Laugh longest with the festival’s funniest folk


Former stand-up pin-up gets serious

Reg—ceme‘avlong way from rollerskating into Wemble‘y-Arenaihas-our u Rob. Sorry, we mean Robert. Now, instead of playing seedy pervs on

street corners or old men chewing the historical fat, he's lifting the

spirits with anecdotes about 500 Years of Humanitarian Intervention. While he once revealed in an interview to this magazine that he had problems with piles, chances are you'll still laugh your pants off when

he gets stuck into the world’s woes.

I George Square Theatre, 662 8740, 22—24 Aug, 9.45pm, £12.50 (£8.50).

Little HoWard's Guide to... Co ing with review

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Howard Read. Pleasance Courtyard. until 25 Aug. 10 -2();)m

top 5

Daniel Kitson Storytelling twaddle or a i;|l(,‘(3 of iliilit;t',(:li(i(:l‘ii beauty? (to Willi your heait. [he Hit}. .‘ ’éa‘ 95/350. until 2-1 Aug. l()..')‘()/)/n.

Count Arthur Strong iilt: audience is more hushed than £1(Lillll(;il—itlll of trappist nuns. Call thit; comedy? (ii/duo Hal/ooh, 226 2 If) 7, unti/ (’5) Aug. (i.«1:’>;)/ii.

Tommy Tiernan 'lvlasterful', ‘Masterpiece'. \I‘.'l(."l(? l)élllll)<)()/|(:(i by how Tell Me a Story can ilér .'.':iithy of illl‘,’iillll(_} lest; than ith: stars. Hit) N ll}. .Z‘év‘ Elfifii). utilii 2-1 Aug, 5). Iii/mi.

ROSS Noble l’i;i:.i:..tit<;d Hit/iii by the laws of diminishing rip-turns to star iatingt;. Nohle finds that it}; not Just tahloidt; who ||k(: to push stars from their pedestals. /i:;:;c,-rn.oi'y [foo/1.1;. 220

.' ’-1.’ ’6‘, until 2.3 Aug. 9pm.

Osama Likes it Hot Aaron [rlaischak reckoned most reviews ‘.'.(:i(,‘ .'.iitt(;n long tic-fort; his run started. We liked it. in a car crash kinda way. Hun ended.


‘One can never speak enough of the virtues. the dangers. the power of shared Iaughter.‘ Francoise Sagan

Ross Noble When he's hi )i. he's; scorching. this war, Host; is fitting in nicely with all this (:Ieiiient weather. See ieView Assembly Hooriis, 220‘ 2-128. unt/ 23 Aug, 5‘12 l‘lr’)

(HO 4‘72).

Bill Bailey Catch him now hetore you miss the Single most hilarious Joke on this year's l ringe. Pleasarice Courtyard. 5556 (55:30. until 25) Aug. 7.10pm. £72.50 Aft/1.50.

Sarah Kendall Sick of stuntmakers or performers tripping over their rickety material? This Aussm Wizard is pure comedy gold. See reView. Cabaret Voltaire, 22(5 2 75 l. Lint/I24 Aug, 8.30pm, 5.8 H) (£‘7—L‘8j.

Tommy Tiernan Hilarious tales of babies. phones and Stupid boys. The hhoy is hack in town. The Pod. 228 9950. until 24 Aug. 9. 15pm, F. 74 (£8.50).

Rich Hall: Without Roy Chubby Brown The funniest man in Montana comes to perform Without a lot of people. actually. But he's chosen Mr Royston Vasey to take top non- billing. Assembly Rooms. until 25 Aug, 7. 30pm, E 72—5373 (El 7—02).

Demetri Martin It's not often you get a three-layered storytelling edifice told though slides that's actually hilarious. Well. you do here. Assembly Rooms, 226 2428. unti/ 25 Aug, 9. 75pm, 29.50—00.50 (£8.50—E960).

Frankie Boyle vs Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe Ill Scotland's pair of cards are a big deal. Our reViewer partially soiled herself during their set. Gilded Ba/IOOn Tevrot. 226 275 7. untl/ 25 Aug. 9pm. L‘lO—fll (SQ—E70).

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