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Being There

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Louise WGWGT

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In the early 19905, Edinburgh-born celebrity snapper Stanley Reilly suffered a period of anxiety-related illness. As part of the therapeutic process, he was advised to get involved with voluntary work, so he joined a team at Waverley Care Solas Centre back in his home town. Working with HIV patients was an experience that both cured him and changed his life. Stanley Reilly was, and still is, a keen photographer with a back catalogue of photos of various showbiz shindigs in the 605 and 705. So he decided to compile them in a book, all the proceeds of which go to Waverley Care. “069 your bEtS now on another surefire winner With its foreword by Sir Elt, this is a collection positively bathed in the from the author of GOODNIGHT stEVE MCQUEEN tanned skins and abundant mink fur of a very innocent pre-Hel/o! celebrity world. There are some great snaps here: the Wide-eyed,

myopic stare of Dusty Springfield, the louche slouch of Dame Cleo Laine on stage and Richard and Liz turning away to hide their sagging chins. Then there is the shy Hellenic pose of Telly Savalas, spaced-out flashes of Lennon and Sellers, and then there are the rib ticklers such a.” ; . - 1 , as Ken Dodd, Marty Feldman and Liberace.

,I r‘ . " ~ - Being There: A Personal Photographic Record of the 605 is a slim

' " ' volume, which may well be the result of just a few days hunting out those amiable celebs of yore. But it's likeable, fun and, you know, for charity, mate. (Paul Dale)


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