Bob Doolally runs rampant at Metropolitan, Sat 2 Aug

Madcap Comedy Club State Bar. I43 Holland Street. I)in 023‘). 0.30pm. £5 (£4 I. Mark Bratehpieee and a hml (it local t'mnedianx inin hml Bill}



Michael Redmond’s Pick of the Fringe The Stand. 333 \Vtitltlitllltk Rudd. 0370 MN) (i055 3.3(lplll. £7 l£5l. l.utiin \mrdxinith and corned) r'acnnteur John llegle) l\ the exennig‘x main attraction. Hix \uppnrting eaxt includes pnllllt‘ttl ptlh‘llllt‘hl Nick RL‘H‘H. Korean-:\nieriean \inglel Tina Kim and huxl Michael Redmond.

Tuesday 5 Edinburgh Reg Anderson’s Comedy Night

Aeanthux. l7 \Vax'erle} Bridge. 55f» 2.353. 0pm. l’ree. Brendan Rile} delixerx

a piek'n'nin nl coined) \uxhi. with \uppnrt from Neil |)e|ainere.


Bruce’s Pick of the Fringe The Stand. .333 Woodlandx Road. 037“ (till) 6055. 9pm. £(i (£5). ()uen ()‘Neill. \\ht)\ axxumed Ilenr} l‘linda'x eighth _|lll’tll' role in IQ (THC/W .llr'n. headlinex. \\ilh \uppnrt lrmn lt‘lhm ll'l\illlltlll John Home» Adrian T’t))lll()ll and hmt Bruce Morton.


Reg Anderson’s Comedy Night Aeanthux. l7 \Vaxerle} Bridge. 556 2353. 9pm. l‘ree. Neueaxtle inirth merchant (iax in \Vehxler takes time out lmm hix debut solo \ht)“ to headline. Support coinex from Slewn Dick. The Snatch Social The Liquid Rtmtll. 9C Victoria Street. 33.5 3.504. ltl.3tlptn .3am. £3.50 l£_3i. See Thu 31.

y car is a fabulous jOy and recently had to wait outside T in the M Park for 40 minutes while I went in and delivered some friends

into the arms and wrists of goldband HospitaliTy. had a dance. borrowed an entire beer. thought a lady was Karen 0. then left actually walking away from The MUSIC to come out and find her by the front dOOr. still purring. patient. faithful and unblinking. as only a machine can be.

I guess it was safe as I was using all the bands' generators. and thumping piston heart bumps as cover so that she w0u|d not be discovered by the hoodlum-lites who hang around the main entrance picking off the weak. fighting with each other and just being as close as

they could to getting in.

Next day l was in her boot looking optimistically through the contents for something to open a friend's car with its keys in the boot. My man. Jack. found the coat hangerish wire from a fishing net and I. an Ornate studded belt. He tried with his then I tried with mine to loop that little stubborn rubber sucker out of its huffy arms-by-sides up to his feet . . . then we tried together and there was quite a crowd now. We had been trying for 15 minutes a variety of possibilities in the Crack of the open window: children. wrists. thin metal and such. Then it worked. I looped the belt buckle inside the grip of Jack's wire. which lacked adhesion around the little rascal‘s waist and. bingo. we flipped her up and the car opened. The crowd peeped and the lady was relieved in a high tone. Our method was great and I was so excited I shut the door again. locked. and we had to

do it once more.

It worked and. strangely, there was less of a cheer this time.

£3127an :::."" JOY 1 0TH BIRTHDAY/THE REGENT The Venue. Calton Road. Edinburgh/2 Montrose Terrace. Edinburgh

Maggie and Alan Joy put on the first night of Edinburgh's Joy ten years ago in August 1993. Located upstairs in the Calton, it was meant to be a one-off gay event. but due to its popularity, and the lack of alternative gay club nights, it kept going. It has since moved on from a small crowd of about 80 to its now massive monthly following.

