Winter Course and Performance Project 2003/2004

An opportunity to take part in an exciting new project which involves learning to

play the Taiko drums & performing as part of a professional production.

We are looking for people aged 18 - 26. with good rhythm. movement and lots of energy.

No previous experience of drumming required.

For an info pack: Mugen Taiko Dojo, PO. Box 5124. Lanark MLll OWA tel: 01357 522 008 mailérltaikodojocom closing date: 22 August


small flat move specialists

Movrng boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361

L'\l;il\lt\hed I‘M:


Complete from design to construction. Quality, affordable and reliable. References available. Serving the Glasgow metropolitan region. Michael C. Froschauer

07736 341 198 cellular


750 sq ft self contained. lockable studio space in Dennistoun for 2/3 artists.

£300 pcm plus bills. Available short term basis.

For info call Mairi at Impact Arts on 0141 575 3001 or

The Factory. 319 Craigpark Drive. Dennistoun, Glasgow. G31 2TB


Book-keeping servrces. Charities and small businesses. Payroll, VAT returns, management accounts, SAGE training. Arts sector specralist. Contact Nada Hudson T:0I3l 466 OI36 Em l 2!



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Platform beds. Cupboards. and prey. For a free estmate phone Gordon Russell

01383 416 265 Edinburgh and Fife

To advertise in The List call

01 31 550 3060

I The Shiatsu School Iidinburgh is mm enrolling for )ear\ one ck t\\o ol‘ an accredited professional training. Slam September 2003. Information and booking contact mm.tirshiatxusdu)kxlirihugli.cortk email: adminta 'l'el Audieia: ()l3l 557 5950. 'l‘arnxin: 0l3l 555 1875

56 THE LIST 3‘. .Jutt— 1‘ August 2003

I Reflexology. Reflexology relaxes, t'L‘tltlc‘e\ lethlnlt and site“.

r‘e\ rtalrsex. enhances bod} \ oun healing resources. strengthens rrnrurrne \_\ \lettt. and rrnprox es both health and lite. Ian - (i.S.S.R.. .\I.S.I.R 0I3l 550 U83

I SEED. The School lor li\pet'tenta| liducatron. ilidrnbur'gh Branchr ollet‘\ indnrdual bodywrk treatments in Shiatsu. (‘r'anroxacral ‘l‘herapy I.)iiipath‘ Drainage .\l.i\\age. .-\rornatherap_\. l’l'UIL‘\\lU|iitl training. \tor‘kxhopx. courses in Sillithll. 'lar-(‘hr-(‘huan

.\lo\ ement and (‘reatrx rt_\. ('ontact .-\udicra: 01.” 557 5050 u \\ \\.audrcia.corn

I Frustrated at work? 'l'ur'n _\our' career around \\ ith a (racer ('oach \xor'kxhop. (all l7‘)57 377 004 or entail

t'ri\(” IllL‘L‘tIt'L‘et‘ermelt.c‘otlk lot )our tree brochure. In lidinbur'gh & (ilthgrm.

I Life Coaching for personal succexx and happinexx I)o )ou dream of a career change. ne\\ relationship or a life that is lull of to)" ('all I._\nne (llSllS HIJ IIZII lri arrange a l-‘Rlili L‘UlhltllilIIUII. .\Iake )otir‘ dreams corrre true. lirnail

I} nne(u coachm) | Internet:

\\ \\ xvcoachrn)|

I 1 to 1 phone counselling. l'xe the phone for quick and

com enient access to prolexxional help: 0| RM 890 33‘) or \ l\tI

\\ u u. l to l l‘ree initial half hour L‘Ulhllllitlltlll.

Person-centred counselling can help you to understand and change lil'e pr'oblettts. depression. abuse. stress. relationshipdit'licultiex. and bereavement. Ring Marion Osborne in Glasgow on 07931 527 243

Sheila Hartley LLB,

trainee (’ounsellor and

l’x) chotherapist in lidinburgh/

lladdington. Sale space to explore

sensitixe issues. Sliding scale.

Call: 01620 829 574 for a free phone


Hypnosis can change your life!

For help \\ ith phobias. contidence. an\iet_\. depression. \Irc\\. “eight-low and \lttoktng. Call Allan Gilmour D.Hyp

07971 299 583

I Moving Into The Light. Personal Counselling. l’oxith e Life l)C\lin. rt\r\\.rno\


Property Wanted

GLASGOW . Quiet Pti‘l \t'ek\

room in trrendl} llal or latnrl} horne Hamilton lilantye or ('arnhuxlang Rutherglen .ire.r\ preter‘red (all Keith on 01555 503335 .itter ‘l

