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FUL L-TIME FUNDRAISERS H £7.00-EII.SOph (paid weekly) " '

Head of Finance & Administration

Gift attracts new supporters and raises millions of pounds for a number of leading charities. Our street based teams in Glasgow work hard but enjoy excellent rewards including great pay. regular breaks and monthly socials. If you‘re confident with a passion for charity work and like the idea of a strong team environment. meeting new people and facing new challenges every day. call our 24-hour recruitment

line now. This could be right up your street. Ref: LIS. E

Technician / Projectionist

“JUL/x: o ’4 I 3 33 3594 g \ I. 7' _ H: I. V "‘""*"' '"“" w. r3." A,“ Closung Date: Fri 29 Am; a dundve ) Dundee Rep Theatre, home to scorLANo's BIGGEST AND somesr STUDENT UNION YOU CAN MAKE AN ( , Scotland's only Ensemble 5 L_ h T h _ _ M r” r‘ f Compan , seeks a / g T mun y I t “Ic'ans MiSCOlllSH Acronsnroumin roe SCOTTISH scuoor TOURS Technical wizards required to provide sound and light e rti a d h I d b I . Salary dependent on age and experience. we so on an as n w an 'equ '0 as s . A’;fiffl%2‘gggfw3f

£5.18 per hour (pay award pending)

For job description please send SAE to Interested? Marketing Manager Dundee Rep Theatre E"°°"°"‘ “ms 8"" °°"d“'°"s PM" 5"”; “i” (V l" For an application pack, please either call the recruitment Produ(ll()lis Administrator ay quare. undee DD1 1P8 141 6 090 24 I A tux m H 8 k H . . . ""8 on o 5 7 5 ( houfs) mp ( (, Opt‘ «Ill ()llSt', A IIcation deadline 5 m, T r 1 x . ~ pp p hu 2 St AUg 2003 or email Wmflfilfél‘lgufig'36::(23;y

And you (ould help maki- .I (lmmatu

Striving to in? (if? Equal Opportunrtms [xnpirimr (litforenw'


Or for more Information Visit 9 e m 0 n e ' UNIVERSITY or STRATIICLYDE WW... .mpmuk 0,9

in Aberdeen. is renowned throughout the UK for both its events m WM ’- programme and technical iaCIIIIIBS. Annually. It attracts more than Talen‘ed female 100.000 vrsntors to over 600 events offering a lively mix of musm. .._ Hi, WW “1.... I...“ .. Him. theatre. dance. comedy. and education and outreach work to f - I f - limit-1mg rim. m iv. m . w . . l r rmin oris rou - - audiences of all ages. It IS currently seeking the following staff: Pro 855. one pe O . g .g p mml mink-Hum «'th I “HM bosed In S. Lonorkshire seeking on .\ mun. .\ iii”... in, I ti... TECHNICIAN Salary starts at £17,895 PI “""litm '8’" "”‘| 5 con ac aze on ARTs ADMINISTRATOR Self-motivated and committed technician required to supply mobile 07814 979 547- support for a wide variety of arts events. Must have a relevant - - qualification or at least 2 years experience in the live arts salary g 1 5/000 po’ “5mg to £1 8’000 industry. offer one year. 40 hours pw MARKETING ASSISTANT Salary starts at£14.535 Must be mofivmed emhusiasfic (closin date 15th September) . . ' . . - 9 . . . . . . and hIghly organised, With drIve, To advertlse Enthusrastlc mdrvrdual requured fora very varied role to support . . . . . _ the Marketing Manager in implementing the marketing strategy. 'n't'at've and excellent In recruutment Graphic design and web maintenance skills desirable. communication skills. call For further information and an application pack for either - - - post please contact Pamela Watt on 01224 647999 Ext.237 or For or? Oppllcsmon .pOCk 8‘ mfo’ email conloci Nell Mockle: nell@mugenl< , Scottish Closrng dole. 25th August 2003 5““? 'f'",' \ Arts Council

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