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Glasgow Fridays continued

I Latin Fever at llayana.

9pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. [)1 Keith I) spins up some (‘olttmhtatL ('tthan. New York and Alriean salsa. adding a twist ol Latin ehai't. R&li and glohal heats to tlte rhythmieal stew. Tasty.

I Legacy at Met'ettry. Next date the. I Life at tlte ('orinthian. lltpm 3am. U). Weekly. Key In Niel'tit'latte (Heat tom plays tlte linest in sottl. lunk. R&B. house attd old—sehool elassies. OMedicine Wheel at the Suh (‘luh llpm 3am. £3. S Aug. Motttltly. 'l'm just as inspired hy Aphex 'l‘w ill and Senor (‘oeonut as l ant hy l’-l-‘unk aitd Louis Ariiistrottg.~ DJ Dmitry l'rom l)eee-l.ite. He will he joined by The [)rihhler of Pure lame on a Very rare return trip from NYC. Another mad night at the sub. See preview:

I Mldl I‘ll-Fl at the Glasgow Sehool of Art. Next date the.

I Moda at Moda. 9pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Darren Dttnn eases his way through the night with the finest in house. garage and R&B.

I Monox at the Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Muslc for Pleasure at the Arehes. Next date the.

I National Pop League at the Woodhde Soeial. Next date the.

I The N00 Groove Second Birthday at The l'niyersal. Sauehiehall Lane. I lpm 3am. £5. 15 Aug. Monthly. ('elehrate two years ol' tltis (ilttsgow institution. with three Stalw'arts ol' the seene. Residents Brian Williamson and Niek l’eaeoek‘ are joined by tttate llat'i‘i tor a night ol. the lines! danee music from w hatey er genre.

I Numbers at Ad Next date the. I Nurture at (‘luh (it). Next date the. I Offset at ('tthe. ll).3()ptn 3am. £8 (£5 l. Weekly. ()l-l'sel w'eleome a l‘aseinating new resident. none other than the delightl-ul Rehek’kah Teasdale. .llutint columnist. Sim Millennium (iirl and former l’layhoy eetttt'el'old. Supporting the lovely lady are Simon lily. (iary' (‘ttrley. Jim l)a Best atid Richard l.e\'itl.sotl.

I O" the Record at Ad l.ih. Next date the.

I The Outcome at the Arehes. Next date the.

I Pressure at the At‘ehes. Next date the.

I Radar at the (ilasgow Sehool ol Art. Next date the.

I Red and Gold Room at At‘ta. ltlpm» 3am. l-‘ree hel‘ore l lpm; £7 alter. Weekly. l)J Miehael ()‘Shea pops tip to spiit only the linest salsa and Latin tunes to a very well-heeled Arta erow‘d.

I Relentless at the Riy'erside (’luh. Next date the.

I Rocklt at liamhoo. 5pm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Home musie trom (ieol‘l' Motttl'ord and soul and l'unk' from

advertising executive...acc‘ountantmbiornedical scientistmbroadcaster teachermelectrician... financial adviser...graphic designermgyrn instructor...human resources

(iraham Ferguson tttake this a wry attraetiy e proposition iii the heart ol' the eity.

I Salsa Friday at the RAl‘A ('ltth (Ashley Street). 9pm lam. 9.11. h’ Aug. Montltly. [)1 Keith l)ittnie hrings yott l'otir hours ol~ quality stomping good salsa.

I Salsa Seduction at ('etttral Hotel. Next date the.

I Second Nature at the t'niyet-sal. llptn 3am. £3. 8 .-\ttg. 'l'wiee tnotttltly. Anything goes it the quality 's high enough at this ttew night tip the

The Tronic

sole and Tracktion eekly Fri

Sattehtehall Lane. 'l‘om ('hurehtll attd Andrew l’tt'ie are the titattt men. A wonderful new \elltte that has been

w ailing ltll' good eluh itigltts lot' quite a while now. The wait seems to he ox et’. I Spacehopper at Mei'etti'y.

llptit 3am. £51£3L .S'.-\ug.All yottr laxourite house elassies. with a hit ol l'unk hrottght to yott hy (ireg Adamson attd l)anny Sltarkey.

I Southern Soul at [p aitd l)own. Next date 5 Sept.

I Sub Tropical at (‘ttha Not‘te.

9.30pm 2am. l-‘ree. Monthly. Stih manager...iournalist...key grip...

lab secretary...linguist...rnidwife...rnusician...nursery administratoraoutdoor pursuits instructor..photographer

...paramedic...quality controller...reflexologistmradio producer...resort steward...trainer...translator... tourist information centre assistantwunderwritermuniversity student ~vehicle body repairers.welder...xylophonist...youth werkerszoologist

who do you want to be?...

28 THE LIST 7—1.3 Aug 2003

ltopteal continues eastmg pearls helote swme at this sesstutt iii the tttetehattt city It“ l’eaehes ts xotti tnatt '

I Tattooed and Topless at \lt'lx'tll} lllpm iatlt Ltht’ llte lltitly lmys keep it tatmehy .tt lllt‘lt popular eltth night See (tay ltstmgs also

I Tidy at the Shaek

lll illpm i illam ‘5 «(it \\eekly let that titteettotts l‘ll teelmg take hold ot you while I” latit llattlott takes tonttol til the dance lltml

I Tiger Tiger at ltget ttget

llpm ‘yam {ti \\eekly lltts huger populat hat. eluh attd testauiant goes wild attet horns wttlt a seleettott ot eommeretal dance attd Rtxll tot all those stunning ladies and swanky hoys. I Tronlcsole and Tracktlon sessions at MAS. llpttt 3am. 1‘" lift. Weekly. (ireat house attd trtppy l'unk‘y night w tth the Jengaheads attd the Sole massiy e roektn' mighty sets till your head falls on.

I Unlty Reggae at Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Urban at the Tunnel. l lpttt 3am £5 (Lil. Weekly. .-\tt Rtkli session courtesy ot' l’aul N‘Jte at this ttewly relattttehed. elasste (ilasgow name

I Vacuum at the Rtxet‘stde ('ltth Next date the.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Aerodynamico at the l.ltlllltl Lounge. Next date the

I Bailamos at llayatta ‘lpm lain l'i‘ee. Weekly I).l Keith I) htmgs you a world seleettott salsa. Rtkll. latm ehart aelton and whateyet else moyes you.

I Bar Bloc at Hat ltloe Next date llk‘.

I Base at the 'l'tmttel. ll) ittpm iam. £7 (95!. Weekly. ('ht'ts aitd Maitm llesketh. alottg with (hits Harris and Al Kent. weaye a line lahite ol ltiitky house aitd Rtxli at Mttehell lane's linest dance emporttttit.

I Bass Invaders at lilttelxll'lals. t)pm latit. £3. lo Aug. Monthly llmh .lek play a ll\ e set attd the ltass lityadet l)Js return to play the \ety linest ltl hass heayy techno to this Metehattt (.lty erowd. Sounds good. OBebado at Rixei‘stde (‘ltih Midnight 3am. LES tut). 0 Aug. Monthly. l)og. (‘htel attd heayywetght percussion lrom the Moose make thts is hotly anticipated eltth tttght they always get a line etowd in. so tom the party.

I Bedlam at Queen Margaret l'tttott. \L‘H date the.

I Bennet’s at Bennet's.

ll.3llpm 3am. L5. \Veekly. l'eel the goddatim lttitk as Shaun aitd Annie

giy e the lienttet's party posse exactly what they want: commercial dance mixed with a selection ol 70s. h'lls attd Ulls llits.

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