V I saw you on lIlc tubc

3| '7 (l3 - carrying cardboard boycs - you had a bcautilul Iacc - tcll iiic yoii'ic iiot iiioyiiig out Irom (ilasgoyy _’ .\Ic oricntal girl with |ct black hair. collcc'.’ Box No l' 47o 57.

V I saw you hairy Icct. painch cars. gorgcousfl Ilobbils do ll Ior IIIL'. I.o\c JII xx. Boy Nob-17658,

V I saw you in thc \ycsICl'n baths syyimmiiig pool \ycai'iiig a tight pair ol‘ batman syy iiiiiiiiiig pants ll had long black hair and a l'ringc ar u singlc'.’ Ilos .\'o [7470 5‘).

V I saw you 'l‘iiidcrbos boys - thc IIIi'I'IiIiR \chl L'Ild Baristas “ant to giyc you a rcal cal‘lcinc high. . .Iaiicy a shoyy - tloyytt'.".’ Ilo\ Nob-17660.

V I saw you gi'casy hair trouscrs not quitc iiicctiiig your shocs you'rc a big poyy cr in thc arts in Iidiiiburgh. (’all mc somctimc. scyy. Boy .\'o

I 7476. ()I

V I saw you :\iinic .\Icl. (u thc Iron looking gorch Scc you in .»\u|d Rcckic from (i. Bush. Box No l' 47o ()2.

V I saw you I’addy .\t hay- ing on of your "turns" in & l)cbbics hall. You'rc an cmbar- rassmcnt? Bo\ .\'o l' 47o o3. V I saw you I know you know who I am Kimmy. Box No [7476 ()4.

V I saw you \y‘ollboy in 'I‘uts “iv a shincy nuggct. can I bul'l' it for you'.’ Box No l' 47b ()5, V I saw you Mark hopc you'rc yycll & I'll phone you for

a drink soon. Box No l' 47o on.

V I saw you \\c onc thc I'lsls. Yiolct \all \ IUIL‘IIL'L' is lhc fcmalc lircddy .\Icrcury loyc your pals!!! Box No l’ 476 ()7. V I saw you Ilol rcdhcad with bags o' sty Ic (‘1 .\'l’l. & (‘amcra ()bscura gig. I'm thc \s'cird-looking boy in broyy ii pinsti'ipc jackct \y'ho starcs at you. Box No l' 47o (ib’.

V I saw you shiny boy \\ iih your cucumbcr pack on hcc hcc. Boy No [7476 ()9,

V I saw you in twain gogglc cy'Cs by thc i'iy'cr 'I'ucsday 2pm. Ilc good. Bo\ .\'o l' 47o 70.

V I saw you small blcck. don't lcayc a long brooii on hcr ailt \. Bo\ .\'o l' 476,7I.

V I saw you Doug W. you look so tinc! With thosc non- alchy good looks and gccky cxtcrior. I want to makc you mincIIY I.ucy .\sssyss. Box .\'o ["476 72.

V I saw you .\‘cil 1‘. you say bcast. I love your chinos and your shack-csquc tsshirt. It gcts mc hot!fo Loyc mc. I‘TtlllL‘stxx. Box No l' 476 73.

V I saw you Brian. you‘re sooo hot? I think I onc you. That t-shii‘l is da bomb. I know you'y c sccii iiic so spcak to mc. Io\ c. Sarah. l‘lo\ .\o I. No 74. V I saw you .\Iilll at bar iii (‘ubc on Iltli .\iigust. Still tancy you but had toi'gottcn you stood mc up til llL‘\I day. Do you still hayc my immbcr‘.‘ Ilo\ No I. 476 75.

V I saw you and your loycly saIaiiiaiidci' on your arm scry mg mc tk my pal icc ci'caiii in bar”! . You arc thc most gor gcous barpcrsoii m glasgoyy. ‘IIISI thought you should knoyy. Ilo\ Nob-176 7o.

V I saw you man with croppcd hair (k cy clc hclmct iii .\Iai'chiiiont \cggic shops on Saturday (II-ICI'IIUUII. 3nd .-\iigust. You tiscd to cyclc past mc - tall rcd-Iiaircd girl A across ('haiiibcrs Sti‘cct in lhc morn- ings. I-aiicy our paths crossing again - maybc iii Ilo's Ilai‘ oyci' a drink somctiiiic'.’ Boy .\'o

I' 475 l.

V I saw you smiling I)anish girl. scry iiig bi‘cakl'ast at tlic ('alcdoiiian. You bi'ightciicd up my iiioi‘nings . . . mangc tak? I’ICasc stay in ItlllCIII ('. Hm .\'o l' 475 3.

