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Required to tit-liit-r high qualit) tlriiiiiii \t‘\\liill\ l’fl‘ l'rom St-ptt-mlxir - mid-Ikwnilit-r 2003

The Marketing and Development Office is responsrble for marketing edinburgh college of art (eca) lice; £3500

to a Wide range of constituenCies. The team's remit includes domestic and international student

For more information please contact recrUitment to eca, fundraismg, exhibitions and photography. The newly appomted Head of Marketing

d D I f I t d d n t h t h f H ('iiIliisioii ’l'ht-iitrt- ('o. \lillmirks. Field Road. (iliisgrm (:70 RSI-L an eve o ment, as )art 0 'l res ruc ure e a men ,Wis es to recrui t e o owm osts: ._ p l p 9" Lill-Il M40103

' t' fi‘ [-1. admiru~= t-olltisiiiiitlietitu'x‘oaik

communica ions 0 ICE! . . . W“ \

You will be responsrble for the Suite of central promotional publications published by eca, including (‘lusing Dale: ISth Migust 2003 prospectuses and leaflets. You will also ensure that a marketing focus is present throughout the eca 51-“;an mum, aim required.

website. Another key task will be implementing eca's press and public relations strategy and coordinating internal communications of the office's activities to colleagues in the College. Other responSIbilities will include monitoring the use of corporate identity and playing an active team role

in the organisation of eca's showcase marketing events (eg Degree and Fashion Shows). A graduate .‘i a . . . . . ' ' ( t) ( With at least two years experience in the area of communications, web deSign, press or publishing, hast Lothldn “H II you should be able to demonstrate your expertise in project managing e-based and printed Education and Community Services marketing publications. Arts Service marketing officer Craft Residencies in East Lothian Schools With day-to-day responsibility for implementing the College's domestic recruitment strategy you will We he“? three Short term l'GSIdCDC)’ OPPOI'WD'“CS for craft market eca throughout Scotland and the UK. You will attend Higher Education exhibitions, give talks makers to work within key schools in East Lothlan.We are to a wide range of prospective students and conduct market research to support development keen to hear from craft makers who have experience of of the strategy. You Will proiect manage key marketing events such as the eca Open Days and working within a formal or informal education setting.

contribute to others such as the Degree and Fashion Shows. You should be educated to degree level, preferably in the area of Art 8r Design, Architecture or Marketing related dlSC|pllne and have in-depth knowledge of marketing Higher Education as well as a familiarity of small speCIalist institutions such as eca. Preferably, you will have at least one year's experience in marketing

For further details please contact the Arts Service. East Lothian Council. Education and Community Service. Brunton Hall. MUSSELBURGH EH2| 6AF.

a higher or further education institution. Tel 0|3l 665 9900. ' ' ' ' Scottish international marketing officer Arts Council

The College's international marketing strategy Will focus on the priority markets of Japan, Non~ay, the USA and China. Having conducted dedicated market research, you will then be responSible for

much of the day-to-implementation of this strategy. You will travel to market the College overseas, The Iron Theatre reqUIres a lull

develop strategic partnerships With international education institutions, agents and other partners. time BOX OFFICE ASSISTANT

You will work closely with eca's Schools in determining targets and support their international (Um)me $0M“, CXPQHCIKC STER‘3 marketing activities whilst promoting good practice in dealing with international enqurries and 0 must. A has“ level or C ENTURY


international student welfare. In addition, you will also have an active team role during particular annual marketing events. You should be educated to degree level, preferably in an Art 8r Design, Architecture or Marketing related discipline and have a minimum of one year's international

computer literacy is essential. w “W “mm” mm Must be a learn player and 0131 553 0700

education marketing experience. You should be prepared to spend some time away from home able ’10 wolk {lemme homs' ' I n on a regular basis Applicatigris by (V anld EXPERIENCED For all of the above posts the starting salary is expected to be around £18,000 per annum, however, (ovjlung duh“? Kat My”) PROJECTIONIST for candidates with exceptional experience this may be negotiable up to a maximum of £22,000. Br‘“ Cy' BOX 0 '(L M‘magur Tron Theatre, 63 lrongate, A knOW'edge 0’ Glasgow m 5ng Victoria 5 protectors and ' cmemeccanica equment Application packs are available from: Human Resources, Edinburgh College of Art, “my” “0”'(0'Uk would be an advantage- Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 90F. Tel: 0131 cm 5250 (24 hours) or email: ('0st date: g mease send CV and Closmg date for applications: 15th August 2003. Or visit our 5‘" AUQU“ 2003 Sm covering letter to: website at 1mm NICOla Blaney

Protection Manager Ster Centuh/ Cinema Ocean Terminal Ocean Drive Edinburgh EH6 7DZ

To advertise in recruitment call Oremar

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