Exhibitions are listed by city, than alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


IM Woodlandx Road. 333 “(’33. Mon l'l'l lliam 5pm; Sat Iliam l3.3llpltl.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Sat 3“ Aug A Silt)“ ol \tork h) regular galler} itrll\l\ including \Htt‘k\ h} Helen M 'l'urner. lid Hunter. Marion 'l‘hotnxon. Robert liggtnton. Joe Kearne} and man) otherx.


253 Arg} le Street. mot 022 Moo.

0 Primitive Streak l'ntil Sun 3-1 Atig. A collection ol o\ er 3” ama/ing gttl'lllCllIS depicting the ten kc} einhrymic e\ent\ in the tirxt Loon hourx l'ollou mg lertih/ation created h} dexigner llelen Store} uorking “llll her SISlt‘l' Kate. a research biologist haxed at Dundee l'niu‘t'xll}. See llllltxt.


1‘) l’arnie Street. 553 777‘). Mon Sat

noon 5pm.

Triptych l'ntil Tue 30 Atig. A \election ol' \xork h} three )oung tigurath e painterx: Rehecca l-‘auldmg. Ben Daviex Jenkinx and Jason l’} per Da\ IS.


I20 Bath Street. 07763 222323.

Suite Art Fri 3 Atig Thu 4 Sep. A \L‘I'IL‘S ol' \xeekl} e\lnhnion\ each \hotting the \wi‘k of a dil’l'erent \tudent currentl) attending (ilaxgtm School ot‘ Art. With an opening e\er_\ lil'ltltl} from 5pm. l-‘rank To \lltt\\\ work from .S’ 3| Atig l‘olloxt ed h} Darren McManux t33 Attg .1 Sept.


135a Bath Street. 333 3830. Tue Sat Iliam 5.30pm.

Glasgow Art Club l'ntil Sat 30 Aug. Art e\hihition ot' “ork h} meinherx ot‘ the (ilaxgtm Art ('luh including \torkx h} Norman lidgar. A|e\andra (iardner. lla/el .\'agl and Jeimiler lr\ tne.


l3-l Bl}lll\\\lllitl Street. 333 4(l37.

Mon l-"ri 9.30am 5.30pm; Sat 10am 1pm. Drawing from Experience l'ntil l-‘ri l5 Aug. An e\hihition ol‘ Scottixh tll'u“ mg ll’ttlll woo 2W3 including \\ol‘l\\ h} Anne Redpath. Joan liardle}. Sir Rohin l’hilipxon. DY ('ameron. Will Maclean. Duncan Shankx and Gordon Mitchell. Andrew Hill l'ntil Fri 15 Aug. Next raku tired cerainicx.


loo» “)8 Brunxxuck Street. Merchant ('it}. 553 000].

Joy Bain l'ntil Stiit 3l Atig. Next painting\.


350 Satichiehall Street. 353 4900.

Tue Wed tk liri Sun llttlllvbpml 'l'hu llaiit Spin.

Lee Bul: The Monster Show Sat 0 Aug Sttn 38 Sep. The tirxt e\hil\ition of work in Scotland it} Korean artixt Bul \\ ho e\plore\ the human bod) and technolog} in a xeriex ol~ c_\ borg \culpturex. The e\c|u\i\el) l'entale c}hot'g\ quextionx idea\ and ideologiex in\o|\ ed in the creation of xtereot} pex. See pre\ we and llitlixt. NEW SHOW.

Welcome to the lioegaarden Hi 8 Atig. 7pm. Dutch Droog design collectix e has created an inxlallalion tor lloegaarden “hich i\ touring to \enue~ acrosx (ilthgou. Designer Frank TijkClllil has created garden-impired furniture. and there i~ li\e music from l).l\ “hile _\ou \ainple the Belgian “hite beer.


l‘ntxemt} ot Strathcl_\de. 33 Richmond Street. 5-1.\ 355\ Mon in Want 5pm. Sat ttoott Jinn

Sons and Mothers l'ntil Sat to Aug In re~pon~e to the ct!) -\\ide Jame~ \lcNeill \\ lll\llL‘l' celehrattotix. the (‘ollmx (iallei) hax muted l'K ttrll\l\ to prexent conteltipot'ar} interpretattoih ot relationxhtpx hetneeth xonx and motherx. motheh and \onx. draxx n trom perxonal e\perience .'\l'll\l\ include Jo} ce (itinir (’airnx. Kate Donnie and Joe ('lerke. l._\ ~ llanxen. l’antela So. Da\ id \\ llllttllh and man} more See re\ie\\.


