Re: head of steam (472) The Last Word on the Ginger Menace or Why Does this Subject Raise its Tired Head Again and Again?

This time C Brown seems to have missed the pornt somewhere in his/her letter about gingers. All the women mentioned in the letter are good-looking. intelligent. important and extremely sexy beings.

That's ginger for you C Brown. male or female. YOU ever been laid by a ginger girl? No? It's the best ride you'll ever get. believe me.

And as for us guys. You know what they say about God giving our black brothers huge dicks to compensate for their hair’? Well, go figure. It's the reason we're so pale. Our ducks and our brains are so big they need so much blood to operate effectively that the rest of it is strictly rationed throughout our bodies.

And lastly. you may wonder why is it that we look at yOu like that? It's because we don‘t even feel sorry for you. we just hate you. We hate you for being normal. for being nothing. and forever geing through your life not knowing what it is to be one of the special ginger ' chosen ones‘.

We are different and specral and we love that yOu all despise us. Jealousy is a hideous and feeble vice indeed.

R Alexander via email

2 THE LIST 31 Jul—T Aug 2003


React, The List,

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or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

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Re: Goodbye Lenin! (472)

It isn‘t the German film industry that lacks a sense of humour but your revrewerf Goodbye Lenin.I is one of the funniest films l have seen for a long time. as well as making some good political and cultural observations.

It was also the first time for years that l have seen a standing ovation in a cinema. outside of the Edinburgh festival.

Juliet Wilson Via email


Re: Whale Rider (Issue 471) The revrew of Whale Rider reiterates the myth that Maori displaced other Polynesians when they settled New Zealand. It is over a century Since this myth was discredited Its durability is due to its appeal to the British colonists and their apologists. as Justification for the colonial treatment of Maori.

Maori identity is bound up With land. The connection wrth the land. and With the Creatures and plants of this land. is central to Maori culture. It is not. as the reViewer claims. 'something of an anathema'.

Finally. I think the people of Whangara. where the film was shot. would be offended by the characterisation of their home as a reservation area'. Kathryn Rose Maori Land Claims Historian Via email

CULTURE CLASH Re: Whale Rider (Issue 471) As a Maori I found Paul Dale's reView of the film Whale Rider an absolute disgrace and highly offenSive. As a critic it is Paul's iob to give his opinion of the film in question not to take personal grievance With the Maori as he does in the latter half of the reView.

We (as a race) are very proud and respectful of our Culture and its histOry. FOr Paul to call

the n‘onologues ‘po faced' and the tone 'piousl‘, respectful shows tliat he has no direct experience it our culture Or maybe it is Just an acknounlerIgenient that the 'far more cynical European audiences' and critics are all too ready to tn, and drag other cultures down with their usual level of disrespect for other

He continues to tell the reader that we apparently had to tight with other Polynesian tubes for the right to inhabit New Zealand. I can orin describe this as an outright lie. The Maori were the orin race to inhabit Aotearoa. right up until the first Europeans claimed to have discovered it. This fact has not orin been p; ssed down since our arrival. but is also the orin accepted View to be taught in our education systems and backed by historians as there has never been any eVidence to the contrary.




Re: Glasgow Fabulous

Rocko Ruffian vra email

I'm sure it has been said before, but what's the point in including a regular strip in The List which only a select handful of very sad. strange bald men who play loud music in dark rooms for mental defectives can appreciate?

I mean, are you gorng to start printing personalised strips that orin “Frank from down the road' gets? This limited appeal piece of trash has had its day. Who's wrth me?

Ir'i/e‘re not With you. of course, Rocko. but seeing as we're grvrng you a double dosage of the G/as Fab boys this issue rsee Clubs in this magazine and page 6 of our festival magi, we thought it'd be only fair to cheer you up wrth four bottles of Wolf Blass. It '3 been a while since the letters page was dominated by this debate so. all you good own/e. do feel free to chip in your tuppence worth.

would also like to knoc. Ito‘s. than, other cultures haxen't i‘lain‘t-d irne kind of iiatairalistir link to the world around them in their past. and why single us out“ Don't put us do.-.rn for our personal beliefs.

I'lllr’iii‘, any adult viei.‘.'ers are told 'please don't pat yourself on the back for immersing yourself in the culture of another". I rom what experience of Maori tribal culture is Paul drawrng on? As far as can see he has none. What I do sense from this revrew is a critic who has let his own dislike of another culture get in the way of his work Henare Nui Jr Via email

We stand corrected. Paul Dale has no grievance With the Maori -— nor any other culture for that matter. It was an error of fact. We make no apologv for his criticisms of the film, however.









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