Property to Let

EDINBURGH (continued)

I Large, beautifully decorated, 2 bedroom flat lor rent. l‘ully turnishetl witli sanded lloors throughout. Wotild suit prolessionals. Availahle lr‘orn Airgtist. £600 pcm + hills. Tel: 07760 .352 35.3. I Shore, Leith. No hedroorn furnished llat. Separate lounge & kitchen. Availahle immediately. £520 pcm + hills and deposit. Tel: 07976 I67 597

I Attractive central fully lurnished l hedroom llat. llillside. l0 minute walk to centre. Living room has sofa hed. wotild suit up to 4. £350/week. Tel: 07745 947 .32 l. I Leith Walk: Lovely M I h/room llat. (i('ll. l)(i. lounge with sep fitted kit off. W(‘ artd shower roortt. Avail heg Sep. £425 pcm + dep + refs. Tel; 0|3| 554 7292.

I Leith Walk - stylish one hedroom llat availahle frotn Septerither lst. Large kitchen/dining room. Sandcd lloors. l't‘esllly' decorated. Suit n/s prolessional. £450 pcm + hills. Tel: 0778‘) 657 282.

I Leith/ The Shore. Bright 2nd lloor llat. recently re~ decoratcd/ sanded lloors. ldhl/lsngle or sttidy. Availahlc Sept. £450pcm. Tel: 0|3| 467 0l44

I Leith/ The Shore. Lovely furnished I hcd llat. Recently t’edeeoraletl/ sanded lloors. Strit prof/ prof couple. £430 per month. Tel: 07747 72.3 925.

Polwarth, large maindoor. two douhle hedroom llat. Sittirtg room. study. hos room. dirtiitg kitchen seats eight. (}(‘ll. alarm. sattded lloors. private gardens. £650 pcm. Would consider festival lets from end July. Call Simon 07801 827 863.

Moving Services

Cardboard packing boxes, 50p each. pick tip lidirihurgli area.

Tel: 07788 628 869

GLASGOW I Fully furnished double

room iit large Soutliside llat. (‘lose to all transport litiks & amenities. £250 peitt inclusive of ("II deposit required. Tel: 014] 42,3 3l46.

I Room in Pollokshields flat. 2 mirtutes frortt station. 9 minutes from centre. Surrounded by parks. like the West lind htit witli parking. £l80 pent + (‘T + hills. Tel: 07984 487 685 evenings.

I Double room in top floor flat. sharing vvitlt 2 females. £200 pent + hills. Tel: ()l4l 226 5208.

Inoorn h beam“ “est laid llat. close to university is city centre. This ( K 'll ts all mod cons. Would suit mature. responsible person. lmiriediate entry. £60 pw inclusive of hills. Tel: 0l4l 3.34 5825 evenings. I2 doifle bertooms in Sotrtltsitk'. lirlly funiislied to high standard private sliiue ot room & use of 2 laundrth inside modem townhouse. £30) pun including hills. Tel:(r78|| Ill 74‘)or0|4| 424 l28l. I Person wanted to share gootl si/e 2 bed lltlt ill city centre near West lind. llas all mod cons ti parking availahle. Availahle end of August. £ 275 pcm + tleposit. Tel: 0l4l .332 I388.

I Spacious double room in redecorated [AlligSltle llat in qtiiet tree lined street near the Ivory & liar Blitidda. Would stiit yourtg prolessional. £250 pcm including hills. Tel: 07870 67] 070. ILage bettoorn for l person to share Southside Hat with 2 others. ('omes with (K'l l. hathniom with electric shower. excellent tnuLspoit near undeigmtind & M8 & huses. Would suit prttlessiotuil. £235 pcm includes ( '1‘. Tel: 07890 848 7.36.

I West End room in lovely .3 hedroom modern llat w itlt private parking & gardens. 5 minutes to all local amenities & puhlic transport. Would suit clean & tidy n/s. :‘svailahle heginning August. £2.30 pcrii including ('1‘. Tel: 0|4l 9.54 076.3 or 077.30 00.3 3‘”. main, m duhle room irt l laiitiltott Rik Aveilie. lluge 2 luhntitqutnui witlilXi.(i('ll. llige living nun full kitdut & lit'endly rututiln‘.'|el: 014| 3.34 19‘!)

I Friendly reliable flatmate wanted for Annieslaitd flat to share with 1 other. ('omes with (K'll. all mod coits. garden & parking. Would suit yotiitg pmlessional. £260 pcm includirtg hills. Tel: 0787‘) 647 8| 1.

