Charlotte Square's finest



DR RAJ PERSAUD Analysing delusional behaviour

No. the renowned telly psychiatrist hasn't taken to shaving his head. removing the specs. sprouting vicious gnashers and taking chunks from East European ladies of the night. No. Raiendra Persaud will be merely chatting about various weird problems of the mind such as when delusional types believe that they have alien hand syndrome or live their lives as though they are bloodsucking vampires. 6.30pm may be too early for some of that lot to make it. I 23 Aug, 6.30pm, £8 (£6).

Small screen stars invade the gardens


‘It is far better to be silent than merely to increase the quantity of bad books.‘ —Voltaire

I David Starkey Aside from Prof Robert Winston. the only writer at this year's event who has appeared on Dead Ringers. One thing's for sure. there's always a good chance of a blazing row when the telly historian is about 3’] Aug, 4.30pm, 5‘7 (57),.

I John Irving A very rare double opportunity to glimpse the man who makes giown men and women cry With his literary Americana. See l)l’(?‘l."|(}\.’v'. 22 Aug, 8pm, 5‘8 i376); 2’3 Aug. I 1.30am, 53)" (3‘55).

I Alexander McCall Smith The highly educated [rdinburgh figure is basking in the bankahle glory of his Botswana detective tales. And he's soon set to hit more heights With the mishaps of one Dr MOFIU Maria von lgelfeld. See GM. 23 Aug. 7.300171, {‘7 (PS): 2-4 Aug, noon, ff ($5).

I Candace Bushnell The lady who inspired a whole new generation of orgasm jOkOS brings her bubbly self to Charlotte Square. A name related irony I'm sure she‘ll appreoate. See preView. 23 Aug, 80m. 578 4:6,.

I John Negley The beloved hard of Luton gives us more tragi—comic rhyming. With songs. And maybe Morris Dancing. 24 Aug, 6.45pm. £8 ([6).

I Douglas Coupland Canada's literary maverick says hiya to Edinburgh with the existential He/Io Nostradamus!. whose tagline is ‘God is nowhere; God is now here'. Cunning, eh? See preview. 24 Aug, 7pm, £8 (£6).

I Kate Adle Your chance to meet everyone's favourite war correspondent. Unless you prefer Martin Bell or Lara Logan or John Simpson or Brian Hanrahan. 25 Aug, 3pm, £7 (£5).