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A melancholy sojourn through Dublin 0000

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BRENDON BURNS Really, not for everyone 00..

Brendon Burt‘s s: ham. hoio and oao‘oe' tr‘ar‘ titer. The ‘hatt-Br-t so? Australian's stain—up t‘omr‘s themes tr‘at met”, some memes thus Fmge the i.‘.=ar. D Kelly. Edinburgh but his routine IS sharp.

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JOHN BISHOP lmprov is commendable. if a little flat 0..

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The granny’s favourite, with

swear words

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Hit-and-miss jokes leave Home floundering 000

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BRADLEY WALSH: FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END Game show host plays to the crowd 0.0

Ah. the Festival. Where else would you get Janet Street Porter rubbing up against Puppetry of the Penis and Paul Daniels flying up to the same city as a Comedy Terrorist? It‘s an open house where your granny‘s favourite can share a space with the darkest forces on this earth. So. where does Bradley Walsh fit in? Certainly, at one point during his slick set. he is compelled to apologise to one of the more mature members in the front row. ‘Sorry luv. you came here expecting the Wheel of Fortune. didn't you? And you get all this fucking filth’.

Not that Bradley's performance will rank as one of the muckier in Fringe history. When he follows a cursory ‘fuck‘ or a ‘bastard‘ with a showbizzy ‘God bless‘ or ‘ladies and gentleman'. it tends to take the harshness away from the ruder sentiments. From the Beginning to the End is. unsurprisingly. a run through of his life from a childhood spent misunderstanding his Glaswegian mum to imagining how high his trousers will go when he‘s an old fella. and as such is a pleasing enough way

to spend an hour.

He loses his way marginally after finding a couple of his Watford compatriots in the audience and swapping street name anecdotes. But when a boy is so far away from home, you can't blame him for trying to get a handle on his roots. Which is maybe something Bradley‘s agent needs to ask him: do you want to be a homely game show host or cutting edge stand-up? Who wrote the rule that

said you

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RUDI LICKWOOD Familiar territory. but who's complaining? .0.

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can‘t do both? (

Brian Donaldson)

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1:10am. :.) i: /

ADAM HILLS Feelgood factor is up to eleven 00..

fviarvt Hills. If; an T;()|,lll(l a l)i’)kt: as; you ’lfhlkl ever "ow: to meet lll [’Illllhllgl‘i (Illlllltj fixation; £1l)|(3£tf;£tl‘.l ’l:f;l.'ar:tiort how the ’l‘:.l£ill’. .‘.’(}|f{ 0f). oeiirotv; ll‘éilllf; rl(:l)f‘(:fsf5i‘.'(:f; élll’l (,l'ffiffllltg ego ii‘a'iiaet; Wat T,(:€:ll‘ (feter'hiht'xl to ’Itte' the r:it'~, 'f; stages. irtfsteari of intrauerSioh aw: ixle .me get a cohsifsterit stream of ’iuant, gags; filler! '.‘."illl e'r‘otiori. ‘.‘.’Eif'l‘Il‘ and twist cal hotiss. Sure. there are soh‘e slightly preach; almost too

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Inch-perfect impersonations. short on laughs 000

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I‘,l)ll don't have a [)tlfifill‘t] littereut lit the filllutftjl matter then it It} trierel, all lllll)lfl‘f§f$!‘.’f.‘ oiirlily IAh'ia fSliipihahi I (Si/(Jeri [Mi/(tori let/oi. .”.i’(>‘ L) 75) l, (Alli/1.“) Aer}, lop/h, £7.50 61’": {if}

INS/30 .“éi,_">(};.


Finding love and vitriol in venue 33 0000

At last? Soriieohe else .‘Jho loathe‘, that fat arserl ii‘I'lgel Kfllh" Arirl that ()olrl (firming amputee Heather l/lr,();i'the\,/7 Ahrl JUNIth Ahrl Posh! Ahhh, .Jo Caullielrl are the oerfeet toriir, to a hitter and oppressed l-rihoe fff‘.l‘;‘.‘.’(:.' lhe way

you aerlaihl/

the oile rlrirr; from: ,oiir lo;er gas/3. f).’l').‘/‘:l'l.'l{} the unsuspecting oiihterf; Ill the front row. Such (1‘3f(:llff:(l Mary from Northern Ireland. and posh hank rrtariarier Jo from Erlihhorgh. The sau'xeet mariner .‘Jith .‘JlllCll the profanity ‘3l)(~:‘.‘."} forth from your lllSlefllS hos. delighting, and oer;as:ona|l,« shocking. /our merry mm of followers. SUCH as; Derek the hirirhari and rario‘y Mike frle‘ Lancaster, 89 fiery. so Sharp. so talented. So ri‘arried Bah!

:Aliar‘. Padelsze,

I P/easance COurtyard. 5'36 65:30, uriti/ Aug. 759/77 [.19. fiO—i 70,50 lie—279».

' -‘- Sci, 15/]: THE LIST FESTIVAL GUIDE 49