0 adventure sports 0 parties I pub-nights 0 dining 0 hill- walks I films 0 theatre I dancing 8. lots lots more. Glasgow 07050 248164 Edinburgh 0131 332 1342

Don't Miss Out on Fun Dinners and Events for Single Men and Women with

IOAI j lil lil‘l 0141 333 1321

I Meadows City Tennis Club ix looking for neu mem- herx. ('Iuh \L'\\ltill\'. Sunday I- 3an .\Ionda_\\ (i.3tl-X.3t)piii. .-\nnual lllt‘lllt‘lielNlllP Lit), See the \xehxite for further detail\. mttinieadim\cit}tennixcliihciitik

Book-keeping services. Charities and small busrnesses. Payroll, VAT returns, management accounts, SAGE training. Arts sector specialist. Contact Nada Hudson T:Ol3l 466 Ol36 E:n I 2 I I6 I

SPACE! / "'

Platform heris. cupboards. and prey. For a free (Silliiiltl phone Gordon Russell

01383 416 265

Edinburgh and Fife

Winter Course and Performance Project 2003/2004

An opportunity to take part In an exciting new project which involves learning to

play the Taiko drums & performing as part of a professional production.

We are looking for people aged 18 - 26. with good rhythm. movement and lots of energy.

No previous experience of drumming required.

For an Info pack: Mugen Taiko Dojo, PO. Box 5124. Lanark MLll OWA tel: 01357 522 008 maIlGI‘ closing date: 22 August


small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-free

0131 229 8361

e\l;il\ll\lietl I‘M:


tANt‘~t.\i‘iNt" liUlltl‘

Complete from design to construction. Quality, affordable and reliable. References available. Serving the Glasgow metropolitan region. Michael C. Froschauer

07736 341 198 cellular 01294 832 708 home 8 bus.

[er .

I Singers, Songwriters, Bands. l)o )otl need it ('realixel) Produced 'l‘op Qualit) l)emo ('l) to help pro- mote )‘oiirxell and/or _\our minic'.’ We pro\ ide a complete .\Iu\ic Recording and Production Service continued with Marketing and Promotional Assistance for next artists and \ongxxi‘iterx. Phone: 0132-1 882 SS}.

I Demo CD‘S produced and recorded to prolexxiotlttl \lail- dill‘d tor \lllger\/

song“ riterx/handx. Top xexxion llill\lcltlli\ a\ailahle til iieededi to help create _\our unique

\otind. In house guitars. haves.

latext ke)hoard\. \' drumkit etc. Promotion and marketing that]- ahle. ‘l‘el John: til-II 337 3353. I 24 year old female singer seeking hand. I haxe a \c‘httlilc‘ _\el pou erl'ul \oice. ltiterexted'.‘ (iet in touch “llll .-\nn-.\Iarie at

mont} _ 2 l tiktu )ahoocorn

To advertise in Noticeboard call 01 31 550 3060

or email


I SEED. The School loi' li\periental liducalion. rlidinhurgh Branch) tillel'\ indi- \ idiial bod) \\or'k treatments in Shiatxti. (’ranioxacral ’l'hei'al‘}. 1.}mpatic Drainage .\la\\age. .'\i'omatherap'\. Prolexxioiial training. workshops. courses in Shialxii. ‘l'ai-(‘hi-(‘huan

.\Io\ ement and ('reath it}. (’ontacl .r\udicia: (ll 3| 557 5950 \\ \\ \\

I The Shiatsu School lidinhurgh ix no“ enrollng for _\eai\ one & iuo ol an accredit- ed prolexxional training. Slitl‘lx Sep 2003. Info and hooking contact \\ \\ \\.lllL‘\lllill\ll\L‘lltKilL‘tl- inhurghcouk email: admintu thexhiatxuxchiioledinhurglicouk Tel .-\udicia: lll5l 557 5950. 'l‘amxin: (ll.‘~l 555 l.\’75

I Reflexology. Reflexology relaxes. reduces tenxion and \Il‘e\\. re\ l- ltill\e\. enhancex lititlyx o\\ it healing resources. strengthenx immune \_\ stem. and llllpl't)\e\

hoth health and life. lan - (i.S.S_R..

.\I.S.l.R. tll31 550 3333

Now Open Second Sight neu age secondhand hookxhop lormerl} Bod) & Soul. Bookx bought and e\changed. Peaceful

ainhience. Tarot l'L‘iltllllg‘M lllll\lc. cards and incense. 52 Hamilton

Place. Iidinhiii'gh lill.i 5:\X. Tel: 0131 226 3066

I Life Coaching. I)” )ou dream of a hetter lil’e'.’ Are )Ulir tears and douhtx holding _\olt hack'.’ toda} he a changing

da} in )our lite. l-‘Rlili trial \ex-

\ion a\ailahle. ('all l.)tiiie (H.505 Sl-I (III). littlttili

l} nnetrI coachin) lil‘ \\ u \tcoachm)lit'


I Frustrated at work? lurn _\tilll caieei around \kllll a (‘aieei (‘oacll \xoikdiop (Kill ri“ti<“ K" tin-l or email UNI" tliecaieeiciiacli cit llk liil )iiiii liee hiocliuie ln ltdiiil‘iiigli .\ (ilaxgou

Sahaj-Marg .

lleait centred meditation \ natural path of ll.tll\ltillll.tlltill liom \\ lllllll that halance\ \piii tiialit} \xrih t-\t'r}tl.i) lite \o lccx ()lic'll [it all lt'g’.tltlle\\ t‘l

hackgioiind oi [\el\ll.l\lt\ll Contact: 01875 830 358

(Edinburgh) or 0141

579 5926 (Glasgow).

