V I saw you at

Sparklehorsc. .. Yotr. tall baseball capped. squiggly haired gasoline purriptrtg Kentucky redneck (tho I think yoti tnigltt work in Slea/ys) irt Neil Young lee-shin. .I almost got nty Sltakey' biog otrt ine bag to catch your eye. . .Me. slack

jaw ed blonde staring at you on way otil. ..! Will you fix my tractor'.”.’ I 7473/23

V I saw you in Walerstones - Sat 5th July - 10.30 am - You beautiful foxy brttrtette bruslting past me lookirtg at Shakespeare. Me tall handsome member of staff - can we be absorbed between the covers!‘.’ (Not books) [7473/25

V I saw you sexy big boy - dj'ing irt Barfly - How long is yotrr needle! . . .. [7473/26

V I saw you in Brel. you purple shirted darlittg. you were tltinrting on top btit you wore it well. I know you catrght my eye. love tlte girl wlto used your table. [3/473/27

V I saw you bigman. you rtrle. That is all. l.ulu x. [7473/28

V I saw you in Barfly with shoelaces all tied up! Ila Ila heard you ltad 2 get etn cut! What a fall! [77473/2!)

V I saw you in Barfly. I hear yotr run ('lternikal ['nderground. you cart re-order my back catalogue any day. Lets get (‘Xti'd over a slow cocktail. [1/473/30

V I saw you gtty who works irt Borders iii (ilasgow arid looks like Jack Wltite! We were following you around giggling! We love yottr girly hair! I love yoti!!! Marry me!!! [7473/31

V I saw you swanning in the Victorian bar (0‘ the 'l‘ron. blue shirt + tie. my boyfriend + I would love some special service - do you swing!! [5/473/32

V I saw you well done with your scholarship - you should be proud of yottrself - good ltick in Florida! [I/473/33

V I saw you Shellmeister iti Barfly. Yet another crazy Friday love bear xx. [1/473/34

V I saw you (‘aplain Rock & Mr ()‘l’rey! Rock take yer

3 jacket off ya Jake. [l/473/35

V I saw you NBZnNBt (a‘ Barfly Fri Nile! Where's the baby when u need her! [7473/36

V I saw you with furrowed brows (0‘ the Tron quiz on Mon night...lets get 2gelher 2 compare answers. I'll show ti mine if u show me urs!! [1/473/37

V I saw you sexy gtty whom I served "special" boom to on the 17th (0‘ the note. Ye have a fan! U/473/38

V I saw you with a B52 iii the Tron bar. Let me get caught up in your [7473/39

V I saw you (‘JI.B. looking like it y \ cllle lttlle chicken this morning. with your messy hair. specs arid jumpsuit. Mmtnrn. Kxx [7473/4]

V I saw you Kiwi girl in Bonham's! You ser‘y e up wedges better than the rest! Lack of english accent is a plus! x [7473/42

V I saw you Marianne at The Wicker Man Festival snogging the best looking guy there. You really are the luckiest girl alive! [7473/45

V I saw you otitside glasgow art gallery selling ptiplelieads. the best i could think to say was were they rttade of limo. so i didnl. [I/473/4o

V I saw you Lynne. georgous receptionist l’reinl.odge (‘hX (ilasgow- beautiful brown eyes. cttte manicured fingers! Fancy a chirtese at Jade ( iarden'.’ Saw you I l July (ipm- AB rm ()24! [7473/47

V I saw you liminem (‘oncert 22nd Jttrte - Sandy frorn (ilasgow. You had your name tattooed on your rigltt shoulder. I had a Mickey tattoo K; wore a yellow hooded top. Please make contact. [7473/48 V I saw you ya trollop. In Vicky Wine on Byres Rd Purchasing Buckfast attd Jaffacakes [7473/49

V I saw you l3th note gtty lgraeme‘.’) strutting it in an school 24july with all those fine girls. what'.’ you're gay! stop being a straight mate&come after me instead!let me be your romeo x [J/473/5l)