V I saw you i'cally cutc bar— man in thc bascmciit. i‘m bloiidc \y ith mcssy hair.

you scry cd mc gtkt and staro pi‘aiiicii and i told you about thc atkins dict. liancy shoyy ing mc your sausagc'.’ Boy .\'o l' 475 3. V I saw you dining by door oI'()ulsidct' l «S. Ilcplwrn lookalikc in 'l‘ill's dt‘css. You siiiilcd. I was cntranccd. ('an I takc you for brcaklast '.’ Boy .\'o l' 475 4.

V I saw you n caring a ‘l‘ sliiit with a yclloyy ‘7.’ on it. + you Iookcd a bit slow. Ilos .\'o l' 475.5.

V I saw you tin Plant-i ()utl ('raig and Andy you gorgcous Iioyyl about it thcn'.’ Box No ["475 (i.

V I saw you .'\IIIIIL‘. \ycariiig a IIIth dl‘c‘ss. ottlsidc Stilcyyay. .\loriiingsidc. iii Junc. Whch hayc you gonc‘.’ l.ct mc takc you dancing. Richard. Boy .\'o l' 475 7.

V I saw you I think you \yci'c giy mg mc thc cy c. pci'os- idc babc- and I'm prctty gag- ging. so how about it'.’ Bo\ .\'o l' 475 8.

V I saw you numbcr l skatcr kid of thc I’cartrcc. You look so hip on IIIC I’L‘HI'II‘L‘L‘ \\ L‘hslIL‘. Skatc \yith mc anytimc. I.o'.c Pascal. Box .\'o l' 475 I).

V I saw you Roan thc mcrri- cst praiikstcr. \y ho shoiic thc brightcst light in my lil'c. I miss my bcst fricnd + oncr. Boy .\'o l'.475 It).

V I saw you 'I‘ct'i. .\Iy \yan- ton lust tor you is taking mc oycr, I will haunt lhc .\Ioo liar until you iioticc mc. Ilos .\'o

l' 475 I I,

V I saw you I‘L‘Iilltil tltc bar t" Ilasciiiciit Randy .-\ndy.I thmk you'i'c tiiic + dandy. 'I‘hmk drink is cy il giy c mc a ll'_\. I3o\ No I. 4-75 I3.

V I saw you I’cggy .\Iitchcll. littlc cltin bcauty. Do you want to bc my \oi‘tlicrii soiiliiiatc‘.’fl’ Ilo\ .\'o l‘ 475 IR. V I saw you littlc chiquita in llic I’cai’tt‘cc. I kiio\y you hay c a ‘boy l'i'iciid‘ but thc \say you talk oI. \L'gclitltlcs and IoId c‘t‘lsp packcts mcans you nccd Iiclp? Ilos No I' 475 I4.

V I saw you brooding. black lop top. baiiglcs + smokiii' rol- Iics Iikc tltct‘c\ no toiiioi'royy. You had a piikka bag. .\Iy kinda gal. ('all iiic gadgic. Hos .\'o

l' 475 IS.

V I saw you iii thc mirror at thc bar in thc (‘ity (‘atc on the Isl .-\ug ()3 at I413 I You lookcd not bad? Bo\ Nob-175 Io.

V I saw you Iowa lacc. brown hair. you almost lookcd my way. you told your It‘lc'lltls you couldn't It)“. I fancy you. RL‘tI Iltlll'. I’iyic. :\l Iy‘asl. Ilo\ .\'o l' 475 I7.

V I saw you looking lab in (ilasgoyyl .\'icc to hayc you back lade You arc my layouritcl Ilos .\'o l’ 475 (ii.

V I saw you way iiig a magic wand. You yy ci'c \y caring a gay- Iooking siiiglct but I hayc a lccling your not. You \y crc pull- ing your chcst a lot you iiiust hayc noticcd mc too. Yoii'rc top trumps? Boy .\'o l' 475 (34.

V I saw you looking tii'cd + borcd. (‘hcci‘ up your insurancc \sill comc through us. Iloy .\'o l' 475 ()5.

V I saw you Alabama hunk (H ('amcra ()bscura in King 'I’iit's. I'll bc your Bully. it" you'll bc my aiigcl. Bo\ .\'o

l' 475 (30.

V I saw you l’olo I.oungc. (l7 (l8 ()3. You: dark haircd guy in sti'ipy shirt drinking cocktails yyith lcmaIc l'i‘icnd. .\Ic: shaycd hcad in bloc and orangc shirt. also w ith I'cmalc I'ricnd. liancy a cosmopolilan'.’ Hm No

l' 475 (T7.


V I saw you in thc Social. you askcd il‘ l \y as a mindcr. I thought you said minor (I'm not? I. Want to bc childish togcthcr'.’ Bo\ No l. 47o ()I).


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