1‘.\ “ext Regent Street. 221 03'“

Mon Sat ltiant 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition l‘ntil ’l'ue 3 Sep. ('ontemporar} Scottixh paintingx. [‘l'lllh and \culpture ht )otlttg and mid-career


3“ \VL'Sl (ieorge Street. 3.“: .5551 Mon Sat 10am 5.3lipm.

The Mediterranean Blues in S in 33 Atig. Mediterranean land and cttpcapex it) Andre l)e_\inona/. \EE '

CRAIGEND VISITOR CENTRE Mugdock ('otnitr} l’ark. ('raigallian Road. Near Milngax ie. 950 Mon.

Venture Out! 'l‘hu " Sat lo Atig tnot 9. ll 13 Attgt. Thu 7. l‘il'l S. 'l'hu H A in 15 Atig. noon 5pm; Sat 9. Sun I” A Sat lo Atig. Iliam 5pm. ()rtginal artnork h} ne\\ and e\talili\hed iti'llSlS.


Saltoun Lane. 34 Ruthx en Street. 35" WW. Mon I‘ri tk Sun l3.3(i 5.3lipin; Sal llam 5.30pm.

One Year On: Summer Exhibition l'nttl Stm 3| Aug. The (killer) celeht'atex ll\ lirxt )ear “1th a \ummer xelection ol \torkx h) regular ttl'llxlx including Jock Maclnnex. Ale\andcr (iardner. l’eter .\'ardini. (iordon llCllthl'Sttll. Da\ id Roxx \Varrilo“ and Jenn} .-\ndet\on.


Queen Street. 33‘) 19%. Mon 'l'hn ck Sat 10am 5pm; liri Sun llam 5pm. Diverse Perspectives Sat 9 Sun 24 aug. Young photographeh e\p|ore their |i\c\ as ethnic llllllol‘ll} “omen in thix e\hihition ot’ black and \\llllL' photographs. SHC‘.'..

Sanctuary l‘ntil Mon 3‘) Sep. Tackling ISSUCS of human rightx and their tthttxe. llllS malot' e\hihition\ hrmgx together the \tork of o\ er 3” contemporar) artixtx. Dmeloped in partnerxhip \\ ith Amnext) International and the Scottixh Relugee ('ouncil. the c\hihition e\p|ore\ \ultiectx xuch ax l'orced migration. dixplacement. torture. opprexxion. identit} and conceph of home. Artixts include .-\ttthott_\ (iortnlq. Bill Viola. Mark \Vallinger. Lotuxe Bourgeotx. Shirin .\'e\hat. Rtl\\ Sinclair and Kenn) Hunter.

Sanctuary Selling Show l'ntil Sun Aug. A \hoxt of affordable art with proceeds going to :\lllllt‘\l} international and the Scottixh Rel'tigee ('ouncil and include\ work h} Korean artixl and former prixoner ol‘conxcience llong Song Dam.


Rouken (ilen Road. 030 ()235. Mon. Thu. liri tk Sun 1.30 5.30pm; Sat

1 l.3()ain 5.30pm.

Summer Exhibition t'ntil Wed 13 Atig. A timed e\hihition teaturing “\ka

h} Pain ('arter. limma S Dax ix. Shona Barr.

('laire and .ltllllex llarrigan. Jame\ ()rr. I\lr\l} Wither and man} more.


HS \Vext Regent Street. 331 3095.

Mon Sat 9.3(lam 5.30pm.

First of the Summer Wine t'ntil Sun 3| Aug. A \eaxon ot’ changing \\ttrk\ on a \uinnter theme including “min b} liardle}. DY ('anieron. li‘t'gttwtitt. Annie French. “’0 (illllL‘S. Mc(‘ance and man} otherx.

sons Ann MOTHERS

JSI'T‘tlS Art

Collins Gallery. Glasgow. until Sat 16 Aug ooo

Irene with Samuel by David Williams


As the title suggests, and in response to the citywide James McNeill Whistler celebrations, the Collins Gallery‘s latest exhibition aims to offer personal interpretations by contemporary artists on the particular relationship between mothers and sons. Responses range from female artists' affection and frustration for their offspring and collaborations between parent and child, to reactions from a more dissociated point of


Julie Brook’s cherubic charcoal drawings fondly capture her son. with every mark conveying her affection for her subject. Kate Downie and her son Joe Clerke have created a combined image, with each drawing the other simultaneously. Marcelle Hanselaar’s print echoes elements of Paula Rego’s animalism drawings, with her position as neither a mother nor a son offering a refreshing perspective. But with much of the work in the show, subtle interpretations seem lost on some over-zealous literalism.

