EDINBURGH (continued)

I Single room for n/\. ill Slureliiiiont. L180 pent + ('T + hills. Tel: (Nil 22‘) 4lll4.

I Victoria Street, spacious double room ithllillilL’. \tudent preierred. Kitchen. hung room and \piit‘illlh :ittie litziilzihle. UH) pent. Tel: Yitiiitix 07905 78] 865. Inoom II shaved ilzil ;i\;iiliiltle thn night tut August. ()ii hux mute it new eoniiitonw eziltli pool. £260 pent. Tel: 0775] 207 4l2.

I Newhaven Road fiatshare require young proiexxionzil lliillllillt‘ i’or ereutit'e. eoiitioitziltle L‘ll\lr()llillL‘lll w itit till iitod L'till8. £200 pent + hillx. Tel: (ll31554‘)l6|.

I Friendly sociable flatmate wanted i‘or large i'urnixhed room it; \llilrlllg witlt 2 otherx. £270 pent + hills + depoxit. Tel: ()Hl 467 5H6.

I Room available in modern. bright. well equipped llill iii Trinity. ('Iose to eit)‘ eentre on regular htlx route. AVillliIth llllillCtllillCl}'. l’reier n/x. Bill) pent. Tel: 0131 55l 450‘).

I Room in shared lint zitaiilzihle till iiiid Septeiither. Nezir L‘t)llllli()il\\'L‘itllll pool & on the bus route. £45 pw'. Tel: 07751 207 4l2.

I Seafront flat in Newhait'en witlt quiet double room titttilaihle lililliCtllulCl)‘. llzix ikihulous \‘lCWx, till inod eonx at frequent huxes to eity centre. Would suit post graduate or [)rttlt‘xxlttliill TClllillC. £260 pent hills inclusive exeept phone. Tel: ()7‘)()() 2 It) 212 ortllM 55l 5208.

I Double room available in :ittraietite eit} eeiitre llill i'or iiimtl} n/\. lid}. \oeiultle )oung proiexxionull Sharing: with l other & llil\ (l(’ll & iitoderit iuriitxhings. £275 peiii + ("I~ + lilll8. Tel: 07986 272 407.

I 2 double rooms in well appointed New Town ilait oii ('hzirlotte Square. ll/\ prei'erred. {270/280 pent + depoxit + ("l' + hillx. Tel ()7813 I28 274.

I Young professional female i'or Itirge double room iii 2 hedrooiii \piiClUlIS l.eith llill. :\\illlilhlt‘ l5 Augiixt. £225 pent + ("l' + hill» Tel: ()7876 ()56 24‘).

I Double room available now iit large. iriendl) t‘e lid} 4 bedroom. llillxide Street llill. Available 2l\l August. ll/\ prei’erred. £268 + ("l‘ + hill» Tel: (Nil 557 0560.

I Large fully furnished double room to \llll tid} prol'exxionzil TL‘lliith. ll/\ prel'erred. :\\’iilliililL‘ l6th Allgthl. £200 pent + depoin + hills + (‘T. Tel: ()Hl 624 l‘)5ll evenings.

I Double box room in friendly. relaxed. Mendowx llill. to share witli 3 otlterx. :\\;iil;ihle Tl'Ulil 26th Auguxt. £169 peiit + hillx + ("ll Tel: til 31 477 6567. I Large double room i'or pi‘tilt‘88ltlllill n/x. £l8l) pent + hills. rei'ereneex required. Tel: (H3! 467 8857.

I Large a bright dotith rooiit. Suitable for lt‘lilitlc tt/x. Sharing witlt 2 others iii l'riendl)’ lliil. £250 pent + hillx. Tel: ()l 3] 332 ()56‘).

I Double room in iitodern ilzit. .'\lll';tt‘ll\ e. lt‘llli‘l‘hllt‘tl. t‘titll'l};il'tl tlL'\L'lllplllL'tll. (ireut Junetioit \tl'eet. l’owerxhower.

L i(ll) pin the. (“l + l‘lllx \Vould \Ull prttlt‘\\lttll;ll. ll/\. pi‘eieruhl) ieiitgile. Tel: 67863 6-1% 543.

I Female student wanted to \hgire with 2 other\ iit ilut oii Ro}.il Mile. Suntt} \lngle rooiii ;i\;iil;iltle. £2 Ii) l‘eiit + ltillx. :\\;iil.iltle now. Tel: (Nil 556 4244.

I Large & sunny tloultte room in l.eith i’ltit to \hgire w itlt 1 other Would \lill ll/\ young pron-“tonal. Bill) pent ineluding (‘T Tel: i)! ii 476 260‘) exeningx.

I Professional required for ('ainoniiiillx ilut. £200 pent + (“l' + liill\. Tel: (ll 3| 556 7382. I 3 young male/female tt/x pt‘iilexxlolltilx to join ioreex in 4 hedi'ooiii New Town ilut. .‘\\£illillilt' iiiid Augiixt. Rooiiix {225/ {275/ Bill) peiii + ('T + liillx. 6 lllt)lllll\ renew .ilile letiw. Tel: (l7‘)l)l) 243 (tl‘).

I Beautiful double room in \paieioux Morningxide ilut. l‘ull} ltit‘lll8llt‘tl with (}(‘ll. till iitod eonx t\' on llliilll bus route. Would \uit pl‘tilt‘\\lt)llitl. .'\\;ill£ililL‘ lxt September. £250 pent + (’T + ltlllx. Tel: 0| 3| 446 9023 or (HST-l 68] 672. IDoibie room available to \llilil‘ with l other. i'eiitgile pmiexxionul tt/\ pieiem‘d. £330 peiit till ineluxixe ol ltlllx & ('1‘. Tel: ()7741)42l()4‘)or()l3l 6(tllel5. I Room available in \piiL‘lUlh Stoekhiidge llill. £230 pent + ('l' + ltillx. Tel: UH] 343 W63.