I 1 to 1 phone coun- selling. lixe llie plltille ltil qurck and comenient accexx to pt‘iilc‘\\ltiil;il help “I Vil NW 33‘) or \ iin

\\ \\ \\. lltil[illtillectitllhelllllg.cti in Tree initial hall hour corixul


Winetride Daly B.Ed

Trainee Psychotherapist/

Counsellor striking at leanmoik l dinhuigh Sate \up portne \pace to e\ploie l\\llc\

and en ahle change Sliding \cale iiegoiiahle Call 01620

824 152 for further


Sheila Hartley LLB, trainee Counsellor and Psychotherapist lll l'dinhiirgli lladtlington Sale \pace to e\ploie \cll\|ll\t‘ l\\lle\ Sliding \cale Call: 01620 829 574 for a free phone consultation.

Person-centred counselling can help _\ou to lllltlt'l\l.llltl and change lile liltililt‘lIh. \lt'l‘l\'\ \lUll. ahuxe. \llc\\. lt'l.llltlll\lll|\ tlllllclllllc\. .iiid heieaxemcnt Ring Marion Osborne in Glasgow on 07931 527 243.



Longstay backpackers accommodation in cit) centre. a\ailahle iii \hai'ed. \rngle. dou

hle or turn roomx, l'ull} llll' lll\lietli TV. lll'll. liidge. li'ee/

er. cooker. \taxhing machine. hedding \llliplle\. etc. lncl ("IL

L‘th. elec «K TV licence. Price

range hetxieen [4560 pm. Mob:07950 382 296. Email: Iongstayback packers®hotmaiLcom

I Sunny bright spacious 2 tltillhlc hL'tT/l‘ll\ llttI ill Poltxorth. Sleeps 4/(i a\ailah|e l'roin lfith .'\llf._'ll\l. Utlti per/u k. \Iltil'lel' letx alxo a\ailahle, ('all Kim ll"'.'7l UNI 230.

I Festival - The Shore.

l)elighllul hright lull} -equrpped

modern 2 douhle hedroom

ground lloor I'lal. l’t‘l\ale park- ing. Near \xatei’lront l'e\l;lll~ [filth/huh and frequent caxi huxex, {050 p“, (’all: 0737‘) (ll-I ()(ill.

Property to Let


I Newington. Exceptional quiet one-hedroom llal. lur~ lll\lietl. k/x hed. all riiod conx

\\ ithin traditional period design. .-\\ail Sept onwards. \ieuing highl} recommended. £430 pcm. 'l‘el: «mm tISH (Nix.

I Central west end, \pa- cloth. hrighi flat. kitchen dining room. lning room. 3 large hed- roottix. stud) /ho\ hedrooin. (i(‘ll. l‘r'l". \tilidetl lloorx :\\ailahle immediater {"20 pcm. Sorr} no USS. (.‘all “‘95: till-I (NS

Property to Let

EDINBURGH I Very large central 5

hediooin llal. \pacioux kitt lien dining room. all llt'tlltltlllh ‘J.Illl tltitllilc lictl\. l'll' .(i( ill. ll\l() licence. .oailahle iinineilraieh Lllllfi pcrn \ii I)SS (all

II") it) ‘th) 5T|

I City centre flat, one douhle hediooni. lounge. \epa rate kitchen and hathioom {Jiltl pciii l’lione l'.\lllcl Ill-ll 445 3 Ni \ti USS

I Appealling central flat, great location for litth and le\l.llll;tlll\. \leepx tour. from t ill per perxon per night. li‘orii L35” pct neck for whole Ilal 'lel: trust) I-H 3m

New Town flat for rent. ()ne hedrooin lull} lllllllNllt'tl \‘illll \pectaciilar \lt'\|.\ .Mailahle Sepleinhei‘ Suit piolr' couple, L5-lfl pcin plux hillx

Tel: 07967 323 328.

Gorgeous Stockbridge Flat to Rent. l‘leautilul Stockhiidgc (‘olonv l douhle liedrooiii llal \lainilooi colon} \kllll prixate gaideii. \[ittcltilh lounge \tilh lircplace. nee. i piece hath. modern kitchen “uh \\‘.\I. gas hoh. ll'ltlge/ll'ee/el. (i( 'll. lmuomil. cellar. free parking. l'urmxhed :\\;ril;rhle l Sepiernher .\lll\l he seen. L575 l’(‘.\l Call Sheri on 07799 66 54 54.

I Shore, Leith. 'l\'-tl hed- room Illl'lll\llctl llat, Separate lounge ik kitchen. \xailahle rinmediatel). L530 pciii + hills and depoxil Tel: Uni-Vi Iii-f 59"