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It alxo ix a credit to her gcnrc-bcnding intixical xt_\|c that xhc can go with xcainlcxx caxc il‘tilll pla_\ing xhtiuldcr-to-xhouldcr in an opcn air moxh lcxt \xith thc l5oo liightcrx and Rcd llot ('hili l’L'Plk‘rx. to thc xcdatc Cll\ ironx ol' l.ondon'x Talc .\lodcrn a lc\\ da_\x latcr. \xhcrc xhc ix among the lii'xt anixlx cwr to pcrl‘orm a xtraight roclx concci't thcrc. llcr appcarancc at Big Day Out at the (irccn ix onc ol hcr l'cu l'K li\ c datcx thix )car c\pcct lo hcar hcr pruicxxing ncu matcrial \xhich xhc hax dcxcribcd ax both ‘ugh and dixturbing'. 'l‘hc ncu album ix xlatcd l'or rclcaxc carlx llC\t )L‘ttl'. '

t'napologcticall} hcrxcll and conxixtcntl} m} xtil‘)ing. Pl llarw) putx thc oomph into icinalc rock and hax managcd to make it to thc mainxtrcam her \\;i_\ \xhilc rctaining a dcgrcc ol‘ l‘cmininit}. dcpth and ci'cdibilit). chpcct ix duc.

Big Day Out at the Green is at Glasgow Green, Sun 24 Sep.


Who says we don’t broaden you horizons? Here are the facts on the ELECTRIC SIX and the magical substance from which they get their name. Words: Doug Johnstone

Six electric facts

I The electric eel isn’t an eel Electrophorus e/ectricus is a Spineless. toothless fish of the Gymnoti'dae family. It has 200.000 electric discs in its tail which can pump 650 Volts into the water. Ouch. I It’s not the volts that kill you, it’s the amps The body can withstand thousands of volts. but only a c0uple of amps of current (rate of electricity flow) WI“ see y0u pushing up the daisies.

I Silver, not gold, is the best conductor of electricity Silver has less resistance. but gold is more Widely used in Circuitry because it does not oxidise as easily.

I Lightning is cool Each second there are a hundred lightning strikes worldwide. Strikes average three miles long and carry a current of 10.000 amps at 100 million volts. The temperature of lightning is about 77600.

I And it does strike twice In June. Ryan Sayers of Colorado Springs Survived a lightning strike while mOLintain climbing. but was killed by a second strike an hour later. Nae luck.

I Les Paul didn’t invent the electric guitar Although he's widely credited. George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker were. in fact. the first to stick a pick-up on a guitar in 1931.

Six Electric Six facts

I They’re mates with Jack White The most namedioppy name in rock sang backing vocals on ‘Danger’ High Voltage”. and produced the band's debut album, Fire.

I They once put out an eight-track cartridge-only release Under the name the Wildbunch, they released An Evening with the Many Moods of the W/‘Idbunch's Greatest Hits . Tonight! on the now defunt 708 musrc medium, the eight-track cartridge. Dafties.

I Half of them just quit As ‘Gay Bar' entered the top ten, guitarists Rock'n‘RolI Indian. Surge Joebot and Disco left the band to be replaced by Johnny NaShinal. the Colonel and Frank Lloyd Bonaventure. The silliness rate remains high.

I They’ve released a concept album Debut album. Fire. is. apparentiy a concept album. Aboiit fire. Right.

I ‘Gay Bar’ isn’t about a gay bar at all ‘lt's about absolutely nothing at all.‘ singer Dick Valentine professes. 'But so many people were made happy by it. At the end of the day. that's pretty cool.‘

I ‘Gay Bar’ is now a national catchphrase ln offices. playgrounds and pubs across the land. eei'its are shouting 'gay bar. gay bar. gay bar' at each other. Well it's better than ‘wassSUDp'. Just.