Anyone got a light? Brian Reynolds. DJ Death Jockey and Dirty Marc

ROCK DEATHKILL 4000 Woodside Social, Glasgow, Fri 1 Aug

Clubbing and intellectualism are unlikely bedfellows. In spite of the current trend for mash-up trash club nights that compound pure crap with pure class, post-modern clubbing is rarely a good idea. Ironic statements can grow old quickly in a clubbing atmosphere, and what‘s complex about losing it on the dancefloor anyway? Deathkill 4000 would be consigned to that section of the clubber's consciousness marked ‘Too smart by half’, were it not for the pure love and sincerity that fuels the club. This is no trash or electroclash club. Part founder/resident Brian Reynolds explains their remit in overtures of pure enthusiasm: ‘I just hoped that when I moved to Glasgow from Hamilton there would be a club night like this. We are seriously in love with all the music that we play, and Deathkill has nothing to do with fashion. I love stupid rock and roll. I love Spinal Tap. ‘Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight' is a fucking corker. I even like 805 Christian metallers Stryper. I don’t like things because they are ironic. Trash is for smart arses who lack character. But there is a lot of humour in rock music. Fuck, l have worked on nothing


1 Aug

DAVE ANGEL Cypher, Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Fri

else for the past three and a half years, earned about £15 in the entire time and I still love it.’

30, residents Reynolds, Dirty Marc and DJ Death Jockey are doing it for the love, and when that’s the case, people come in droves. Rock love dismantles boundaries, and the Deathkill crowd defies all demographics. ‘The audience that we get really doesn’t fit anything that you might expect,’ says Reynolds. ‘We get old guys that come down because they want to hear AC/DC, which is great. Then we don't play any AC/DC and they leave in a huff. After all is said and done we get a small round of applause and some dickhead comes up asking me “Whit you aw aboot?" and “Have you ever heard of using the decks like a trumpet?” I’m left thinking “Yes, I have mate, but I’m playing Iron Monkey followed by Decapitated, so piss off!”

Deathkill 4000 is a future West End institution with an implacable sense of humour at its core that puts the city’s half-assed clubs to shame. It's a club slap bang in the middle of a beautiful contradiction, with a very serious love of music and an admirably jovial approach to the clubbing experience.

(Johnny Regan)

a baby,’ he says. ‘Charlie Parker, Miles Davis - most of the jazz greats.’ And it shows in his output with funky cuts that never ignore

Funky techno King

Dave Angel is the man when it comes to funky techno. His dextrous high velocity mixing is super slick. ‘l’m very self critical: if I fuck up in the mix it fucks my whole week up,’ he explains in his thick London accent. ‘But if you’re not prepared to take chances you're gonna be boring.’

He's been in the business long enough to have a full rounded knowledge of electronica and beyond, having first put on parties at the tender age of 15. However, his first introduction to music was through his father, a jazz musician. ‘He's the one who actually introduced me to music since I was

harsh jacking beats. ‘I think techno is moving forward as long as people stay true to it. Whatever anybody says, all these genres of music come from techno. Trance, house, whatever - they all stem from techno. Everyone should realise that techno is the mother tree of all the other branches. You always want to move forward to get job satisfaction.’

‘Scottish crowds are always up for it. That is the one crowd that I can honestly say always makes the effort. It doesn't matter how cold or wet it is, they are always there.’ Time to show your appreciation of a true master. (Henry Northmore)

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London Elekricity's Tony Colman

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