I B'Ding at the Liquid Lounge. Next tlalc the

I Boogie Wonderland at linyy. llpiii 1am. £7 t£5). Weekly Big night ol disco lol‘ those “ho like their boo/e cheap and their tunes funky. Straight ltlll and you know what that's like. y'all.

I Break Yourself at Mercury.

lllpin 3am. £7 t£5). ‘) Aug. .Monthly. (iianni. Barry Reeyes and (’olin Dayie break down the barriers with a club based on quality disco. funky house and hip hop. A fine yenture in a fine club with a fine sound system.

I Budda at Budda. I lpm—3am. £tbc. Weekly tfrom 9 Aug). Relaunched yenue back on track with details still tbc.

I Burly at Mercury. l()pm—3am. 9 Atig. Monthly. Boys only at this cruisy tiight at the gay yenue. Sportswear and underwear is the theme for the night. so this should be a rather spectacular night

I Caledonia Soul at Woodside Sttelill. Next date tbc.

I Chakra at the Soundhaus. Next date the.

I Club Cuba! at ('uba Norte.

‘lpm 3am. l‘i'ee. Weekly. (iet in touch with your Latin spirit at this classy night of dance. The finest Latino beats are supplied by Duncan. l‘arah atid Shannon. Make sure yoti arriye early to guarantee entry

I Club 69 at ('Inl) 6‘). Next date the. I Colours at the Arches. Next date the.

I Concept Theory at Yang. Next date tbc.

I Cube Class at ('nbe. l lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. ()|d~seht)t)l ht)tlse classics and up‘to-date anthems are the order of the day at this packed Sat nightcr. thanks to main rooin man Matt le l‘unk. In the back l)M(i sery es tip Rth.

I Death Disco at the Arches. Next date l() Aug.

I Divine at (ilasgow School of Art tdownstairs). ltlpm 3am. £6 t£5 £4): £3.50 (iSA students. Weekly. it‘s been going strong since Will) and is officially the longest running residency lll (ilasgow. so they know how to work a croth will) industrial strength ftiiik.

I The Edge at the lidge ('oatbridge. l lpllt Rant. [5. Weekly. (iol‘don Miller and Paul Rea just can‘t help

iiiisbehay itig at this night celebratitig all that is debauched and fun. llay e a frolic with them.

I Elektrik Sweat at Blackfriars. Next date tbc.

I Eskrima at (ilasgow School of Art. ltlpm- 3am. £7 (£4 £6). Weekly. Rolling residents Jonnie Wilkes. Bil/y. Twitch. and Martin tRub-A-l)ub) play once a month with new up-and-coming I)J.s Tom and (‘lose. Brendan. Felix. and Dirty Larry playing off-the-beaten-path music from the genres of house. electro. techno. and electronica.

I Freeform at Barfly. l()pm—3am. Free before 1 lpm; £5 (£4) after. Weekly. The Watt brothers present you with at) eclectic mixture of classic soul. funk. 60s beat music atid Latin tunes. with a selection of big hitters thrown in. You are just as likely to hear obscure Latino yoodoo and dark jail as Michael Jackson or James Brown.

I Fusion at Mercury. Next date tbc. I Glasgow House Theory at Q (illlh. Next date tbc.

I Groovejet at Trash. 1 lpiii 3am. £3. Weekly. l’aul N'Jie presides oy er the city's most popular R& B and .soul night. attracting a loyal crowd every week. Room I has the Brown Brothers playing meal and commercial house atid Room 3 has Date with the party anthems.

I Higher Ground at Riyerside (‘luh Next date tbc.

I Iii-Karate at Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

0 Homecookin’ at The Social. Input-3am. l‘ree before I 1pm; £5 alter. Weekly. l)Js Stewart Mc(‘alltim and

Medicine Wheel. the Sub Club. Glasgow. Fri 8 Aug

Rub-A-Dub Records has a simple remit with Medicine Wheel: big name guests with a difference. And, as if to prove it, up rocks ex-Deee-Lite member Supa DJ Dmitry, making his Glasgow debut. By a strange twist of Clubland fate, it’s just weeks after Deee-Lite’s platformtastic former frontwoman, Lady Miss

Kier, did the same.

Born in Soviet-era Ukraine, Dmitry was parachuted directly into dance music’s nativity scene when his parents defected to New York in 1981. Starting out with a set of decks but no table for them, he progressed from Danceteria elevator operator to regular DJ at NYC hotspots like the Shelter and Pyramid where house and hip-hop were brought kicking and breaking into the world. Then came the self-described ‘holographic house groove band', Deee-Lite and, of course, the monster crossover hit ‘Groove is in the Heart’.

But that’s all history. Since the group disbanded in 1995, Dmitry has abandoned their definitive brand of kitsch house in favour of an altogether heavier mix, one that’s placed him top of the remix list for artists as diverse as Sinead O’Connor and Q-Tip, and was crowned DJ of the Year in 1998.

‘I really believe in mixing a lot of different styles of music. I love techno, I love house, I love electro. It’s pretty floor-stomping music,’ he says of his sets. “This back-to-the-BOs trend is actually a little disturbing to me. It’s a bit boring; we already lived through that. Electronic music is not about safety, it’s about innovation and moving forward and the future.’ (Rose Parfitt)

Joe lliggins keep the music jammin' and the dance floor jumpin' all night long. R&B tracks mixed with the odd classic and old-skool favourites. Just watch out for football players.

I Homegrown at Bamboo. 5pm—3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. Stevie Middleton from Sole plays a funky. soulful house set with Gayin McLeod. Junior and J-Me play soul and R&B. and Nolan and James Gardner do w‘haley'er they want. A fine line-up for a Sat.