Ian McCulloch’s Family Group is an exception to this, with his eerie family portrait being more open to interpretation. Partly inspired by the photos of Arshile Gorky and the ceramics of Bernard Leach, his 19305 posed painting appears as much a comment on the importance of the family unit as on its destruction post war. However. it is Miniature Projected Reality by Gail Howard and her son Alfred Swan that is the most successful of the works on offer. This intricately crafted, futuristic landscape is a wonderful example of successful collaborative practice raising universal issues concerning (parental) control. (Sorcha Dallas)


l3 RUSL‘ Sll'et‘l. 333 3l33.

Scott Naismith t‘ntil Sun 3! Aug. ()ilx and acr_\ licx h} Duncan ol Jordanxtone graduate. Scott .\'ai\mtth


33 t\ 3.5 King Street. 5.53 liqll-l. 'I'uc Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Arrangement in Grey and Black l‘ntil Sat 0 Aug. lmited ttl‘ll\l\ make printx in rexponxe to \Vhtxth‘t'K lttllitttIS painting ol lll\ mother .‘ill'tlll'c't’llll'lll III (fret tuit/ Ii/tu k \'o./ ax part ol the \Vllhllet' centenar} celelu‘atiottx. Contemporary Abstraction l'ntil Sat 9 Aug. ('o-curated h) John ('alctttt and Adrian \Vix/nieu \ki. an e\hihition looking at the idem ol the al‘mlt'act m contemporar) art leaturing \\ttl'l\\ h} 'l‘oh} l’aterxon. Sue 'l'otnpkmx. Victoria Morton. Michael \Vilkinxon. Kat} Do\e. Richard Wright and Peter l.}nclr t/«S' CHANCE. TO St.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART The \litt‘kllllttxll (iallet‘). lo" Renlreu Street. 353-1500. Mon Fri Iliam 5pm; Sat Iliam 3pm.

0 Robert Stewart: Design 1946-95 l'ntil Sat I \o\ tMackintmh (ialler) i. Robert Ste“ art ma} not he a lamiliar natne but during the 5M. (ilix and 7th. he \\a\ an influential dexigner and leading educationahxt. A contemporat'} ot' Lucienne Da_\. Stenart “ax head of printed te\tile\ at (ilaxgotx School ol‘ Art as \\ ell ax linding time to dexign tor Libert}. Motit'. :\tl\[lll Reed and the lidinhurgh 'l‘apextr} \wrking til the mediumx oi te\tile\. ceramic» graphic dexign arid tapextr}. Sec llllllSI.

Robert Stewart And Colleagues - Posters l‘nttl Sat | _\o\ t.\llllllll (i.tllct_\ i. lo accompany the Sit-“ail t'L'lttt\[\t‘t'll\t‘. it \t‘lt‘tlltiti Hl llllll‘\.lll\t‘ poxtet tlextgnx h) Robert Steuati and lll\



l3: littlll Sllt't'l. iii l‘Nl \ltttl l'lt lli3liam 5pm; Sat I” Want lpm Mixed Exhibition l lllll Sat iii \tig A \election ol I‘llh. 3ltth t't‘llllll} and cotiletttpol’at‘} [i.tllllltlf._'\


9 ll (ieotg‘t' Street. .553 3ll3-l \loli Sal ‘lam 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Sat it! Aug ()rigtnal neu Scottixh landxcape h) Malcolm lillll\ and Alan Morgan

0 HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'nnerxit} ot (ilaxgou. B3 llillhead Street. 33‘) 5-13] Mon Sat ‘) 30am 5pm. Stilt I331) 4.3ltpm. l“! more mtormation \ce tut unhixtlct3lili3 com Anna Whistler - A Life l'nttl Sat .1 ()ct. \Vhixtler’x painting ol lll\ mother. .lrrtinet'nit'n! III (irt't mn/ [Hui L A): / t\ complemented h} a \pecial exhibition haxed on pl'L'\ltttl\l) unpuhlhhed correxptmdence and archnal material. rewalmg the hie behind the iconic ltttttg'e See lllllhl I’M/I I" “hut/H 2003’.

Beauty and the Butterfly: Whistler’s Depictions of Women l'ntil Sat 4 ()ct. l’axtclx. etchtngx and lithograle lllthlt'ale \Vitlxllt't‘K tlL‘Plt'lltHh ot \totttett. lttc'lhlltg' on childhood. adulthood and the old age. l’url of ll‘liixI/u' 211m.

. 2 J/ .' tTHE LIST 33