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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE are the mightiest rock band to stride the planet. Here they reveal why they’re like Italian ice cream . . . and haggis.

Interyiew: Henry Northmore.

orinedfrixnthezmirrmf Kyuss (X)lS/\area()(x‘;itlr ofalxirxtiiiomnxtuise llhlltlxillleS-k,’ tall. (lrxixanlty iiL’iniao'iJ lxis‘ust Nid< ()liym, of é‘J‘ayer‘. headaixl naker {(NXYHXKXL :n.'.'aori<:«rszi<:rrx:;thedialmxisii. tadxylxr1leztagearmoftlieBarro.-.ttixl_uufiileakxxt‘e Troy, yantrnmen rguiti'ir‘i f;l)i£t\.‘.4f;(ifl thebrxrt-up kuithmittemfas. Unlike so many bands you seem to walk the walk and talk the talk. Troy van Leeuwen It's kinda like a rock'n'ioil twilight sleep You kinda don't know if you're awake or asleep but there's a beer in your hand and pills in your system. It's all good. Nick Oliveri It's always different ~ sometimes you do. sometimes you don't. Van Leeuwen I don't think it's that important. it's really about the llltlSlC. I mean I'm gonna do music even if decide to never drink again. Oliveri I ain't planning that right now. but if did I'd still play music. I don't plan on ever stopping playing. But yeah. we enioy ourselves. definitely. If s )ineone .‘Jants to. they do. and if they don't they dor‘t. There's no rules. ;lid 'Millionaire' when was sober, we don't do everything fucked up ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer' was some calling card. Oliveri \"Ve're not giving any riiessage to do or don't {Breaking into the chorus] ‘nicotine. '.aliurii. nieodar‘. iiiariiuana. ecstasy and alcohol.' It's just a cool singalong. lt's rust a list bro'. Does having three key vocalists offer more range? Oliveri It's something; different that most rock bands don't have. I can't sing like Mark. I can't sing like Josh.


like to st 'irai“ arict they don't. al: ’1': '.'.".at t'w it'Ii pant. Three afferent flaxours. ,.<,i. mark -i,-a. Van Leeuwen lite gaunt, pack

Oliveri The Neapolitan. i‘ you .'.’lil.

You sing about the highs but never ignore the lows

Oliveri l irst you timetli. their /, , Van Leeuwen \‘u’her‘ you're i.'- the studio all that stuff

starts flox'ringi out of you because you're in that mark

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l'itleI‘. Arid ‘.-./hat (L()l‘l(3t3 out naturan, you .'.’Zl"i."£t ase. anything; that feels ‘orrged you don't ‘.'.'a'ina use. I wear we put aside a iot of really deed stuff,

Why is Songs for the Deaf darker than Rated R? Oliveri Rated R ‘.'.'as a party. We"? blame Mark {Lanegan '.'o::a|istj on that {laughs} Trere .‘xas a is? of shit. I rnean .'.'e .'.'at::he<i the txiin toners ',-n TV and there were a lot of things going; on. break his; and divorces.

Are you and Josh still the core of the group? Oliveri No. we are ail .'.r.'.t;nr;. \.'.e

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How do you keep up the on stage intensity?

Oliveri Its {icod to be back here. frecaiise ("e

£t1.<llt:ll£lé‘tf3 here are stellar or us. .‘xe let": in ‘v-K: u! that Phj.s":;iil,. .'.re need their fiesi‘, fans titaf Jill’l/ .i, on statie a:i:i il‘, to stage (the. ‘.".’e :i'ar ‘e'a. .r 'erit, eat 'ern ‘oi (turner {smacks :|[}fi].

Van Leeuwen Pan fried.

Oliveri Scottish is s‘.'.=eet "reat. r‘agigi's. 'l‘lll'37"‘.l‘ .





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Phewey. Those Red Hot Chili Peppers' lyrics are as hot as their name and as

daft as their inpenetrable lyrics. Words: Doug Johnstone

The Red Hot Chili Peppers formed in 1983. So that's 20 years of iuiiiping up and down. creating dumb, feelgood funk rock. And 20 years in and out of rehab. living the rock'n'roll lifestyle to the max. Oh. and 20 years of possibly the smuttiest and most idiotic lyrics ever to be broadcast on daytime radio.

Has anyone else noticed that the Ohm Pepps' lyrics are complete filth? While essays have no doubt been written on the wordy musings of Stipe. Bono et al. and whole degrees are probably available in Morrissey studies. you're unliker ever to read a dissertation on 'Symbolisiii and Metaphor as Post-modern lrony lll the Lyrics of Anthony Kiedis'.

Anyway. Chili Pepps' lyrics basically fall into two categories. The first is pure filth. For example: ‘To finger paint is not a srrv I put my middle finger Ill/ Your monthly blood is what l win,‘ from ‘Purple Stain' (quite) on the multi-million selling Cal/fornication. itself a brilliantly idiotic play on words.

The second category is gibberish. Imagine Dr Seuss fronting Spinal Tap. and you’re getting there. The title track of the band's most recent record. By the Way. not only features Kedis declaring 'Dog town blood bath/ Rib cage soft tail.‘ but also ‘Black iack dope dick’ Pawn shop quick pick'. Wise words indeed.

If they're on fire they might try and double up gibberish and filth on something we've christened filtherish. So we get: ‘French electric sex a cock shocking swamp fox,‘ on 'Blackeyed Blonde'. or indeed the chorus of ‘Californication‘: 'First born unicorn/ Hard c0re soft porn/ Dream of Californication'. Eh?

And the list IS endless. ‘Suck My Kiss' (‘Little Bo Peep. Cumin' from my stun gun'i, 'Give It Away' i‘What I've got you've got to get it put it in you'). climaXing in the ridiculous ‘Sex Rap' where Kiedis reveals: ‘Well I like to make her cum/ To the rhythm of the drums.’ after much heaVing and sweating. Probably.

Actually. there probably is a these in all this. Where's my universny application form?

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