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The Fountainbridge Coll

this self-titled EP (no label 0.. woozy rhythms and sharp rhymes. Dogs Die in Hot Cars all live together in a house in Glasgow. which must be lovely. Their debut single. 'I Love You ‘Cause I Have To' (Radiate

) is chugging guitar pop with a hint of ska. Lucky old Fuck. meanwhile. spent last November in the Adriatic sea port oi Ancona recording 'Hideout' (homesleep COO ). a breezy throb of a single.

Outlandish hail from Denmark's immigrant community (the threesome have roots in Morocco. Pakistan and Honduras). They take their cues from American R88 rather than any leltlield traditions. but ‘Aicha' (RCA 0.. ) is still a catchy beast. midway between the slush and the funk. EIectro-punk duo Client are keen to keep their origins mysterious. only naming themselves as Client: A and Client: 8 which probably means they're called Sophie and Tarquin and come from an embarrassineg middle class suburb of Birmingham - but 'Bock And Roll Machine' (Mute 0000 ) is as tense

It's a dead heat for Single of the Fortnight. tliOugh. The Memory Band were formed by Stephen Cracknell, a one-time member of Badly Drawn Boy's backing band. but the eerie. instrumental “Fanny Adams EP' (Hungry Hill 0000 ) IS wonderful enough to stand alone. Elbow. meanwhile, are slowly growing into one of Britain‘s best bands. and 'Fallen Angel' (V2 0... ) is a fine calling card fOr their second album. Guy Garvey's fragile voice reaching out over a sonic backdrop that simmers. but never quite boils over. (James Smart)

ective. presumably inspired by a part of Edinburgh dominated by such hip hop edifices as Scottish 8 Newcastle's brewery and the local Megabowl, have put out a low tasty tunes over the last two years and

) is full Of

and dynanwte choruses. lhis london based guartet are the missing link beta'reen Sriiashing Pumpkins and first 1P» era Placebo. boasting poetic |\ll(:f§ and a ilt)llIll‘£ill in Ben Fox Smith. who can \eer trot" deer‘. alii‘ost deranged. meals to ierocrous. rage-tilled shrieks. An intellige'it and infectious debut. 'CLlll‘lHLi Piai

JAI/ KESHA Kesha (Keshal O...

Glasgov.'-based trio Kesha features violinists Lei; Atlas and Oleg Pononiarm and guitarist Nigel Clark. Their

‘.’ll'tll()8(). exploratory. mostly self-composed inusic takes up where Ponoinai'ev's old group. lovko. left off flrll‘ly rooted in Russian. Gypsy and Klezri‘er inusic. tempered with Jazz and a hint of other ethnic influences, The three players encompass Just about as broad a range of ll‘llSlCétl backgrounds as imaginable. adding classical (Atlas is a well

46 THE LIST .v ‘,\;.;i

'K .G! I i A

"f ' '6 j. ' A '

er SUZANNE VEGA Retrospective - The Best of

rI-lth if-x'v ll"

\.’\.’hile tl‘r: \Ja'i s J'iiflins and Joni M'trver 'i‘ this ‘.'.ror‘ld get ::r>ntii‘.uall', lauded as ii‘tisirxi- legends. sori‘eorie as consistem and lil‘.(?ll°i".(i‘ as Su/anne Vega continues to make dett suaoops into the

singer song.'.r.tei archetype chewing away at the one =.'.'on‘an ‘.‘./lUl a guita' cliche.

This 9‘1 track retrospectne gathers together the were tariiiliar early tracks.

'1 uka'. 'Left of ()entre' and the ubiguitous 'lorii's Diner" as well as other lesser knoan geri‘s like ‘Blood Makes Noise and ‘li‘ l :verpool'. the bonus rarities (Ll) s nice if unnecessan, but the original collection is unmissable.

rlvtark Robertson:



rMuter .0.

Pole. aka Berlin based Jack of all trades. Stefan Bekte rernixer. label owner. ii‘usician, DJ. n‘astering engineer. pronioter. studio owner and producer gets a wee bit funkier on 'Pole'. First llTTDTQSSlOtlS aren‘t O‘.’Ol‘.‘.’h€]lillllg but it's a grower

On this self—named long-plat er there‘s something of an C‘XUC‘Y'HT‘C‘YWH‘ nip l‘op

'A" “A 1' or: D’ p; l‘ ii tt><i.»‘\, Jr“ rv ( r I It} i "

Hi )’ fh'l’yu" )L.


