EDINBURGH (continued)

V I saw you in the lllctidows too. I think. Was I simply striking or did I acttially strike you with my frisbec'.’ Any cltaticc of ti lesson on how to throw the daiitii thing'.’ [7473/l4 V I saw you Jtilict front Maine outside John l.ew is last \‘y'ednesday. I)on't know where the 25 goes but I sliotild have caught it with you. I'd like to see those blue eyes again. coffee'.’ 7.. [7473/I 5

V I saw you grupmy disco bunny (0 bootyl.['Sllous (0 e(}o on 2(i/7. Think it just needed a hug? x [7473/]6

V I saw you semi-naked girl dancing to I.a/y'haiid atid Lightning's filthy sotigs at the ('anon's (iait Royal Mile. come back next week and I'll return your underwear. The Photographer [ 7473/! 7

V I saw you ()pal Lounge I‘Ith Jtily. Yoti. I’epsi/ Smirnoff Ice lady from London for Hen Night. Me. your personal physician. liancy playitig Doctors and Nurses‘.’ In London on 13th August. [7473/18

V I saw you in The List I7/7. You can 'Snatch' tiie any day? xx [7473/I‘)

V I saw you iii a tartan waistcoat serving whisky to ungrateful tourists. I'd love you to show me the way to the castle 'babycake"? [7473/20

V I saw you . l)id yoti (‘ me at the festival'.’ Yoti like a foxicr version of Baby Spice. Me listening rapt as yoti lectured on the rules of attraction. Yoti are truly faultless. [1/473/2l

V I saw you on (‘hainhers Street iii your lab coat looking for all the world like an expert on the science of flitting. (‘an you teach the the ways of attraction in your love laboratory? [l/473/22

V I saw you. We met iii (iaia 26/7. Yoti - atistraliaii girl called Alison. Me - the Scotlsh guy you said was so drunk he'd forget you iii the morning. I didnl. \Ve kissed on the stairs. The number yoti gave me didiit work. (let in touch so we can have that coffee. [7473/52

V I saw you in Blackwell's on Sunday wearing a blue checked shirt and glasses. A MAN I)Ancing in the rain iii tlte month of .‘yiei would like to meet with yoti. you sexy thang! Maybe we can get a bottle and some (‘IIRISps from Vikki wines and sit and watch the sunset'.’ [7/473/53

V I saw you Linda. I ordered from you iii Schuh (but you get a discount) - you seem like my ideal lady. Want to go for a drink. or to a gig'.’ Both'.’ [7473/54

V I saw you “till junior doc t'l‘im'.’). Iixchanged glances many times. Managed to read my badge last week'.’ l)unno if I'm your type... [7473/55 V I saw you Btibble girl of ('oniley Batik "Big love" From Blonde dark haired boy XXXXXXXXX [7473/57 V I saw you I-‘iona serving beer at I-'opp. Thank you for letting me go to T In The Park You are a star! I. [7/472/47 V I saw you Iimtna - you looked like you‘d done too many movies. [7472/4‘) V I saw you at (‘urios in April. you little spacebunny. I'll be your IIook if you‘ll be my Tinkerbell on 25th July. We r cute! [I/472/5I) V I saw you The Sadies playing live iii the l-‘opp bar - where did you get those suits! You rock guys! See you in Toronto soon. Xx KiaI. [7472/5l V I saw you M(‘ in tilll eating 3 potato wedges. Have a word lady! (let some Mars Bars down you! Love Shims x [7472/52 V I saw you baby at the bar - IiIIl. fun. fun. fun in the still. sun. stiti - riot grrrls rock. [7472/53 V I saw you at l-‘elix (n‘ ego. ’ou were by the fish tank: I wanted to be your cat Iis‘hl You: Nwdagu. me: nudge! (‘all me Tri (‘ 6! [J/472/54 V I saw you denitn + cord. floppy ginger locks. rock'n'roll! [7472/55 V I saw you iii a lovely blue combination. did you see me in my romantic frustration'.’ talking shop in the Traverse. did we just go into reverse'.’ That would be an abomination! [7472/56 V I saw you and have eye problems because of your stripey shirt - liked your arse though! [7/472/57 V I saw you Jenny iii front of that “H” computer at l-‘ilmhouse. You know that Bertie's is calling you. Succumb! l/472/58 V I saw you iii Traverse with blue baseball cap. sexy goaty. . .Justin Titnberlake. .. (‘ome onII (‘ry me a river. baby... [3/472/5‘) V I saw you in the Barony bar (Friday 4th) then Vibe. You "Athletic" t-shirt. We danced bill I was too shy to talk. Another chance'.’ [1/472/60 V I saw you and t know you saw me too. I didn't break the stare. Too many of your friends and my "commitment". You wanted my no. and I forgot it. still want it'.‘ Know who I am? Don‘t tell a soul.... [’/472/64

V I saw you Dr Koyac lookalike iii the Traverse Bar - you can check my vitals anytime? [7472/6l

V I saw you cute'n'curyy blonde beauty. ('olin says your name is Sarah. I watched you drinking long vodkas. Wanna

join me iii a private bontis

round?! [7472/62

V I saw you in Traverse. Six and a Iialf foot of pure htiiik. Your name's (‘ole'.’ You can stoke my fire baby xxx [7472/63

V I saw you in your bedroom listening to Burt Baccharach. You are beautiful atid kind. Don't ever forget that I love you. . .the other (ix [7/472/65

V I saw you Ilirtittg with your customers at Alistair‘s. A diamond among the jewels. Want to flirt with me‘.’ [7472/66 V I saw you liceh. dancing 2 Beyotice (a‘ “(Xilylllsllotlsl Wanna spiii my wheels sum time'.’ [7/472/67

V I saw you I)isco Bunny (0 Btmtyluslious 6/6. moving it like tom jones - can i thow my knickers at ti‘.’ xx" [7472/68

V I saw you oh my (iod...l)ld yotl give me the smile of the century‘.’ t'I‘esco (‘anonmills 7/7) I could have died happy at that moment. [1/472/6‘)

V I saw you Mistress T Bone a diddly how I love thee. gonna miss your banana yumbo

junibolinas. ('ome back soon or

I'll savage you down under! [3/472/70

V I saw you. I walked you home to the corner of Iiaster Road on Sat 4th July after ('("s. You R. Me I). We never exchanged numbers aiid you seemed like a really nice guy. I-‘ancy meeting tip since we're going to be neighbours soon'.’ [I/472/7I

V I saw you sexy bohemian brunette chick. on the bridges every saturday morning. You always give me a nice smile. Me. long hair & beard. You know where I work. come and say hello. [7472/72

V I saw you gorgeous brunette with asymetrical bob. travelling portobello to queen street on the number 26. i was the skinhead guy shyly ogling you...conie and rub my heed? U/472/73

V I saw you Hi early one morning drinking cafe au naturel... [f/472/48 V I saw you Sexy Sassy with your blue eyes flashing at the beach with your surf board - maybe we can eat Salad sometime. [5/472/74


w you

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