wanted to move on from the genre. That confuses the fans. so they‘ll just move on to another person.‘ (Interestingly. one of Schwarzenegger's smartest films. The Last Action Hero. a satire on the action genre and an exercise in postmodern self-referentiality. was a flop.)

Schwarzenegger continues: 'Also. you have to be careful not to try to pull the wool over the fans‘ eyes. For instance. I'm 55 don't pretend to be 35. So. in il’t'snmr/(l [Schwarzenegger's next film. a remake of the l‘)7()s science fiction movie about robots going kill crazy in a theme futuristic parkl tny character is a guy who has a daughter that is 20 and is getting married. The whole wedding party goes to Westworld. and then the shit hits the fan. You don‘t try to be something other than what you are. You have to be careful how you handle yourself. also in public. between movies. You have to make sure you keep your popularity up.‘

Schwarzenegger's making sure of that. While ('ol/att'ru/ Damage received a lukewarm reception (despite the contetnporaneousness of its story about a fireman taking revenge after his family is killed by terrorists). a return to his most popular film series has ensured 'I‘t'rminutm' 3 success. After ll't'siworltl. Schwarzenegger will make a run of sequels to the movies that made his big screen career: True Lies 2. King ('mum. and ’Iblul Rem/l 2 politics permitting.

As for being careful about handling himself in public. Arnie‘s got that covered. too. He's spent a lot of time working with. and funding. philanthropic organisations. In l‘)‘)() he was appointed chairman of the President's (‘ouncil on

Shysical Fitness and IA

. ports under the Bush

Senior administration. Throughout the l‘)‘)()s‘ S‘hw; "‘

estztblisl/ieiltiiiidlchaired a number of organisations.

such as the National

Inner (‘ity (iames Foundation. aimed at

educating and motivating

through sports kids in

deprived areas. He has

been recognised for his

efforts: in 2002 he was given the lVluhammad Ali Humanitarian Award presented to him by his long time friend and sports mentor. the legendary boxer himself. That satne year. the Los Angeles Mayor had Schwarzenegger light the cauldron for the summer ()lympics.

You can read these philanthropic efforts in two ways with regard to Schwarzenegger's move into politics. First. his charitable work for the last 12 years or so has made him a contender. as far as the powers that be are concerned. for governor of California. Second.

Schwarzenegger has been carefully grooming himself

fora move away from movies and into politics.

Given his age. the fact that he's had heart surgery. his wavering box office success prior to T3. his public philanthropy. his considerable real estate and corporate investments. and his marriage to Maria Shriver (and thus. indoctrination into the Kennedy clan she's a niece). is it not the right time for that move into politics? On this subject. Schwarzenegger‘s as circumspect as any politician worth his or her salt. ‘If they [the Republicans] say there's a need for me to jump into politics. I would run.‘ he says. ‘But they [the press] make that into Arnold will be the governor of California.‘ And he adds firmly: ‘lt will be my decision one way or another.‘

As close-lipped as the monosyllabic T-8()().

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines goes on general release from Fri 3 Aug. See review, page 15.

Arnie had been trying to shake off his nasty coffin for weeks