I Spacious warehouse conversion tie.” lmiei Rikltl. gieut on 2 le\el\ with garden

.\ puking. To \ll.tlt' with l ieiii.ile. e;i\_\ going: woiknie perxoii \Voiild \llll \lilllldl .\\.iil.ihle now L262 pent +- ('l + l‘lll\ & depoxit lel ilT‘FT l i )5il 455'

I Marchmont, bright single room. .i\.itl.tltle iioiii l5th Auguxt. Sharing: with i otherx iii li‘ielidl} pioiexxioiiul il;it. [I70 peiti -+ ('T -+ lilllN

Tel: til it 446 ‘H84

I Double room in \[Xit’litll\. iiiodenl ilut. \Vith .ill ntod eonx. xepeizite ltuthrooiit. e\eel|ent Intuition. \llll )lillllg |tt'itle\\loll;il. .-\\;iil;iltle end oi .'\tlf_'ll\l. (2‘)“ pent + ('l' + hill» Tel: 07‘“) (NS 70‘), I Box room off l.i)lltlllll Roud with (3(‘Il i\ \\'.\l. To \hure with 2 other» U5” pent + hill» Tel: tilSl 66] 6667.

I Bedroom 8. box room ;i\;itl;iltle ior I perxon iii \unii} tk \pneioux llill w itlt \ iewx .iei‘im the ell}. ll) lllllllllL‘\ \Hlllxx ii'oiil The Shore or ( kinoniitillx. Would \llll n/x [il'ltlt'\\lltllill to \llitl't‘ with l other. £2li) pelil + ltill\. Tel: (ll .il 55.) 2527 or ()7720 S‘)5 561.

I Room in Bruntsfield lttl' ili;iture \llltlt‘lll\ li\t'l' 28. iiiiile preieired. \iiioking permitted. to \lture w itlt 2 other\. :\\;ii|;iltle lxt Septeiiilx'r. £235 pent + hillx. Tel: ()776‘) ‘)I2 3‘)” or lil 3T 22‘) 638' )7. I 2 rooms in .i new lit)ll\t‘ with gill iitod eonx. eaihle TV. Internet. parking ioi' 2 eurx. gttl'tlt‘lh ll’tllll & rezir. .\'o \llltlt‘lll\ & ll/\ onl}. I double room £220 pent + bill» I xingle l‘tXtill {I‘M pent + ltlll\. Tel: 0| 3| 6]) 388‘).

I Pleasance/Newington, 3 rooms lHl \tk‘ldl‘lt‘ ll \ \tudentx l pet iooiii \'ei_\ iie.ii lllll\t‘l\|l_\ .\ night ltle. .ill niod eonx {26H [225 pelii .\ \le‘piixll “l xl Till" 463‘)

I Double room available iii \ei} eoiitioitultle t\ \l_\ll\ll 2 bedroom ll.ll .it Hellenic \\'oiild \llll gut iiieitdl}. itx. iio t‘ttlllilt‘\ t ‘5” P\ in lilt‘ltltlt‘\ .ill l‘lll\ lel‘ 0""48 "86 oil

I Large single room lll llroughton Street .iie.i. \li.iiiii;.' with iothei'x. l'iiendl). ll’\ [‘lltlt‘\\lt) wanted 6 lllltilllh lt‘.i\t' lllilllllllillt {22H pent i L22” tlt‘ptull i (.l t l‘lll\ lt‘l ill ii 558 I882

I Double room in Luge. \tunning. .\ltiii;i_\iield lo \ll.ll't‘ witll 2 Ulllt'l\ \\ou|d \lill n/x pioiexxioilul lt‘llliilt' {I'll peiii + l‘lll\ + (“I i \lt'ltit\ll lel H7855 852 8il6

IDodaie bed'oom 'I‘i lieutitliiil. iiiodent ilut. Sltiitn; with ell) Illiilt‘. iii. \\'ould \tlll iitendl). llill. lt/N [Xitlt‘\\lilll;ll ieiit.ile. {2‘10 peiii inelitdiii): .ill l‘lll\ tk ( 'l. depoxit tequiied. Tel: H7876 {50628

I room available ill Iotel). eeittizil il;it. Would \lill ll/\. lltl}. lt'lllitlt‘ [liltlt'\\lttiltil. (2‘)“ pent +7 ( 'l‘ + ltlllx. Tel 077 i2 674 3 W I Easy going 8. sociable il;itiit;ite required loi \llllet' iooiii iit Rmelturn llait. ll) lllllllilt'\ iioiii ell) centre. no \ltltlt'llh [I75 pein + hills + (‘T. Tel: ill 3| “7 8| ii) I Friendly flatmate wanted it] three ltedruiiii il;it .Iul_\/ Augiixt/ Sept Ill the eit) eentie lneur l’letixuiteel. Rent negotiable. ('ontiiel fi'e: ll7‘)lll 5 T5 86l.

Flatshare Hotline 09070 201 610

How to place a Flatshare advert

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reliable and successful way of

finding a new flatmate. it is simple to use and here’s what to do.

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address, postcode and daytime number, including dialling code 2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought 3. A contact number for would-be—flatmates to ring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for fiatshare is 12pm on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes.

Calls from non-BT and mobile phones may cost more.

if you need help or are concerned about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870-120 1504.

Please note that Flatshare is only for peeple seeking a flatmate. if you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

if you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

58 THE LIST 31 July-T August 2003

Only those looking for a fiatshare should be using this service and as an advertiser you are advised not to give out personal details when recieving enquiries about your flat. Always ensure you have someone with you when showing people your property.