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, I, f; ; 1970swhentheUS-

3 Dlzzee Rascal

Records Proving that we have a finger on the old pulse. our five-star review of this cheeky garage number was submitted before Dizzee received his Mercury Music nomination. That he hasn't a cat’s chance in hell of winning is neither here nor there. See Records. page 45. Dirtee Skank/XL.

4 Sex and the City

TV The sixth and final series sees the quartet trying to enter their 403 with (dis)grace. Why didn't they rename this Laid in Manhattan? See TV. page 47. Channel 4.

5 All the Real Girls

Film David Gordon Green's follow-up to the tremend0us George Washington IS a delicate love story between bums in North Carolina. See Film, page 12. GFT. Glasgow; Cameo, Edinburgh.

4 THE LIST 3‘ .iui- '-\...'

The Front


Futu_re muSIc now

Glasgow’s Stereo is playing unsigned bands’ music to those who actually want to hear it. \.'.'o.': l‘; Jane Hamilton

‘I’m so sick of putting all that gear on. Especially in this weather, it's stifling.‘

l l

I. , l , I . I . ‘At the conclusion of a A, , . , surfing session, the

m 1 a I ., i , gentleman approached the

< K ("I , H a . journalist in regard to the H , , [, .._,. ,t a, , N ,3 taking of photographs. A

,d, } I i r . . short time later, the NW“ . I ' I 2. : it H . journalist returned to his WW} I w, E , H 1 { motor vehicle where he saw I \y ‘1 , the person smashing his lutltlflqm l l l .v ' . . .

v m t“ “I M ' (I W 1' : windscreen and letting the W, (m J F) x ' ' ' air out of his tyres.’

l‘l ' . n p: t .u.‘ 1!: l ‘t . .wIJ' H I” .,.' .vkv 'l' i ~11 "rl, l ' w U: my», 4. '

iéllllllilltfiitlfltlHch?.i'll‘J‘lfo.{"1\](3(‘i. °.".if~ t-waatw: " i .' 3,» 3,3,; ‘. popula' "tl'f'. 'It'f; a t‘harizit: ‘or art m; '.:: -‘ :. lititllfl. a ‘.'..’i, o‘ t:)(_li(;f;'ltl ti‘éé'i‘ on a (ilfil Thu." " ‘After Neil’s accident, we had come to the edge of the -,:' precipice and thought the

I band was finished. We had eight months off and it felt like being on the dole. But

With cash. At; well at; trim l'lllfilfi hum; htrairl. it a ~;<) aw<;'.'.f; a'tiffit; ta " /-'

/ Hi" I l, .41.",

hori'la‘ t;."<;‘.'.<,af;~:: wuw‘ffg' fi.l‘,f’; (‘iizuzua

Wit" t"":; ." "‘l'lfi. trawlt; a'lrl [)Jt; Wu" tlit'i'if‘l gm? |ll‘.'i(7ll to :;..l)"‘.t tl‘t’w "’2t’:l7f,‘"§li"‘.'. '63.ét.‘lf~~"‘; 0’ :e:"‘ ' “‘7 lPlil‘yfh’l (>1? “fit: "tti't'. ‘lhéa f;ta'lflzi'ii lfl i-p-a \. or us: w". «"1: |".’(;- t)(3(?l‘ swat t?‘.t’t",'i,"u'l(; ‘l().’“ ll‘fllir am: ‘Mn’jfl’l". :a '1: acoustic, gm: 'tsg;g;.isr.' ii'v: says; "of o mil/l fixlw Maw; I "i {/xw .19 l/i .if 5;ul::>orte:a:"‘:;t"<:' titlflIl(?‘.(:l(1ltfl‘t:iit" "‘:‘r>'t;ih'_ 'a". tau-p-

Humbug;ohthmf‘rtn Satima‘g. r2‘f'1<:r'i(>"tld t'iat; 'ior. *o..":

‘Hugh Hefner has long been one of the great communicators in our society, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with.’

(iv/w, 7.4/1; 8.21“ / w

iff; footaxl aw: (2':>'.'."‘ ill l~r7::;ila"f, ‘A llil"°_ 'l" ’Iitl'lfo;

T;()ll".(}f; «Utiill. ;, it".}ll.'7lt‘.'(:ia. Mi /"(i"7<i . 3.“? wt.“

(ir'mot; (But-3;! l).Jt; amt lllllfllti.£l."f; .".£i‘.(: [>(:"()ll‘(- Halon! (xxx/'(iatnat; ml." '<:<:é:rit ‘.'f;vI(;'f'; :l‘ri’llflllltl Vail, (L;ii'i;>t;<:l. 't Affirm: arm flit;- liuii‘otrt," Sector: Putt," Black o‘ (ll if M ‘ir

', ,’r()’..';/{)/‘, f)tu<:I<:3;ah<l f;()Yll/ol l ot;t[)c:;;li<:<1>vrlutos;Now

"X‘M‘u' «f, hr,- .'1urlo.'i'w I'H. llv.‘-l

an: M’IM/U ';Ii.’)ff(..'. To be included in a future Your Sound night, / send your original material on CD to Your Sound, Stereo, 11-14 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow, 63 8PD. The next night is Sat 2 Aug, 8pm-midnight, free.

New editor for The List Nick Barley to take the reins in September I lilo [7 :3! has, £ll)[)()!lli(:(l Nick Hallo.

£153lifilltr‘.'.’€:(llif)'. linhui‘mimii‘au,

‘I haven’t had sex for over a year. It’s horrible.

God help the next


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7 “ll W'-

‘,’(:£ilf; of erl}<:li€:ll<il: ranking oh a '.au<:t‘, (:l Iiil(:f3_ ‘lVthl’llllfl H/uu:;'.'v.', {in}, [WE/t} arirl lam. Moat recently, Baring. (I’ll'ffi'léii V consultant for ti“,- l€:l£ttlll(;llf:f; ’il l'. 71:34; l'./(}<?r. and Tow. Sworn/3!. Through hit; [)Llifllfiillllt} (if)llil)£lll‘,. /.i§4§}i.,‘;_'. lit; haf; wilted a humhm of hooks; oh Scotland. including; guides; to the ngllillOUfo} Ill Glasgow ahri the MUSCHH‘. of Scotlaer I'l Eidihhur‘gh. Cultural lift: lll Glasgou'.’ and i (lirihurgh if; among tho lli()53i ‘.’li)l£llli Ill tho .-.orltl,' says; Bade, who startf; oh 2’2 September, 'l plan to keep The z’ «52' right at 1hr,- hoart of it_' Puhlishor Rohih Horloo s;a;.s;: 'Ni<;k'5; lll‘lllt:f‘;f;l‘.(: (dilly: of ouhlishihg experience. skills aer r:r<;ati.'<: lfifrétfi, .'.l1l lit,- *1 great heriofit to The [.lfif ahu (mam: us; to mm or: all that

{outgoihg editor] Mark FlfSilCl has; done to ra'tf;fr,v'r‘ ar‘ri

moron-:2 tho ll‘Ziglil/WW o‘.<;r the liéif‘) think- t.<;ar5;.'