R&B seems to be the next big thing in Glas ow so we spoke to those in the now.

W n: 15;: Johnny Regan

x any regular \ixitor to thexe pagex \xill haxe

notieed. clubbing in the central belt hax altered

xubxtantiall} in the laxt [no _\earx. 'l’he hottxe and teehno that xeemed immoreable l‘roni the turntablex ol' (ilaxgoxx'x mainxtream elubx hax been replaeed h} the liunkier .-\meriean modern xoul eurrentl} dominating the ehartx. \Vhat doex the tranxition mean lor the (ilaxn‘egian elubber'.’

Well. the lirxt thing that you'll notice \xhen entering an RtUl elub ix that the lamoux (ilaxng hard partying attitude hax not been eompromixed h} l'unky xoul'x graduation l'rom the baek roomx. ll' anything. the niainxtream xeene hax been reinxigorated by the abandonment ol' eommereial houxe. 'l'hingx xtarted to get a bit xtale beeauxe l).lx \xere juxt ptttting on the eheap and naxt} ehart traxh and hoping for the bext. One thing _\ou'll notiee about the hot R&B nightx at the moment the reall} authentie nightx

ix that the l‘L‘xltlL‘lllx llaVL‘ \pClll )mtx honing their art. and it'x about the inuxie ax mueh ax the lil‘ext_\le. 'l‘here'x that mueh—appreeiated xenxe ol' l'un that had exaporated tor a \xhile.

()ne ol‘ the ligttrelteadx ol‘ the xeene ix l’aul .\".lie. \\ ho pla_\x at a number ol‘ the xotil eelebrationx in lo\\n. .\ true gentleman ol' the xeene. hix inl‘eetioux laughter and irreprexxible enthuxiaxm l'or good-time muxie hax put him at the top ol‘ the game. He eommentx about the .xeixmie daneel'loor xhilt in the eentral belt: '.-\lter all thix time. it'x linall} happened. \\'e‘\e been told lor _\earx that urban muxie \xould ne\ er mo\ e danee lrom the dL‘L‘kx. littl ll ltax. .\loxl ol‘ the lk‘xl partiex it] [out] are non R&B nightx. and the xame ix true for plaeex like Diggit) in lidinburgh. Roxie'x in lialk'irk and the lee liaetor) in Perth. \xhieh tixed to be a big danee Venue. 'l'hat‘x kind of xxinlwolie.’ :\l_xtl x_\'mbolie \\ ax the night that liouxe god Dann} Rampling p|a_\ ed to a lexx-

26 THE LIST '-'-

Most of the best parties in

town are now R&B nights

UK R&B king Trevor Nelson

than-lull tnain room in the Tunnel. \thile the Rtkll rexidentx pla_\ed to a room paeked \xith l‘erxent re\e||erx. While hottxe baxtion ('olourx ix booking the llkcx ol' 'l‘l‘L'Htl' NL‘lxtilt.

ln xpite ol‘ thix. the neu prolileration doexn't giVe eredenee to the mueh-munted ‘death ol‘ danee inuxie' rumour that hax been eireulating. Rather. \xhat'x being indieated ix a mo\e ana} lt‘ottt predietable hard beatx. the ine\ itable build-upx and dull \oeal-laden breakdou nx that eharaeterixe the traxh} euro-trance that hax little to do “ith real houxe or teehno. l'ltimatel}. elubberx juxt got xiek ol' hearing a bad produet pla} ed in a boring laxhion. and the organie xt}|e in \xhieh R&l3 ix l).lL‘tl xtarted lo appeal to the lllajol‘ll} Ul‘ lllL‘ party people. .'\x l’aul .\"Jie \it)\2 ‘What \xe play ix muxie for people \\ ho want to feel good about themxel\ex. and urban muxie lendx itxell‘ to that. lt‘x inuxie l‘or enjo} ment.‘

Another xtal\\ art ol‘ the xeene ix promoter Martin llexketh. “lltt gi\ex hix imprexxion ol' hou thix inuxie hax grtmn into the xound ol' the daneelloor. and the ehartx. 'l xtarted pla_\ing Rtkll on Klfl' l‘exti\al Radio in 1988. and \\e \tere prett) bold in putting on l‘our nightx ol‘ R&B at the \'el\et Roomx \\ hen we lirxt xtarted lllL‘l‘L‘. 'l‘hat‘x \\ here lllix lllllxlt.‘ originated lion] in (ilaxgtm. ;\ll ol the gu)x. l’aul .\”.lie. \aeem. Raynond \Voodx and a load ol~ otherx. ha\ e been pla_\ ing thix rnuxie l'or ~\earx. and xinee 19%. |‘\e noted that the biggext xelling traekx ol‘ the war hax e moxtl) been hip hop and xoul. The big lu'eakthrough in thix eountr} \\ ax 'Killing Me Sol'tl_\' b) the l‘ugeex. \xhieh \\ ax the ultimate Cl'tl\\tl\ er traek. SlnL‘C lllL‘ll. the (all (aux (il- lllix \kol'ltl ha\e notieed that the} ean't eommand L'lSllll to pla} \\lierie\er the) like.‘ llexketh ix alua}x xtri\ ing to xpur the xeene lurther on. a|\\a_\x looking at hon to keep it \ ital. and he e\elttxi\el} re\ealed to 7‘/1('1.1'\Itlt;tt he hax arranged lot" l).\l.\ to appear li\e on 4 ()etober. Yet another eoup in a eit} addieted to modern xoul.

Various venues and nights, check listings for details.

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The N00 Groove

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Sir? 6 Am.