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The Charlatans have been going strong since 1989 despite a death and a prison sentence along the way. Still one of the best live acts in the country, they stormed this year’s T in the Park. Now frontman TIM BURGESS is going solo.

What made you go solo?

.‘.{i"l(-(I to express 'tt‘,5;elt (it; (ill llltll‘.l(Itl(II llox-c- .'.here | ll‘.(L‘. l:;.t I need It‘ rto fKHHUIIliIItI tltirihg the tittytir'te {il‘.(l keep rm. 't‘lllH ()(‘CtlliltXI

Does this mean the end for the Charlatans?

NL: It}; real!) gooo {ii the moment. litter l l.'l the Park we seem to he getting on mt". each other better than ‘.'.e twine for .1 long time, :;o !l should lead to more Charlatans; Skill \‘ve "one a filllglt? finished but we "zine to get the 'es;t ot the {lll‘iLllYl sorted first {laughs} So you enjoyed T in the Park?

the (Litiietxee was {Il‘ltlz'l'lt}, ‘.‘.lll(‘.Il (“$.1in helps; We hag a really good three ogre; and got (I(t‘.'.’.", to a "hit of (:Iiii'iélidltf; pohtlihg. After heuig together so long you IXX‘O'HO like 21 family so ‘.‘.lt(?l‘. we get together we lxihtl of explode,

Why do you think the Charlatans outlived the Baggy era?

We’xe put out some really good stuff £lll(l people like to see .is; (is; a gang. And I think that's; the feeling for

most people.



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Are you still in touch with others from that time? i’. *z 1‘. 'l .’

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So is LA you‘re favourite place to live?

Marl ml: .i it": 0 lvan i am». NM. “r. w . nun" m-wr‘ r‘_:‘t"‘.'..irv:

Picked up any American habits?

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Where is the worst place you have ever played? Ithih'n the ‘.'.t"t;t ;‘i' .'; uh Arms! .i. .iv'....iti. lititttilt‘. that outtmte Now. “torn It that ltwlwt m- .i ‘.‘..tle‘ltt\.‘flt" l" the "‘:1lfl'i‘ .‘7 .1 x ~" We unnatmirx: What about Scotland?

Wei; llli- crux-“2:; .Ilt' ltgtvrxmt‘. lira-r"? Y'w, ‘lt'iahn f'w- St‘ottltxh people- httxe .1 Until. :w't .itf‘t . :w .m : .iw '(ntil, Itifllt‘fii illi‘lt ‘.‘.rtl‘ INN} .‘."‘. f9: ‘T'J‘J‘. l‘w ‘I‘it‘ often like Asher: kt." rimmit‘ {1.1 t'wrm "u itr‘w T"»‘. are twill“, EkllllilJ' ih .ittlftr'ieg: T" nit it it"ir'. people

You seem to mention Morrisey a lot in interviews. ()lth, because people .i'w .i'.'..i.:t .tttn. 't : "tr i' w- Mornse» (ill the time lrhtuth. '1.'t.".t or ~' Him“. {lllt’l he}; (il‘.‘.{i‘~.t; heeo pithiflglll'.

Even though you live in America are you still baffled by their culture?

l'xe heeh here II‘.tl‘ ,em‘; .ihtl it ‘iilIl it we“; I‘.lIIIt' 'l‘n' lt;pe<:t;tl|‘, when I go to the (Itfllf'flift .l.’"I thw, him-r seem to (lo .iriythihg I)tlI (‘hmgu llli‘ (t t’ rfmii- limo“; I l/m Bil/gt >31; appears :;oio (if the 2 l xgimr lit it you, [Winning/l, I.” Aug. Sing/e '/ Believe in the firm/t 1‘. released 1).") Aug. and the :i/lmm / [it v .‘IIt

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