They’ve had plenty of ups and downs, but their success has given them a loyal crowd and has enabled them to survive when many other gay and straight clubs have gone to the wall. Having moved from their first night at the Calton to Wilkie House and Ego, they are now moving to the Venue, where they will be making full use of the two floors with their heady mix of progressive house grooves. funk, soul and chart. ‘A new venue puts more energy back into the night and it gives people the chance to go somewhere different and interesting,’ says Maggie. ‘It is more suited to Joy for the kind of atmosphere we like. It's like a wee sweaty box.‘

So with their new venue and birthday. they feel it is time to party. and what better way to do it than with a full-on deep down and dirty celebratory night called ‘It Takes Allsorts at Joy‘? Using all three floors, they will be welcoming back their first ever guest DJ. Queen Maxine. alongside Tokyoblu and the resident line-up of Maggie and Alan Joy, Trendy Wendy, Sally F, Brett King and DJ Michelle. “Queen Maxine manages to make the crowd go absolutely wild.‘ says Maggie. ‘When we first introduced her in 1995 I had never seen a reaction like it in my life. It was incredible. Alan and I have been working together since 1988 and have a strong bond with the gay community, but most importantly, we want people to have a good night out’.

Tickets for this fine event can be bought from 0 Store, Planet Out and the Regent. Talking of the Regent, this is the newest gay bar in Edinburgh and is owned by none other then Alan Joy and Lisa from club night Luvely. Not content with running Joy, Wiggle and Mingin, Alan has also decided to branch out into the bar trade.

After leaving the Blue Moon Cafe in 1994, Alan thought it was time to get back into this side of the business. ‘I wanted to do something different.‘ he says. ‘l’ve got a club background, but I didn’t want to go into direct competition with other pre-club bars.’

Instead they are offering a slightly older alternative to some of the other crazier gay bars in the area with a quieter and more laid back. chatty feel. ‘It will be a pub with a twist,’ he says. (Jane Hamilton)

Magfi and Alan Joy:

'new enajy’

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techno doled out h} t'L'\lth‘llI\ And} (inext. I)a\e Rll\\t'ii and f) Bind.

Girls on Top Hellnetx. ‘lll(ila\\lnrd Street. 553 57b]. in 1 :\ug.

llpni 3,3(Iarn. £3 £(i l£2 £5l, Month!) (ill'|\ onl} night.

Glasgow Saturdays


Fusion Mereur). I42 Bath Lane. 348 I777. Sat 2 Aug. 10.30pm 3am. £the. Night I'using all enrnerx (ll houxe mime l'rmn chunk). lunk} tech to dirt} trihal

Glasgow Thursdays


Mango Souffle (il-‘l‘. Rme Street. 333 8138. Wed (i & Thu 7 Aug. 3|5prn lWedl; 5,-1.5pnllThlll. £3.75 £4.75

l£2 £3.5(Il. linxemhle piece e\plnring the home. iinpliealinnx UT In ing a hurnmewal lil'ext} le in ennternpnrar} Indian siieiet}. Glasgow Wednesdays l’urt (Ill/Ir [LU/"I’- nil 7m”: , Cinema


DogGod Qhar. The ('orinthian. l‘)l Ingram Street. 552 Hill. Ill..3llpm .3am. £2. Weekly. Next ga}/iiii\ed night pmmixing exer)thing from K}|ie to htlth‘ to eleetm-rwk.

Glasgow Fridays

Mango Souffle Wed (l .& Thu 7 Aug. See Thu.


Allure The Tunnel. 8-1 Mitchell Street. 204 lflflfl. |l..3llpni .3ain. £3. Weekly New ga} club from the people behind (‘uhe'x T’it\\l()lltlill} and HIV prtllllhlllg happ}. eheex) pop in the minpan} (ll l)J

CiUbS [)arren. Dose Mereur}. HZ Bath Lane. 348 Fourplay lim}. 2f) ('ainhridge Street. I777. l-‘ri I Aug. 10.30pm .3am. £the. 3.33 .3437. I lpni .3ani. £4 (£2 \iilh

Monthl). Tuixted electro and underground Il}erl. \Veekl}. New ga} eluh.

' J ' X4 x; 23’]: THE LIST 31