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Bruce’s Pick of the Fringe The Stand. ‘35 \Vimdlttlids Road. UK.” 0”“ (i055, Optii Ur tL'5i ()tseii O'Neill, \tho‘s assumed Henri l-onda‘s eighth itiror iole iii /2 Arie/"i .llm. headlines, with support from l'ellovt Irishman John Monies. Adrian Po}nton and host Bruce Morton.


Rog Anderson’s Comedy Night Acanthus. I7 Waverle) Bridge. 556 2358. 9pm. Free. Nets castle mirth merchant (iavin Webster is joined h} Steven Dick.

Friday 8


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jotigletirs. l'(i(‘ Budding. Renl'rets Street. 0870 7'8“ 0707. 8.15pm. £12, R;l}llltflltl .\iearns introduces lornier ('ork} and the Juice l’igs incinher l’hil Nichol. Tom Slade arid the ('otiied} 'l‘erroi'ist's \triting partner lirendhan l.o\egro\e.

Bruce’s Pick of the Fringe The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. “87” Mill (>055. 0pm. £7 (UH. Rhinestone coxt girl Tina (' headlines. \tith l’add) (purine) and (iat in Webster. Scot-cont lather ligure Bruce Morton takes competing duties.


Captured Peppermint Lounge. la ('hanihers Street. 225 520‘). “Kilian. £8 1U). Micke) l). Sarah Kendall. Anthoti} Menchettt and Josh Mankinder guest at this 0/ special.

Saturday 9


Jongleurs Comedy Club Joiigleurs. l'(i(‘ Building. Renlt'ets Street. 0870 787 0707. 8.]5pnt. {I}. See Fri 8.

Bruce’s Pick of the Fringe The

Stand. N‘s Woodlands Road. II\'t) fill“ (i055 ‘lptti LS Bellast gagster Michael Smile) headlines. \Hlll Nina ('onti. James l)|'\\tTL'\\\L'H and ill“! lil'tlet' \ittl'Iitll Madcap Comedy Club Stale Hui. l4s Holland Street. No 028‘) ‘l zllpiii L5 “.4: Scottish coined} staltsart l’arrot headlines


Edinburgh Festival Fringe Special “Almde [loose-120M Sneddon Street. 50] "lll5 ‘l illpin l-tee (heck) scotisei Brendan Rile} and rampant coined} cahhie \llie joe} guest


Michael Redmond’s Pick of the Fringe The Stand. 533 Woodlands Road. 08"“ hill) 6055. 8.30pm, L'- i£5 I. (ientle Anssie giatit Adam Hills heads \\ est to guest at the laconic Irishman’s \teekl} club. Supporting acts include Nick Wilt}. Allen Chalmers and host Martin Bigpig.


Reg Anderson’s Comedy Night @ Acanthus Acanthtts. l" \Vawrle} Bridge. 556 2358. 9pm. l’ree. Dougie [)unlop is touted it} l‘redd} lago.

ednesday 1 3


Johnny Vegas The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 08‘“ (Ml (ill55. Start time the. fill. The blistering coined} d)ll;llllt) takes timeout liom nappy changing to record his lirst \ ideo.

Thursday 14


Bruce’s Pick of the Fringe The Stand. 353 Woodlands Road. “87” ()(Nl (i055. ‘lpni. to (£5). llotlytipped )tlllllg (‘anadian comedian (ilenn Wool headlines. with Raynond .\learns. lan Maepherson and host Bruce Morton.


Reg Anderson’s Comedy Night @ Acanthus Acantlitis. l7 Waterle) Bridge. 55o 2358. ‘lpni. l'i'ee. Northern Irish madman .\lartiii liigpig headlines.


get down . . . or I'm gonna kill you.“

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world is everywhere.


In the midst of life . . .

T he other week I was driving back through Sligo COtinty lands in Ireland. By the roads. they have signs to help the people not drive and crash. They say the number of deaths last year on these roads and then the number this year as comparison. Then they have a slogan: 'Who cares?‘ Eighty-seven deaths this year. who cares?

Now I know they don't mean to be mean. They are not all linked to undertakers and relish death. It is not a competitIOn this year to do ‘better' than last year and get more deaths. They are not Out at night With grease and banana skins or putting giant mirrors in the highway. They mean well.

