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Gift buying is stress-free when you shop in Fancy Dan’s. Susannah McMicking

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A major highlight is lhc collcction olonc-oll' \ intagc plan‘s. which inclutlt-x an original \lttinlcxx xtch Chocolatc mould and inalc antl l‘cnialc hiwtiit liltllliti\. lratlitionall} gixcn to thc bride and groom at Dutch \\L‘titilli:_'\. l’anc} Dan‘s alxo has an multixiw collcction ol the much \tttlghl al'tcr \ilwi' jcucllct‘} h} l)inn} Hall. and (‘athcrinc Mcnnni \lltL‘iiiL‘\ onl_\ othcmixc mailahlc at H;tl'\L‘_\ \lk'h\. In addition. the “all\ arc atloi'ncd h} an cwr-changing gallci‘} ol‘ tiL‘\ll'iii‘iL‘ itlt'ili contcnipoi'ar} art.

"l'hci'c “as nouhcrc in Scotland to ho} \oincthing out ol thc ortlinar} tor a \pccial present \a}\ co-propi'ictor Rachael l’i‘cwott. ‘l,ontlon \\a\ [ho onl_\ placc to go.‘ Sula [ltl\ gootl doesn‘t conic cheap. though. ‘\\'c arc catering l’oi‘ axpirational pcoplc pi'cparcd to pa} lot‘ qualit} that \\ ill last] \a}\ \lorna ('ou ic.

.-\ l'Sl’ among intlcpcntlcnt shops it" not} iiiL‘l‘C \\a\ one it )oti can't lintl “hat _\ou'rc looking tor. the} 'II \ucat it l'or _\ou. l’ionccring a licxpokc gilt—hit} ing \cnicc. tho} \Vl” lintl. gilt-u rap and couricr til' ncccxxarw a goi‘gcoux [H‘L‘\L‘lll. Non. whom did I put that (‘hi'ixtniax lixt'.’

Fancy Dan's, 362 Great Western Road, Glasgow, 0141 339 0660,

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