I Artist, \t‘t'k\ llatxhare ur'gcnll). prct non smoking. \eg and USS triendl) little. tllr\\l .llt‘.t\ c‘ttlhttlc‘lk'd. tip to L.‘ ‘0 v l‘lll\. niohrle

ll“) :10 :x trio entail

tloutw gru\.net


I “win room wanted tor _‘ lrrendl} ternalex ldeall} \[Mc‘ltilh and \unn}. l.erth .rnd .\'e\\ha\en area. lollgxta} pr'eler‘r‘ed. ('ontacl .\(‘ Tel. 07030 too “13 or

ad” In} roecorn


Longstay backpackers .rccornrnodatirin Ill lzdrnhrrrglr cit} centre. a\arlable in \harcd. single. double or to rn I'oolttx. l‘ull} lurnrxhed: IV. In li. lt'rdge. tree/er. cooker. \\.r\hirig machine. bedding \upplrex. etc. Including ('ouncrl 'l'a\. gas. electr'rcrt} t\ 'l‘\' licence. Price range betneen £J5-00 p/u. Mob:07950 382 296. Email: Iongstaybackpackers

Festival Lets

I One bedroom flat to let. 3 double hcdx in 3 room» l5 ttilllx \xalk to Princes Street. .»\|| trrod cons. :\\ai|ahle August to I5lli September. l’r'ice. (lillL'\ negotiable, Tel: 07940 72‘) (MI I Festival Let - Gorgeous Iit'\\l_\ r'enmated lu\ur‘_\ tlat. \Vext central lidinbur'gh. liax} walk to liltixl \enuex. Sleeps \t\. £450/xteek or £75/ntght. ’l'el: 0| 3| 50l 0330 0700‘) 085 (i5l

\\ \\ xx.letscotlandcortr

iude.h(n \ ir‘

I Sunny bright spacious 3 dorrble bed/hm flat in l’oluor'th. Sleeps 4/0 a\ar|ab|e l'rorn l0th August. £400 per/u k. shorter lets alw :narlable. (‘all Kim 0777] ‘lh’l 220.

Festival Lets

I Luxury apartments off (itaxstltatket l‘rrrne location lllllll.l\lll.llk'. modern: bedroomx .‘bathroornx. patio i \\ood lloorx lice parking \\.ul.rble no“ to Sept (Kill 0‘7: .\So hits”

I Edinburgh Festival Let il’ol\\.rrthi lowl}. lurnrxhed ground lloor llat to let tor testnal 2 double l‘edtootlt\. l l\o\rooin. krtchenflrxrngroorrr \ll rrrod conx t V5 p \\ (Kill (PMS oto Kro

I Festival - The Shore. Delightlul bright lull} equipped modern 3 double bedroom ground lloor tlat l’rr\.rte parking \' \\.rterlront restaurantx'harx .rnd tterluent eax} buses {050 p“ ('.r|| it‘s“) till 000

Property to Let


City Centre, Spiers Wharf. lleautrtul \pttt‘lttlh i dbl bedroom llat \kllll \tunnrng \ renx across (il;l\_1_'tl\\ \\ ithin comer'ted bonded “.ttt'llrttht‘. l'ull} lurnrxhed. \\ .\II I. secure entr'} \} \tenr. parking. pr‘nate access to \urmrnrng pool. titnexx room. racrr/lt. sauna/steam .ind \ttooket room Immediate entr}. \tlll prolexxionalx, U300 pcrn i hillx.

Tel: 07734 471 637 ISouthside one bechoom

llat 5 rnrnx trorn ( 'rt) ('entre double bedrrxirn. kitchen/unlit). hath/\Ilouet'. lounge. lull} Ittl‘tlhlk‘tl (K ‘H ne\\l_\ decorated {-130 l’( '.\l +9 deposit 'l'elephone 07057 558 570. I West End Refurbished llat. Double bcdrrxtrn; drrrrrrg kitchen; lounge; bathroom \\ ith \hrm er; (i( "ll; double gla/ed; lull) lurnrxhed; \xoodell lloor‘V. immaculate condition. 'l'elephone cxenrngx til-ll 3 H 3307.

I Bright, spacious, calm, one bedroom llal llI Southxrde. 7 & 3/4 rnrnute arnble tr'onr Merchant ('rt}. .-\ll mod cons tor ultra cotnl} hung. ()tl \treet I'L‘\l(lL'llI\' parking. {-150 p/rn. 0H] 4207301tk07753 200005. IWest End, m an}. traditional 3 bedruirned llat. lull} lumixhed. ( i( ‘l l. hath mth \hr mer‘. clme to all amenities. Hill l’( '.\I + dept NI. .-\\ailablc August. 'lelephr the 07355 000 437mm): X7l 70‘).

I Woodlands, brightly decorated furnished. room and kitchen st} Ie \llltllt) llat. “t‘xl land / (it) centre ualkrng distance. (i('ll. bath and \hrm er. £450 Pun. 'l'el: (lHI 50‘) IZ-H.

EDINBURGH Newington, 2 (III beckoom,

loxel} \pitcltllh lull} lurnished llat. l)rnrng kitchen. ha} lounge. (i(’ll. ISI).\'. door entr} \_\ stern. parking. ()uiet )c't (luxc to all amenities. Suit prol couple. .»\\arl from end Jul}. £050 pcm + bills. Tel: 07703 324321, ref List.