V I saw you Je vtt. Marie! Dans le Lavion de Statistead. Trop tot mais il fallait rester eveille. lit ptiis ttt devais t.en aller el j.etais bouleverse. Alfons nous nous rencontrer et lu peux nre de mon francais'.’! Tu me manques deja. bisotis. Rod [.7/473/5l

V I saw you at Messenger on 5th July. You told my friend you fancied rne - I was too busy laughing to respond - Are you up for a laugh‘.’ U/472/l

V I saw you stunt tnullel aitd your l)J friend in Brel

t tun/()3). You videoed its and we had a rigltt good time. Next titne you in (ilasgow get in touch. [1/472/2

V I saw you eating. gorging arid stuffing yourself but you were still starving. slow down and trttth will come to you very fast Maximtis. [1/472/3

V I saw you Dr Tom in the audience of a Midsummer Night's Dream l was on stage but still caught your magic grin. let me rrtake all your summer dreams corrte true x. U/472/4

V I saw you Jiggcr S. Yott might think I don‘t care hanging otit with the kids at the pub btit it's yotr I‘m thinking of lady" Nice .-\ss'. Kisses Jorie x. [7472/5

V I saw you drinking tea & wearing a blue bandana sitting in window of l3lh Note. love to c ttr etchings! [7472/6

V I saw you Blondie. otit back of Brel. It was happy days when you irt your fort/ey skirt walked in! [7472/7

V I saw you in the 13th Note. Long ears. grey hair attd a red nose. Looked troubled with your ‘virgin' badge. Want to share come deviarit tiines‘.’ [7472/8

V I saw you ('helle you will always be my angel Wee B. xxx. [7472/

V I saw you man front the music industry (0 Barfly (Funhouset spin your wheels of steel for me wee ()uy. twist my banger! [7472/9

V I saw you red fringe cutie flirting with Wolverine at ()ptimo ditch the beast. I'm your ('yclops honey! [l/472/l() V I saw you hot dyke in Princess Sq Starbucks. [7 cart try my muffin if I can try urs! l.ola x. [5/472/ll

V I saw you Moroccan boy + guy with sltaved head. You botlt work in Vodka Wodka You's cart make tts a cocktail any day! Xxx. [l/472/l2

V I saw you Tam with your sweet booty shakin' Rob. [1/472/I 3

V I saw you oh beautiful blue-eyed curly-haired sea- goddess, swimming and swishing around in the polo. Keep swishing arotttid me. [i/472/l4

V I saw you in the Tron... Jamie!!!... Barrrtan... You are delicious... Yttin ytrrn... I want to chow down on your ass... love (‘hris & Ii. [I/472/l5

V I saw you Sara. saw you n the attic at the (iarage and then the Sltack on the rtext Monday. You'd broken your phone. Figure a cool indie chick like you reads The List. [3/472/16 V I saw you l)esperately seeking Suzan. Dunblane accourtts l)iva! Subculture Sat 2l-(i-03. We had a fencing match! I‘d love a re-rnatch! ltaliatt style! Mike. U/472/l7 V I saw you both working in Bonhams Monday 7th July. Iinglish girl and her dark haired friend. I had wedges btil wanted you both really will be back soon. [J/472/IX

V I saw you gorgeous man with not tnuch hair in Tinderbox. I love your legs (and all the rest of you too.) xxx. U/472/l!)

V I saw you llolly. with your funky ginger hair. I want to jump your bones! [7472/20 V I saw you 'I‘t'anny beard. ti always fixing slttff. [7472/2l

V I saw you one ot two gll'ls left front four on Thurs 2oth. You were wearing light brown trousers. w hite lop. brown hair: I was sitting along the table. [7472/22

V I saw you Mr John you with your bright grrtger hair arid leather jacket. ooo ll lut‘tlx lite on baby!!! Ya sexy beast. you!" PS. (’an I see your left rtipple'.’ [7472/23

V I saw you Mr Johnny The Kebab. indulging in your secret habit you filthy mutt. [7472/24 V I saw you on Sttttday

you gave me U0. l ow e you a drink! [7472/25

V I saw you working in Starbucks. Borders. (ilasgow. Tall. skinny. late-teens. brown ltaircd. sallow skinned. From a regular customer [who wishes to feed you!” [7472/26

V I saw you irt 'l‘uts attd l was there to watch a band but I could not keep my eyes of you. Your purple hair was great! [I/472/27

V I saw you a regular iit 'I'inderbox - 26/6/03. Yoti - sexy guy. dark and tanned. Me - dark haired petite girl in front of you leaving. Love to chat to yoti. [1/472/28

V I saw you poised nicely on your seat in the |3th Note. hope ti had a Massiff adventure. Miss ti already. Kool Fran. [7/472/2‘)

V I saw you btit not with my eyes. with my heart + my feet.

