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La Socioigie est on Sport du Combat (tbc) (l’ierre ('harles. l‘TttilCL‘l tbeiiiin. In French with linglish subtitles. l’ierre (‘harles' docurueutary film on the life and work of the popular l-‘rench soc‘iologist. l’ierre Bourdieu. ln.vtimt I'i‘tllfr‘rliv d'l'fi‘mve. Edinburgh.

Solaris ( 13A) 0... (Steven Smlerbergh. l'S. 2003) (ieorge ('looney‘. Nataseha Mclilhone. ‘)‘)iuiti. This truncated. btit still very effective new version of the novel by Stanislaw l.em demonstrates the enormous versatility of Steven Soderbergh. llis screenplay compresses the first hour of 'l‘arkovsky‘s l‘)72 film itito ten minutes. sending psychologist Kelvin ((ieorgc (‘looney' iii tremendous form) off to the troubled space station orbiting the planet of the title early on. Here. he is affected by a debilitating neurosis. as his wife Rheya (Natascha Mclilhonei - who committed suicide years before appears. and is as real as Kelvin himself. It amounts to one of the most thought-provoking and moving films of the year. See Video/DVD. I'i/Hi/itltltr’. Edinburgh.

Solaris (PG) .0... (Andrei

'l'arkov sky. l'SSR. 1972i loSmiii. Jitrkovsky'K epic was intended as a socialist response to Kubrick's 200/. but some critics have lambasted it for its cod psychology and tired melodrama. Others believe it to be his most accessible film charged with a genuine poignancy and depth. Critics. eh'.’ ("'72 (ilusgmr:

Space Station (30) (t‘i (Toni Myers. (‘anada/l'S. 2003i 47min. Narrated by Tom ('ruise. this big screen [MAX presentation follows real astronauts into the big blue. Impressive. btit not as awesome as it should have been. “MK. (i/rlsgmi‘. Springtime in a Small 1’own (PG) 0” (Tian Zhuangzhuang. China. 2003) Wu Juri. llu Jingfan. Xin Baiqing.

l lbmin. The first film in a decade frotu veteran l-‘iftli (ieneration director Xhuaiigzhuang (The Blue Kite). this lovingly crafted remake of a I940s Chinese classic is a delicate chamber drama. A married couple Dai Liyan and Yuwen who now sleep in separate rooms in their semi- ruiiied familial home. receive an unexpected visit froin a Shanghai doctor. Xhatig Zhichen. ('(iC Rvnfn’lt‘ Street. Glasgow:

20 ml: LIST 31 Jul-7 Aug 2003

0 Spy Kids 30: Game Overit‘i O... (Robert Rodriguei. l'S. 2003) Antonio Baiideras. (‘arla (iiigiiio. Alesa Vega. l)aryl Sabara. Ricardo Montalban. llolland Taylor. Sylvester Stallone. |()()mm. When (‘armen becomes trapped in a sinister virtual reality video game. Jtiiii is the only one who can save her front the clutches of the 'l'oyriiaker (Stallone) an evil games designer. The .‘i-l) effects are both inventive and impressive and the set-pieces are terrific fun. The highlights include a duel between giant robots. an exciting iiitilti vehicle speed race and some bi/arre pogo-frogs. whose tongues shoot out into the audience as they attack. See review. (ienerul release. Stalker (l’(i) .... (Andrei 'l‘arkov'sky. l.‘SSR. 1979) Alexander Kaidanovsky. Anatoly Solonitsyii. Nikolai (irinko. Iolmin. 'l'arkovsky's allusive adaptation of the Strugatsky' novel about the aftermath of an alien visitation. The stalker is a man who is prepared to act as a guide through the contaminated area. but the director tises the Zone as a locale of very human desires and projections. Visually splendid and intellectually provocative. Stalker is one of 'I'arkovsky's most accessible films. (ii-"II Glasgow: I“i/chutr.\'t'. Edinburgh. Standing in the Shadows or Motown (PG) 0.. (Paul Justiuan. ('8. 2003) l08mitt. Standing in the Shudoiizv of .ilotmi-n is hardly the definitive movie about [)etroit's musical gift to the world (that film is still to be madei btit for the moment Paul Justman's half-concert half-memory lane stroll is going to have to do. With \lthL‘Cl matter like this you can hardly go wrong. The Funk Brothers were Motown's iii-house band. handpicked by Berry (iordy. They hardly saw the light of day between takes but between therii they played on ruore number one hits than anyone else ever. The format here is simple: the likeable old boys sit around chatting about those cold blooded old times. there are a few funny stories. a bit of period recreation and a slightly cheesy. over empathetic voiceover from Andre Braugher. And we see the gang back on stage. today. with younger(ishi artists. some who cut the mustard ((‘haka Khan. Bootsy (‘olfiiisi and some that cannot (Ben Harper). The soundtrack is gonna be a peach. ('(i(~ Ri'nfn'ii' Street. (i/rtvgnir'; I'i/Itthtmit'. Edinburgh.

