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Writing up this interview with Adam Lee Miller, one half of sublimer robotic US electro outfit Adult, The List finds itself administering a quick and regretful self-kicking for not asking just what is the point of having a full stop after their name. After all - in all but the most cleverly ironic circumstances - there‘s just no need. is there?

But then, maybe it does serve a purpose in drawing our attention to the sublime suitability of the rest of their name. They‘re sleazier than a Tory party conference in Amsterdam (one summer holiday you wouldn’t take the bairns on, I'm sure). but also fuelled by the same sense of pubescent tomfoolery that would raise sniggers at the mere out-of-context mention of the word ‘adult'.

Referring to himself and his wife and musical partner Nicola Kuperus. Miller says: ‘When we first starting writing music: ‘We wanted to make something that people would have strong reactions to. meaning that we wanted people to either love or hate the music. We didn‘t want people to

No really, it works just as well as normal eye drops

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say. (in monotone) “Yeah. it's alright. it's cool." We aren't relaxed people. and we don't want relaxed reactions to our music. We both went to art school, so we are totally used to having our shit ripped apart."

Not that anyone who's familiar with Adult. will be ripping any shit apart. although they are an admittedly acquired taste for those folks who aren't familiar with the electro scene. However. Miller while not distancing himself from that scene - notices the demarcation line between it. Adult. and the band's own Ersatz Audio label. ‘It isn't so much that we left our roots. we're just always trying not to repeat ourselves. It‘s like Woody Allen said in Annie Hall. “A relationship. I think, is like a shark. You know, it has to constantly move forward or it dies." Same with the music.‘

That said, Adult.'s superb recent album Anxiety Always could be the soundtrack to heaven's own electro swingers party. So they're not pissing about with sideways steps. just pushing forward into the future all the time. Tell us. Adam, how can we make music better?

‘Less cheese. less attitudes. more independents and no MTV,‘ he replies. Amen to that. Full stop. (David Pollock)

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