I lce at the Arches. Next date the.

I Inside Out at the Arches. Next date tbc.

I Jamboree at Reds. l lpm--3am. £7 t£5). Weekly. John Lyons and Martin llesketh of \'el\et Rooms fame mix tip a blend of commercial R&B and soul.

I Joy at l3th Note ('afe. Next date tbc. I Kevin Austin at ('anyas tArta). 10.30pm 3am. £7. Weekly. (‘ontinue dancing while the live entertainment are taking a well-deserted break to the main room sounds of funk. disco and club anthems.

I Kube at Blackfriars Basement. Next date tbe.

I Life at Life (Corinthian).

ltlpm- 3am. £5. Weekly. A formidable night of funk for those who like their entertainment mature. but still

jammin'. Ross Macmillan presents a

selection of sotil. ftiiik and disco augmented with original samples and loops to guarantee a new take on familiar sounds.

I Lite at Corinthian. 9plll--3dlll. £tbc. Weekly. Modern new bar and club at this gorgeous Ingram Street mega- y'enue. They always ptit a lot into their venues. so try to make an effort. will you'.’

I Lush at the Polo Lounge. l().3()pn)~73am. £5. Weekly. l-‘eaturing Andy in the Trophy Room w ith hits from the (ills to the 80s. while 'lom proyitles an tip-front dance selection in the main room at the city 's prettiest gay club.

0 Melting Pot Boat Party boarding at (ilasgow Science ('entre. 8.45pm laii). £15. 9 Atig only. Departing from the big silyery thing across from the Moathouse hotel. this is a blinding disco and house journey on a boat with the Melting Pot Residents. This is a mighty prospect for all inyolyed so get on it.

I Mish Mash at the Liquid Lounge. Next date the.

I Miso at 13th Note. Next date tbc. I Moda at Moda. 9pm - 3am. l-‘ree. \Veekly. l’ine (ilasgow DJ land

listings Clubs

tootballeri Barry (iemmel drops bombs .it this beautitnl bar in the gay district. I Nonsense .ii Mercury Next date tbc.

I Original Soundtrack .it Q t‘lnh. Next date tbc.

I Papacool .it Ad lit). .\'esi date the.

I Rapture at Media. l lpiii 3am. £tbc. \Veekly. "(is and fills classlcs from James Russell. and guest l)Js eyery two weeks make this a fill) night

I Red and Cold Room at Al'ta. ltlpiii—.‘~ain. Free before 1 lpm; £8 after. Weekly. Billy Milligan mans the decks for a fine night of Latin house. This will seriously spice tip your life. if that‘s w hat's required.

I Bub Down at Ad Lib. Next date tbc.

I Saturdays at Blanket at Blanket tforiiierly Bed). ltl._t(lpm 3am. £7 t£5 ). 'l'he funkiest Rth in the city rocks the big back bedroom oi) .i Sat in Bed w ith the legendary Raymond Woods. .liiii da Best and his musical antics keep you awake in the front bedroom making this tiew Sat night one of the most popular It] the city.

I Seduce .it .-\rchaos. | Ipm 3am. £8 t£6). Weekly. ('harty dance and Rth. not to mention an unhealthy smattering ol cheese oi) this huge Sat nightcr.

I Shack at the Shack.

ltldtlpm Villain. £7 t£5). Weekly. Let your hair down aiid liyeii things up on the dancclloor to the stitlltds of all your Shack layotiritcs. play ed otit by (iraeme l‘ergiison.

I The Shed at the Shed.

ltUtlpm 3am. £6. Weekly. Demand is hiin for this one. so get there early. 'l‘nneage deploy ed by linan Neilson and Andy Robertson.

I Sidewinder at Ad Lil).

llpiii 3am. £5. Next date tbc. Monthly. l‘nnky daneefloor lit/l sounds from around the world with DJ Looseioints and Iiy e guests Soap. A \ery discerning croth makes this a line night of danceteria.

O Slam Present the Wall of Sound 10th Anniversary Tour at the Arches. ltlpm 3am. £tbc. ‘) Atig only. Join Stuart and ()rde as they celebrate this most worthy anniyei‘sary. Jacques Ln (out. the Visitor and 'l‘hemroc are the special guests that

w ill rock your face off. .S't't' [)I't'l'lt'n'.

I Soulsa at MAS. l lpm 3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. Andy and Shae l) are ill charge at the club in Royal lixchange Square. A great soiilftil house session on this w ell—desery ed party.

I Streetlife at Liqtiid Lounge. Next date tbc.

I Subculture at the Sub ('lub. llpm~3am. £ It). Weekly. This blistering lionse night has been going for high on a decade. and it shows no sign of fatigue. Still the best by a hundred miles times ten to the power of infinity. Harri and Domenic are the two strange men standing in that wee box with the records.

I Superfly at the Woodside Social. Next date tbc.

I Syntax at SoundhaUs. Next date the.

I Tiger Tiger at Tiger Tiger.

1 lpti) 3am. £6. Weekly. Join the party at this beautiful bar fayoiired by those wearing stiits and expensive dresses. The music policy is commercial dance aiitl the ubiquitous R&B.

I Vegas at the Renl'rew l-crry. Next date 33 Atig.

I The Winchester Club at the Woodside Social. 9pm 2am. £3. l5 Atig. Monthly. It's ClCCll‘t)lllCil‘il-gtbgl) at this month's Winchester. The lilectroluys headline and support comes from London‘s Red Bull l)o/.ers. As always. after the bands they’ll be playing indie. pop. soul. hip hop and all kinds of everything for your dancing pleasure.

7-14 Aag 2023 THE mar 29