Art aims to set the rec0rd straight. Two years in the making, its Curator Ll/ Arnold authOr of the first book devoted to his life has been working fairly intensively. interyiewmg former colleagues and students in what has been a fascinating study. So why has so little been written ab0ut his work?

90 THE LIST 1.” 31 J..i


Work by Alexander and Susan Maris

have taken part in the Venice Biennale as part of the Zenomap project. Inside Out highlights the work of the Stills membership and De’ja Va is set to stage a mid- career retrospective of a significant digital artist or

‘The seasons are not set in stone so we have a certain amount of flexibility should an interesting proposal come along,’ explains curator Iliyana Nedkova. ‘But this is the direction that we would like to go in. The team at Stills is new and it’s exciting to work together to ensure the delivery of these exciting ideas.’

Not only has the gallery programme been developed, but Stills now houses two fully equipped digital spaces providing darkrooms, printing equipment and a multi skill-level digital suite. Groups, as well as individuals,

can now enjoy the facilities at the same time.

F ( w rt \— (.I it. ' g; ~ "Effie ‘7' | ?. 0" x ’5‘ i\}‘.,-J:l " ‘3‘. I 3-3;}? .. x "l, L’l , /" "‘\ z. . ' < /

Macrahanish, 1954, textile design for Liberty

'He was One of these des=g"<-2rs who was devoted to teaching' says Arnold. 'I think yery often people who have a very busy teaching life as well as a veg ac‘t".e snide li'élfi". :te a":l are not London-based are perhaps

‘We can dwell upon the past about what has happened to Stills in previous years,’ says Nedkova. ‘But it is important to now focus on the new curatorial policy and the positive energy that we can generate from that.’ (Helen Monaghan)

over'sliadowed by ftil- tir'ie ties griersf

Asa designer, he .vas great; admired by Luc enne Day. His textiiei; were distinct ar‘d ouirky, based o" dunk» f;ket<;l1e:l.st,l:é;e:l";i"‘.art forms. Stewart {ll(l rot in .f " :"tseif ti, o'tly :les;it;"!"g; Text les. He Has <::>-"s'.aiitly lookx‘g ‘o' "err challenges. o‘te" takvg insp'atio'. from the .‘Jo'k o‘ “'8 s'..i<ie"’.t;. lle explored tl‘e 'r ‘:’_1 iii? of cera'v a'rrl set up his 1.x. produc lg a "arge c‘ :lecri'a‘yge kitclier‘ storage laws. In the 3635.. "e

was corrirri'ss'o're l .<, " akr, a'gé,

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1.0”“le ll Ll'tl S) ()7 I1\‘t) l1 (lu‘fl). (1' ir: the 19/35; ."e ’1li;".j‘.:'~'.'ilf(:'l tapes?! es, [).i"'1:; t' is 'q'Wu "e also

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praises o lieu/e 1' at do sa,s Arnold. ‘Sc r‘ a d . crew

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News from the world of art

NOT CONTENT WITH JUST A postcard reproduction of your favourite artwork? The National Galleries of Scotland Picture Library can supply copies of works from the collections in gloss or matt photographic format in addition to their newly- established service of providing quality prints onto canvas and watercolour paper. Their most recent success was a special print onto canvas created for the recent Gainsborough‘s Beautiful Mrs Graham exhibition (there are still a number of these available at a cost of £150). Prices for photographic prints range from $28—$65 depending on size and format, and for canvas and watercolour prints prices start at £60. For more information about this service, ask at the galleries‘ shops or call 0131 624 6258 or email picture.library@ nationalgalleries.org

Take home a masterpiece

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TWELVE STUDENTS FROM Scotland’s top art colleges have won a three-month study scholarship in Florence as part of the Royal Scottish Academy’s John Kinross Scholarship. Students from Gray’s School of Art, Duncan of Jordanstone, Glasgow School of Art and the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow have each been given £1400 to help with accommodation and study costs.