She truly is None Other ~[)a'i‘ageri (irto'ts


Now n‘ade truly ii‘faii‘ous thanks to her nocai nocaiising on the closing track on. the alburi‘ of '.'l(} year (that's the White Stripes [J’epnarit tr, any other nantev lloli", (‘iol.ghtl. stinks No the limelight .'.it“ he singula' band of old fashioned. but so not old skoo'. 53(75; rockaran‘a. She sr‘ar'es a certain deboi‘ar charm and ll‘llfilCétl simplicity with White and White rand Jack [)l()‘.l(i(}f$ sieeue notes herei. and ‘.'./i‘rll(:‘ She Tru/y. is a tad ri‘anner'ly and a little dry at tin‘es. it has to be conceded that that's the appeal here‘ well mannered rr/Lk'n'roll borne of another age and all the better for it. (Mark Robertson.

INDlE ROCK MOWER People are Cruel (Transcopici COO.

The 90s unkind to Mower: singer S()llg‘.':fli€?i Matt Motte plugged away unnoticed and ur‘Successfu! for

ears. bit it see'r‘s hes

A A, 1” r t. iv v

:i'lt'flr. t" " ',l'l I f' i 'n“

'ltl.r‘" tit ‘2

r'ftfl Wilt" '


The Power of Suggesfion rl)atter'is o‘ E.3(?ilit'.l’i.i'

lounge ii/airls the Kar'i‘nisk‘. ixperiei‘re Irv: are a lieu'utchi'w; (arr ’Ji'is_ Pilfer1rig krto.',ingl‘, fl()ll‘ t'ie .aults at l aio 8’1lrittr'r‘ and John Barry st.le so, tilii‘ and tl‘riller soundtracks of the (itbs arid {Us on thA, Mu!" t>.il;lished debut l i’ (he /’.;'.'.e.' :2.‘ Suggest'ori t"r..-‘,, wear their grows. rispiration like a ‘rriel, Tailored sl‘irt. Snapp. n‘o'iierits of originai dialogue. alluring iei'iale nocals and hushed spoken word seducttzei, the fi‘.'.’(:‘:l)lllt} o:chestral arrar‘geri‘eiits. and eastern ri‘ythnis lr;'irt this largely instrurnental alburi‘ an intoXir;atirig ’iilél'l“. But. while ,ou'll recognise stand-out track ‘foriloration' fron‘ TV art-.erf'sing and The Hip Sneik' ended up ii an Acaderi‘y Award winning Italian tiliri the Kai'rninsk, Experience Inc. would proba‘oi, be n‘uch riore arresting as a trio with an enchanting fairen for a ft()lli'.'.”.)ll‘£ill_ Prori‘ising debut.

tho igh

Andres: Richardson,


SUPER FURRY ANIMALS Phantom Power “Son, 0....

The Yeti loving Fumes are back and SJYYTHW,” .s

.ii..rriro . ,' .1. t" ' til 3. r~r,.;...{1t f>,.r‘.. '

i‘rcz,d‘lr' hJ.’A°\|\rv' r,.

DIZZEE RASCAL Boy in da Corner

Al )ll’.’ re Swank .';l

Ht- 'tl;i‘. tn’: Mn, 7}“, l.ea's or: ta". [)i.’,":‘: Hasaa‘ sate tor-f, 'e-7 ‘T IIIN: i’. :‘, ‘...""“:7.l“7’ rteaiir‘r; .‘nt’i ".{t'i‘f‘r. ‘U‘Jr, l'iiti‘:‘, ’ll ’i‘;l“r'7:i I‘:‘:l‘.£i'}‘: T'Uliiiftr‘. ii' ’2 paranoia. [)l//‘:‘:‘i:'1't'{r, 13r;r‘.‘;t"-e‘;’i". r,‘ ’,’,"‘;’;i’,.i‘> ‘,' (3, "(31‘ nignariif the irr‘ele.«'i':'.e 9‘ tr“; 'ri‘ririe, and t,.t'.t‘e'."a".t,“ri'i', , s

[JV/eh”) unlit/i ', a rut of UK garage a”: .‘/,' . A' (,‘1,

f'iat seer.- ‘o weer, ,o. ears f’,’;‘l‘)‘:’i or: "is {Mir}. at/, .‘t ‘ear and ",atnirtr; .71 tile satin-r: r5, 7 Lil? t's rmt all rir °_‘., “moral realisri. f'iere”, to'fgiie'n'st‘eek :irirer T, EFF)”, Cl“: ’1‘ 7'“: UR")? releases this ,ear. this '

Carol 3‘ Piaei