You said that you didn't believe.

until I told you who I was Maximus. [V472/3t)

V I saw you in Blackfriars basement. Saturday night. masquerading under the pseudonym "mistress Johanna". Pretty eyes. shame about the arms. [!/472/3l

V I saw you blonrle waitress in Arches (‘afe Bar sitting doing no work and reading newspaper. do yoti actually get paid for this‘.”.".".’ Beyonce‘.".".’ Again. . .do the dance. U/472/32

V I saw you you asked tne who I was. bttt I did not answer you with words - iitstead I spoke in the language of the ancient + holy warriors MaxirnUs... [7472/33

V I saw you (‘hris Miller show. Milcltell theatre itt April (Wed night). You sat at back right with male me with my mate back left. My mate ptrre dead fancies you by the way. Thought we'd see you in l)e|s or somewhere after but no such luck. [fl-47.2734

V I saw you Me .\le(ihee (ilasgow. llowanhtll “7 (i.ixtn \eeks .\l[‘ [7472/ ‘5


V I saw you at the lower Restaurant. You sexy waiter brown hart. stunning bltre eyes Me: shy girl. ted ll.lll. loser of Jolitt l)enyei lets liaye Inn' [747 V24 V I saw you cute brunette III Medina. Monday night l‘hrnk you were with your boyfriend btil looking at me. I was defirtrtely looking at you [747 VI V I saw you at the (‘ity ('aie gorgeous llaltaii behind the bar“. You're as sexy as a horse l)on't go changing. ctao' [747 V2 V I saw you Jess It at lidinbur‘gh ['ni grad ball. loo bad you has e a boyf c'est l.l yie. All r‘eyoir‘... [747 Vi V I saw you and you saw me spillittg beer all ox er' myself Ill (‘ity' (are. You laughed. I blushed. l’at nte dr'y next tririe xxx [7473/4 V I saw you Juniper Stall frorn my new dungeon. .\'o improper dancing arty rttor'e' Missing you all. The l’aliristi'ess xxx [7473/5 V I saw you working in the ('ity ('ale. leggy (‘anadian chic Me. drinking gin and juice. Squee/e those limes baby' [7473/(i V I saw you foxy bearded manager in Negotiaiits. and agaitt playing itt Bannerrnans. 'l‘ltis otte's not a toke. I will see yoti again... [7473/7 V I saw you .‘xfl)’l' in Izlll. Need ctttltlles. I.o\’c (TB [7473/8 V I saw you scruffy blortde charmer with a contagious smile and stripey collared racket lll [llL' (‘illkl‘ l \ht'le'ttlnt‘ back. [l/47.I/‘) V I saw you in brow it t shirt itt 'l‘ray'erse Bar l l7/7/lHt. l was scruffy boy. black shirt on the sofa. Wouldn't you haye preferred talking to rrte rather than the guy you w ere with" [7473/10 V I saw you and you saw me. beautiful stranger. l’rittces Street 8 Jttly alter ‘Jam - we missed eacholher at lunch - wrong titrte or place’.".’ » Do you want to try again'.’ [747 VI l V I saw you blondc. tncga toned Atrssie beach babe [20. 36. 26) if you get this. get irt touch... [7473/l2 V I saw you in Blue Moon on If) July. I was with redhead arid you were at next table with blondc. Still lhirtkirtg about the way otrr eyes iriet when you left. [7473/13


"I’m really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? You’d have to be stupid not to give it a go” - Matt Lawson, marketing manager, aged 34

60 THE LIST 3i July—7 August 2003