I Flatmate wanted for douhle room ill Kelviiigrove. Attractive flat with all mod cons. [0 minutes to city centre & West lind. Would suit professional male. £250 pcm + hills. Tel: 0l4l 204 I607. IEasy goiig were sought to share large .3 lulmom llat near Springtiekl Quay. good transpm length all mod cons. Would suit young mitt-ssional. £250 putt + shared telephone. Tel: ()l4l 42‘) 2654. I Spacious West End room. sharing large kitchen & hathroom. smoking a TV. free creative environment. ()wiier resident. £250 pent including lteatirtg & lighting. Tel: 0141.3 .392 84‘) or 07791 707 32‘).

I Available now, a large & hright douhle bedroom iii spacious llat. University Avenue. West lind. £250 pcm. Tel: 0|4l .333 0693 or 07786 805 702.

I Flatmate wanted for furnished room in flat. has garden & parking. To sltare with 2 others. (iay friendly. students & smokers welcome. £220 pent + phone. Tel: 0774 034 5085.

I Room available in bright spacious llat. close to park & underground. all mod cons 8; large lounge. would suit female professional. iimst he sociable & friendly. £2.30 peitt + ct + hills + deposit. Tel: 0|4| 574 7420.

I Student wanted to share 2 bedroom. Sotltllsltle flat. 5 minutes lrortt l.angside train station. £220 pcm + hills. Tel: 0159‘) 522 334,

I Flatmate wanted for city centre tlat. stnt tidy. clcart. considerate lt/s lcmale professional or post graduate. £225 pcm + ("|' £95 + hills & releretlees. Tel: 0793 200 28l5. I Professional person to share \Vest litttl llat. l)ouh|e room. heatitil'nlly furnished & all mod cons. ()wn phone line availahle. (iay friendly. n/s. References «K deposit required. £300 pcm including ('T httt itot hills. Tel: 0|4| 357 1296.

I Double Room available iit spacious West lind flat. Woodlands area. To share with l other. Stiit n/s prolessional. prcferahly fentale. 25+. £250 pcm + ('T 8; hills. Tel: 0|4l .332 7256.

I West End room in comfortahle traditional llat with all riiod cons. Would stiit single. full time working professional. No cleaning. no hills. no estras. ow rt phone. £280 pcitt. Tel: 0141576 5l5‘).

.m for fenfle tl/s to shine 2 hedroom modem llat iii St. (ksugc's (‘rt tss. llas spaciotis lounge. (K 'll & ptu‘king. Would suit linalist/pitilessioital. must he tidy. £250 pcm. Tel: 07932 65l 858.

I Stunning single 8. double rooms availahle in luxury West lintl llat with all mod cons & 10 minutes front l3) res Road. To share \\ itll professional female it a dog. £350 /£400 pcm includes (‘T & all hills. Tel: 07974 ()I6 .353.

I Dennistoun stunning flat, ex spacious. douhle hedroom. fully furnished to high spec. professionals only. £260 inc all hills Tel: 07765 258 57.3.


I Bright sunny room ill friendly (‘omely Batik llat. garden to front & hack & all mod cons. Vegetarian n/s female preferred. Av ailahle lst August. £245 pcm + (‘T+ hills. Tel: 0|3| 3.32 5980.

I Mature student wanted for a beautiful dotihle room irt Victoria Street. with kitchen. living-room & gorgeous spacious attic. (treat opportunity. To share with .3 others. Available now. £300 pcrn Tel: 07905 78l 865.

I Large double room available during the festival period. in a spacious central & luxurious llat. £l75 pw. Tel: 0|3| 667 7754.

I 1 double & 1 single roont iii fantastic mixed professional New Town llat. Av'ailahle front 10th Atigtisl. £250/200 pcm. Tel: 0| .31 556 .344].

I 2 lovely rooms availahle iii the lteart of the city centre. 5 minutes front east end of Princes Street. Single room £280 pcm. hills & tax included. Double room £340 pent. hills it tax included. Tel: 07876 797 .596.

I Amazing attic conversion availahle lll large sunny llat in the l-otintarnhttdge area. sharing with 3 others Willi great views \ortlt tk ht'oatlhantl lntelnet. .-\\.lll.ll‘lt‘ lront Septemher £ 300 pcm single. £340 pm couple lttlls not included. Tel: 0| 3| 229 2692 or email

cmotinttu hlney ondcicoiik.

I Large sunny double hcdroom availahle rn spacious (ircat King Street llat l'tilly lurnishcd character hurldmg. only 5 minutes lrom Princes Street Would suit single or pi'olesstonal couple. £365 pcm + (‘T + hills + l months deposit. 'l‘el: 0| 3| 55" 8988 or 0793l 933 20l.

I Ensuite room with kingsi/e hetl in lah lti\nry pad. Quietly situated oll l.eitlt Walk. Wotild stiit gay friendly n/s. Availahlc during lestival from August l0tlt. £l50 pw. Tel: 078l5 08l 788.

