All the movers and shakers in town

The lastdance

Mr - r.

As the Fringe draws to a close, who’s left on the dance floor?

w )ltif3I Kelly Apter and Drew Tosh

I all looked so good on paper. like the menu of" a

ne\\ restaurant detailing one delectahlc dish alter

another. the Hinge programme promised to “on Us \yith ‘passionate'. ‘iiiteiiso. ‘proyocatiye’ and ‘heart stopping' dance. But ey idently the journey from page to stage is an arduous one. Many shons arriy ed cold and ITLthtll'ICss. rather than hot and fresh out of the kitchen. Which brings its nicely to 'l‘erpsichoies Kitchen Dance Theatre. uhich assured its that (nine llt'l't' In .lli' to l \\ as ‘an eccentric physical study of the confusion oT heing human'. .-\ nice idea. with a lahulous multilay ered score. hut sadly the three female performers lacked the technical proxyess to pull it off. Triple hills haye their hot and cold points. but this one \\ as lukeuarm throughout.

liggho\ Dance did slightly better. It'll/ill (tune l-irsl. . . I' (00 l “as the duo's I-‘ringc debut. a tour-part shim e\ploring major themes from marriage to mental fragility. [laying "CW'HIF graduated from I.otidon\ l.ahan ('entre. technique \\ as not an issue here. and both performers \\ ere perfectly competent. But despite the hem} subject matter. the shim \\ as incredibly slight. reminiscent of an e\am piece or end-ol-term shim. .-\nd \se \\ ere hack on the street tlIICl'jllsl 35 minutes.

.\Io\ ing up the star scale. but only jtist. is \lulerirull (m l. which is damp. camp and hugely imaginatiye from a design point of \ie\\. but is ultimately all spectacle and not enough soul. Tyyehe incredibly energetic and enthusiastic performers \\til'I\' tirelesst for an hour. swinging. climbing and \amping o\ er a


large scaffolding structure as water cascades all around them. (‘Iad in rubber and lycra. they \york through a series of raunchy shapes and moyes. at times reminiscent of a Hot (iossip yideo and at one point straying dangerously close to soil porn. Towards the end they start to haye fun. playing with more com entional images such as surfing and .I(IH'.\'. The cast giye it eyerything they've got. hut ultimately it feels as thotigh something is missing.

I’ar more engaging is There ll'ht'rt' ll't’ ll'i'ri' to... l by ('/ech/Italian company. l)eja Donne. lts assertion that the piece is 'a riyeting. refreshing yet intense dance trio' holds far more water than anything ahoy e. with special emphasis on the ‘intense'. Almost Pinter-esque in places. the long pauses have just as much impact as the movement. The soundscape of still piano keys meshed \\'IIII industrial noise is mirrored on stage. \yith rapid-lire steps followed by slow. languorous moyes.

lixploring ideas of the sell‘. and our relationship with others. the poyyerplay between the two women and one man constantly shifts. The deep. meaningful stares drag a little at times. but this is one emotional experience worth the wait.

Come Here to Me, the Garage, 221 9009, until 25 Aug, 1.45pm; Which Came First. . . ? Crowne Plaza, 226 0000, until 25 Aug, 9.50pm, Waterwall, Old College Quad, 662 8740, until 24 Aug; There Where we Were, St Stephens, 558 3853, until 25 Aug, 4.30pm.


Shows making all the right moves

I San Francisco Ballet One of the world's finest ballet companies performs a triple bill by Christopher Wheeldon, the British choreographer taking the US by storm. Easily the highlight of this year's dance calendar. See feature over page. Edinburgh Playhouse.

4 73 2000, 28—30 Aug, 7pm (Sat mat 2pm), {374,137.

I Picasso and Dance Bordeaux Opera Ballet recreates the heady days of Serge Diaghilev's Les Ballets Russes with this quadruple bill of Picasso-deSIgned ballets. His bold. cubist designs for The Three Cornered Hat and Parade not only decorated the scenery but also influenced the choreography. Edinburgh Playhouse. 4 73 2000, until 23 Aug, 7.20pm, £7—C37.

I Fallen Gravity Entertainment/fabrik return with their 2002 award-winning show. giving audiences another chance to experience this sublime mix of contemporary dance. aerial acrobatics and theatre. St Stephens, 558 3853, until 25 Aug, 7.45pm. £70 (£7.50).

I Left The last few days of this poignant solo from wonderful Barcelonan choreographer/ dancer. Toni Mira. fusing dance. text and film. Mira performs a duet with his projected self on the backdrop. making the distinction between being alone and being lonely. His performance glows with intelligent understanding. St Stephens, 558 3853, until 25 Aug, 6. 70pm, £10 (£7.50). IWaterwall Italy’s Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory in the wettest. wildest dance show in town. Twelve energetic dancers perform beneath a cascade of water. See review. Old College Quad, 662 8740, until 24 Aug. 9.30pm, 28-814.

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