The Sorceress devises some magic in Kirikou

Summer Things (Embrassez Oui Vous Voudrez) ( lit 0... (Michel Blane. l‘ranee. 2002i ('harlottc Raiiipling. Jacques l)titrone. Karin Viar'd. l)eiiis l’odalydes. ('lotilde ('oui‘au. l0.‘\iuui. (‘levei adaptation of Joseph (‘onriolly ‘s novel into an astute comedy of mariners. A group of friends are vacationing one summer at the seaside resort of Le ‘loiiqtiet. Bourgeois mind games and flirtation are the inevitable side products. livpertly iuar‘shalled by Blane. who skilfully weaves together the various storylines while dragging some great [wrforiiianees out of this impressive ensemble cast. a witty roundelay of mistaken identities. amorous adv enttiies and emotional subterfuge. (‘rinieu Izdtn/iurgh, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine (13A) ... (Jonathan .\lostow. PS. 2003) Arnold Schwar/enegger. Nick Stalil. (‘laire Danes. Kristaiina l.oken. l)av id Andrews. l08iiiiri. After a IZ-year hiatus. Arnold Schwar/enegger’s back doing what he does best: playing a robot that sinashcs lots of people and things. I.v’ has a dated feel. reriiiiiiseent of pre-(’(il 1080s action movies. New director. Jonathan .\lostow (I'- 57Ii. fails to breathe life into 1.". He handles the action respectany enough. but perhaps the absence of l'/ and [3's maniacal visionary. James (‘ariieroiL has resulted in a less ambitious aetiorier'. See review. (ieneml re/euve.

T-Rex 30 (l'i (Brett Leonard. l'S. l‘NXi ~10nun. Ania/rug looking [MAN movie about a father and daughter iii danger from a vicious carnivorous dinosaur. (ireat ftiii IJIAX. (i/uvgriii’.

Veronica Guerin r (xi 0.. (Joel Schuriiachcr. l'SA. 2003i ('ate Blanchett. Alan Devlin. ('olin l-arrell. Brenda l"rrcket. Joe llanley. 98min. Jerry Bruekheimer- produced and Schtimachcr-drreeted take the true story of (iuerin‘s investigation of. and murder by. grubby Dublin drug dealers in the l‘)‘)0s. Pretty pedestrian sttiff but the film greatly benefits from the presence of (ale Blanchett in the title role. When the .S'kv I'itllv with Joan Allen was better. See review. (it’ltr'l'u/ I‘r'it'uvt'.

Whale Rider ( PG) 0.. (Niko ('aro. New Zealand. 2003i Keisha (‘astle-llughes. l0|min. lit a small New Xealarid coastal village. the Maori peoples elairii descent from Paikea. the Whale Rider. a pseudo

iiiythic iiiale elder who was one with the batuacled beasts llie bloodline is supposed to lead to Koio. iiow old man who Is worrying that his son l’orouiaiigi has only given hiiii .i giaiiddaiightei I’ai who \ .iiiiiot carry on the dynasty Kt'lsltd ('astle Hughes (as the chosen one l’aii .iiid the rest of the cast are delightful. while ('aio riiakes Iiiasiiiiuiii use of her low budget and amateur crew by working within the confines of a real east vtl.l\l \laoti reservation area lout liiiig .itid intelligent naturalistic diaiiia for older kids .iiid adults this has enthralled audiences at film lL'\ll\.tl\ .tL'ltiss lllt‘ \yiitltl \i [it It i] It /i irvi The Wild Thornberrys l t 'i 000 i('atliy .\la|kasiaii and Jeff \I\( irath.l \. 3002i Voices of lirii ( ‘iiiiy. I you Redgrave. Rupert lzverett 85min l ike the popular children's 'l \ cartoon. the iiiovie follows the adventures of young l'.lt/.I lliortibeiiy who's been granted the power to talk to the animals are wildlife doctiiiieiiiaiy filriiiiiakeis lliis (true they ‘re iii Africa where a tearii of hi tech poachers have their evil eye on .i herd of |000 elephants By combining a nail biting story with .i satire of family foibles.

a handy luck when your parents

the filiti is constantly engaging and not a little rewarding. Sin (1 nlru \. lilin/rtitg/i Wind in the Willows it I... ((‘osgrave |la||.l ls. Whit With the \Hlvt'\ of David Jason. \lichael lloideiii. laii ('at'iuichael 35mm Rat. load. Badger arid \lole spring to life v ia the highly developed techniques of esper'ienc ed children's television animation company ('osgiov e “J” (i (;I(I\L'Illt

Wrong Turn ( Is. 000 (Rob Schmidt. 1'8. 300*: l)esriioud Harrington. Jill/a l)tishku. lziiiiiianuelle ('hiiqui. Jeteriiy Sisto. 35min (‘liiis (l)csiiiond llairirigtoni has a rob interview in Raleigh He is riiakiiig good time iii his old Mustang when an accident on the highway ltile‘\ hiiii to take the road through the woods ()ii the dirt track he runs into the side of Jessie (llll/d l)tishkui and her friend's Range

Rov cr no one is hurt but botli cats are disabled. l'risurprisiiigly the \t\ city kids decide to split up in order to go and find help. btrt there is something iiiov mg in the bushes and it has got buck teeth I ltia scary and loud teen slasher I'( 'l. lir/Hl/HH'L'JI.