I Double room 8. box room irt Stockhridge. to share with | other male prolessronal. Would stiit female professional. To lease front 7th Augtist for | year. £280 pcm + hills. 'l'el: 0|3| 466 I852.

I Double room in bright modern Mcadovvhank flat with private parking. large liv ing- r'oom & kitchen. Wotild suit n/s young professional. £250 pciti + hills. Tel: 077 l 2 6.50 6.52 or 0|.3l 6.52 604.5.

I Large room in friendly Dcanhridgc flat for Ms professional. £266.50 pcm including ("II Tel: 07960 46‘) (H5.

I Large room available in central lidinhurgh llat. £300 pcm. Inclusive of all hills cscept phone. Tel: 07768 I28 898.

I Spacious, bright double room in lovely. qtrict ('olinton llat hy Water of l.eith Willi picturesque outlook. To share with l other would stiit ahsolutely n/s. vegetarian female. £300 pciii including hills. Tel: 0|3| 3l3 5.300 daytime or0l3l 44l 6|‘)7 evenings.

I Large sunny double room. .‘vlorningside. Sharing with 2 others. £250 pm + hills. Tcli0798‘) 867 053.

I Double room available ill quiet city centre llat for gay/gay friendly male or telltale. To share w itll l otlter guy. n/s essential. £345 pcm includes (‘T (S; hills. Deposit required. Tel: 0| 3| 22‘) 5325 or 07774 128929.

I Large, double room availahle in luxury llat ill llayntarket area. lixcltisive tise of swimming pool. satirta & gym area. £345 pcm. Tel: 0| 3| 3.37 538‘)

I Large double room in the city centre. £240 pcm 8; no ('T. Tel: 0|3| 466 8457.

I Spacious double room it] new developritertt iii Stead's l’lace. l.eith Walk. To share with l other. fentale professional n/s preferred. £350 pent including ('T. Tel: 078| | 457 844.


I Double room in heatttrltrl llat near the \leatlows. sharing with 2 girls l’iolessional n s lentale preletretl \v.trl.thle 5th Septeinher £266 pcm o (‘l o hills lel 0294" IS“ 922

I Large double room lll spacious 3 hcdroortt llat close to l’layltouse Would sun It s prolessional £325 pcm including hills. Tel 07203 4‘” (ill)

I Large beautifully furnished, douhle roortt opposite l:lm Row availahle lrom lst Septemher \oung prolessionals only. Shared Hat 5 minutes walk from Princes Street £ 300 pent t ('l‘ l‘cl

0| 3| 556 0523 alter 6 30 p Ill. I Young female flatmate required to share vvrtli 2 others l)otrh|e room It) modern llat lll tlie Sliorc/lcitlt area .\vai|ah|c now £2.50 pcm l‘el: 0|3| 46“ 5875 or 079-ll 2|6 5l6.

I Grange area. Room availahle in sunny. ground floor Hat with garden. (i('ll .\ sharing with 3ot|teis. 25 years old + .-\varlahle from lst Septemher £260 pent + ("l’ 4 hills, 'l’el: 0|3| 477 3254.

I Professional n/s required lot' newly tleeot‘atetl unlurnislied roorii. lll a hrigltt 2 hedroom llat. To share with | other £250 pcm 7+ hills. 'lel:

(ll 3| (till 6226

I Flatmate wanted to share with 3 girls is l guy lll lusury. dual level flat. |)otih|e roorn avatlahlc. Wotild suit easy going young male professional. Availahlc trnrnedtately. £220 pent + hills deposit. Tel: 078|0 4l5 933

I Attractive room in tun city centre llal. \vottltl still mature student. Availahle lst August. £250 peril. Tel: 0|3| 5.56 56l4 or 07950 807 98.5.

I Large room in West lintl llat iii Belgrave ('r‘escent. to share with | otlter. tl/s prolessional required. no couples please. £340 pcm + hills. Tel: 07802 795 020.

I Room available, situated five minutes from Ocean 'l'erminal. Attractive rooin is escellently furnished 8; has ltigli speed internet access. £80 pw including all hills. Tel: 0|3| 476 3277.

I Double room in elegant. spacious. (ieorgiari villa off l.cith Walk. availahle now. Share llat with I post graduate student (iay lriendly 8t n/s required. £245 pcm + share liills + tleposil. Tel: lll3l 55.3 I402.

I Amazing room in penthotIse flat with good sea views. situated hehind l’rices Street. ('omes with ensuite sltow er. douhle hetl & lnterrtet. Looking for someone for next academic year htit availahle straight away. Big enough for 2 people. £1 10 pw. Tel: 07899 875 79‘).

I Flatmate wanted for eortll'ortahle (S; peaceful Newhaven Road flat with all mod cons. Sharirtg with I other art loving female. £200 pcm + hills. Tel: 0| 3| 554 062l.

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