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Brittany Murphy in Spun at Glasgow’s UGC

Top films head west

The Edinburgh International Film Festival Comes to Glasgow. t l

Edinburgh International Film Festival, 13-24 Aug,


Jane Hamilton

Top 5

Five of the best

1 Alan Moore

Comics Time to catch up with the high priest of the comic book as his work is celebrated in hardback before The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen hits the big screen. See feature. page 6.


Sport Only seems like yesterday smce last season's dramatic climax. but Celtic and Rangers now embark on another two—horse campaign. See Sport. page 36. Various venues.

3 Elbow

Records We give a fat five stars to Cast of Thousands. a dark. euphoric record that puts Radiohead on par with Busted. See Records. page 39. V2.

4 Wall of Sound

Clubs A very happy tenth birthday to the label that has given us tracks from Royksopp. Propellerheads and Zoot Woman. See Clubs. page 26. Arches. Glasgow.

5 Respiro

Film A prize winner at Cannes. this smalltown drama merges Italian neo-realism and Latin magic realism to stirring effect. See Film. page 8. UGC. Glasgow & Edinburgh.


‘I feel this band. the five of us as musicians playing

together, never really made any mistakes musically.‘

‘l‘d rather be a pimp than a gang banger, because I grew up being a gang-banger and I tell you, you live longer being a pimp.‘

‘Really, we were quite pleased.‘

‘There are plenty of people out there that think I‘ve been crackers for a long time, so I am glad I‘ve proved them right by making this hilarious ad for Walkers.’

‘God, I could sit in a pub all night in Ireland. I’d sit and knit and be fantastically


‘My father wanted to take a souvenir from Hitler. He first wanted to cutoff his head, but later decided to cut off his penis.’

‘This is getting on my fucking tits now. I never accused anybody of anything. This

case has nothing

to do with me.’