Trouble is. meaning well is one of the constituents of not already caring. That is why it gets upside down. Presumably they mean: ‘Come on. let's do something about it and who cares? Well, we do. damn it.‘

I remember a huge picture of a kid exhaling a big massive smoke ClOud in Adelaide on a bill poster and that was to enc0urage us not to let kids smoke. I remember a lady saying to her kid: 'Get off that climbing frame. yOu‘II fall . . .

I remember a sign on the M8: ‘Don't drink and drive' and yOu suddenly feel like a wee swig from the malty dribbles in the flask in the glove compartment. It is possible to crash as you are trying to put on yOur seat belt.

I'd say trust that it is already happening in yOu. us and them and that people don't want to die and that you are not thinking about that enough to presume

‘The end of the world is nigh' is neither here nor there. The continuing of the

ELIZABETH LEWIS Sunbathing in Siberia (Diva Books) £8.99

Domestic violence: when a man and a woman are in a relationship and one physically abuses the other. But you would be wrong to think it only happens in heterosexual relationships. Violent lesbian relationships are becoming more and more talked about. Magazines such as DIVA have lifted the taboo, raised the issue and created greater awareness. Whether it be a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, the effects are the same: denial, remorse, physical and emotional pain. It takes a strong person to walk away after it happens for the first time. This is why the relationship often becomes based on power, fear and control.

With the increase in awareness and lesbians discussing the issue more, Elizabeth Lewis’ book will be a welcome read. As well as the violence. the book looks at how a relationship can survive when one person refuses to come out: the lies, the secrets and the denial of you. your love and your role in their life.

A first publication by Glasgow writer, Lewis, the book is semi- autobiographical. She started writing it when her partner went home to see her family at Easter. ‘I wrote the book in a few weeks.‘ she says. ‘I had the whole structure in my head so writing it was a breeze. It's about how hard it is when you have a partner who’s not out to her parents. It started off as a comedy then it got a bit darker and turned into a drama when the physical and emotional abuse entered the relationship‘.

She adds: ‘Violence in lesbian relationships is swept under the carpet. The community must be seen to be cohesive and supportive and lesbian violence totally pulls the rug out from under that.’

As well as the effect the violence has on the characters, Miranda and Jay, the story highlights the emotional trauma of the relationship. Jay staying in the closet, lying to her family and denying Miranda’s place in her life is traumatic enough without the physical pain. ‘The emotional side was definitely more hurtful for the character,‘ says Lewis. ‘The physical side could heal but it was the being shut out and the verbal abuse that was actually more damaging.’

For a first book, Lewis has challenged many taboos within the lesbian world. Relationship traumas and domestic violence may not sound like bedtime material, but this book is definitely worth a read from this exciting new author. (Jane Hamilton)

Wadi/lick? xzi {Idem


Glasgow Saturdays


Burly Mercttr). 1-12 Bath Lane. 2-18 1777. Sat ‘) Aug. lllpiii .5illll. £5. Tonight the cruise} cltih gets dotsii to basics ts ith a spottsts ear and tindervs ear

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24 THE LIST *- i.: Alla 2.2-3.5

theme. Glasgow Thursdays G' T d as OW ues a 5 Cinema . 9 y Mango Souffle (il’l‘. Rose Street. 332 Clnema 8l28. Thu 7 Atig. 5.45pm. £3.75—£4.75 Alice (EFT. Rose Street. 332 8128. l£2—£3.5()). Ensemble piece exploring Tue 12 8; Wed l3 Aug. 6.30pm tTue);

2. l5pm (Wed). £3.75—£-l.75 (£243.50). Sensitive portrayal of the relationship between two sisters as one prepares for her wedding day. Part of the [.1.(il"l" on Your.

Glasgow Wednesdays

the implications of living a homosexual lifester in contemporary Indian societ). Purl oft/re LLOFF (In Your:


DogGod Qbar. The Corinthian. l9l

Ingram Street. 552 110]. l().3()pm—3am. £2. Weekly. Nest gil}'/llll.\cd night

promising everything from Kylie to Cinema house to electro-rock. Alice Tue 12 & Wed 13 Aug. See Tue. Glas ow Frida 5 Clubs


Spacehopper Mercur). l4: Bath Lane. 248 l777. Fri 8 Aug. lt).3()pm—3aiii. £4 (£3). Motilhl}. Retro house anthems cotirtes} oi (ireg Adamson and guests.

Allure The Tunnel. 84 Mitchell Street. 20-1 llXXl. ll.3flpm 3am. £3. Weekly New ga) club l‘roni the people behind ('ube's l’assioiialtt) and [TN promising happy. chees) pop iii the compan) of [)1 Darren.